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Editors Forward: by Barry Weinstein & Bruce Eden –

Glenn Beck [The Blaze] has once again taken the Government ‘Bull’ by the horns. Below you will find the links to this Justina Pelletier kidnapping by an active government conspiracy. The results for the 15 year old girl who is in dire need of proper medical treatment — to which this forlorn child is being denied by the use of Government force and malevolent intent – is to suffer further unnecessary and deleterious medical and likely life threatening problems as the co-conspirator the “Judge” issues a gag order against the parents. The links will inform you of all that is taking place in this case and is a cause for anger and action.

This lawyer in a black robe would have to kill me to prevent me from defending my child.

Directly below you will find additional information about this long standing attack upon the children, fathers, mothers and families of America.

by Barry Weinstein & Bruce Eden –

Kidnapping Children And Gagging Their Defenders – A Government Standard Policy And Practice

The “gag” order is not new. It is meant to cover-up the “Human Rights Crimes Family Court Syndicate” violations of Unalienable and Constitutional Rights. Today it is in the ‘franchise’ location of Massachusetts and I bet not the only gag order in the country. The interference with one’s First Amendment Rights to expose the criminal family courts in this country is a usurpation of fundamentally secured rights. It is a human rights violation. The family courts in this country need to be exposed for the criminal racketeering fraud enterprise that they are. Groups and individuals need to go to the World Court in the Hague to file criminal complaints against United States judges (both state family court judges and federal judges) for human rights violations. Groups and individuals need to get their Senators and Congressmen involved in demanding investigations into the villainous acts committed by State court ‘Judges’ and demand prosecutions by the Justice department for Human Rights crimes. Lawyers, mental health professionals who make their livings off the misery of the backs of people being dragged through family courts, the state agencies and entities involved, including law enforcement, need to be also charged for human rights violations.

The courts, known as the ‘Judges’, both in the States – mostly – as well as the federal courts that refuse to take jurisdiction of constitutional violations such as kidnapping and involuntary servitude [amendment 13], the ‘children services’ [or whatever the name is in other states] the doctors / psychologists, police and sheriffs of the counties all across the country are all involved.

Everyday and for the last twenty years that I and Bruce Eden of Dads Against Discrimination,, as well as others — individually and thru organizations — have been fighting this government policy of kidnapping children from either one parent or both parents, the media had remained silent for the most part.

Hopefully and finally these ongoing Human Rights Crimes against children and their parents will be brought to light, have its proponents exposed and brought to justice and the families compensated for these unspeakable acts of “Research” or better known as torture and such other ‘tricks of the trade’ and acts of violence committed against the human rights of children. Could this be for the purpose of receiving funding from the feds? The feds provide federal money as matching and incentive funds in the BILLIONS of dollars for excessive child support impositions, child abuse reporting (a/k/a Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act–“CAPTA”; Violence Against Women Act–“VAWA”, and other nefarious child-oriented programs that the government uses to break up families, separate fathers from their children, where the government takes control of the children under the fraud known as “parens patriae” (the State as the “super parent”). Why not child ‘lab rat’ experiments?

Anyone who lives in Massachusetts or decides to get married and have a family there needs to have their heads examined. Everyone with a young family need to decide to sell their homes and get out of there and find other work in a friendly state (down south or Idaho, North Dakota where they have the oil fields; and they’re paying workers at McDonald’s Restaurants $25-$30 per hour because they can’t get enough help up there. The weather is the same as in Mass. in the winter time anyway). Massachusetts as socialized healthcare (a/k/a Romneycare) like Obamacare. In Mass., as in Obamacare, the state can come in and take your children if they don’t like the way you’re raising them. Hence, the reason they took this child from her parents. A major lawsuit is in order here for kidnapping, criminal restraint, extortion, fraud, corruption, you name it.

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What We Found in a Boston Children’s Hospital Policy Manual About Research on ‘Wards of the State’

>> Feb. 20, 2014 9:59am Liz Klimas

“Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents minimal risk…or greater than minimal risk with a prospect of direct benefit.”

That’s a line from Boston Children’s Hospital’s “Clinical Investigations Policy and Procedure Manual. It’s the same facility that took over the care of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier against her parents’ wishes last year and they continue to wonder why.

Justina Pelletier has been in the custody of the state since Feb. 14, 2013.

Contempt Charges Filed Against Dad Who Defied Gag Order to Tell Daughter’s Heartbreaking Story

>> Feb. 19, 2014 9:00am Liz Klimas

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