by George T. Weir –

Monday Morning, July 8th, and I have a renewed sense of all the things great about America. It’s so easy to get caught up into all the negative aspects of American life, we tend to forget about all the good and positive things that is going on, and some of these most apparent uplifting events are happening within a day’s drive from home.

Every day we hear of more and more of the scandals coming out of Washington DC, and what appears to be a government take over of our lives. We wish every day for some true facts about Bengazi, The Internal Revenue Service, and the far reaching spying by our National security Agency, but it seem as if cover-up and out right lies is all we ever get, and let us not forget about our involvement in foreign affairs, and the millions we are sending to support those that are intent on our demise.

At times it seems as if America has lost her way, and at each intersection we will see another crash of some kind or another. But has our beloved country lost her way? I think not!

Sunday Morning in North Texas, it seemed a good time for my wife and me to take a short day trip. After filling up with gas, forty dollars to be exact, we headed up North toward Oklahoma. To be more precise we headed for Lawton, Oklahoma, the Davis Mountains are beautiful this time of year. But the things that caught my attention the most, was the activity and the activity of the people along the way.

Not far out of town I noticed that the Oil fields were still operating, drilling rigs drilling for oil. Trucks were plentiful hauling the oil to market, also road crews were busy keeping our highways repaired and in good shape. The farmers were out in their fields plowing and up-grading their property, and doing these things with faith. Yes I said (faith), In my neck of the woods, our farmers and ranchers live in the faith that hard work brings results, and we consumers are blessed well because of their hard work.

Along the way, we made a few stops, and as usual, I tried to strike up a conversation, (which in this country it isn’t hard to do).

Of course this time of year the weather is always a (Hot) topic, especially when the temp is 100+, but for the people in Oklahoma, they are just glad to see the end of storm season.

And ever so often you will hear something about politics, but we on a road trip, you try to move along to another, why ruin a wonderful day talking politics?
All in all I came back a renewed belief that the movers and shakers of the great land are it’s people, they are the ones making the wheels of commerce turn each day with their hard work, and their faith that by doing these things, and taking care of their neighbor, this Nation will continue to prosper and grow.
I can guarantee this trip was worth way more than the forty dollar I paid for gas. I saw progress, new business were being built along the way, and I also saw old structures being torn down, making way for something new.

It’s not hard to find honesty in America, it’s right next door.

George T. Weir
307N. Church
Jacksboro, Texas..76458

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