Forever and a Day – Jake Kaligis


It’s so far away from this God forsaken place

Don’t listen to lies on the TV or the radio

I know I got to do whatever it takes

When I get home from this tour, I will dance with you

Forever and a day, I will dance with you forever and a day

Once you’re back in my arms nothing can take me away

Breathe in the sweet fresh of you and taste your kiss

And to dance with you, forever and a day

This is closest thing to Hell any Man, Woman or Child will endure|

And the war of emotion; Love and Hate it must be cured

The soul departed is gone; never to return

I know what I got to do while have my chance

This job I do, I do just to get that dance, I will dance with you

Someone has to pay the price for this dance

Left or Right or Wrong or White or Black it really doesn’t matter

The red of blood runs rivers that flood the Un-holiest of

Holy Land

Don’t you understand, it’s by our command

So when you finally get this letter my darling

Someone else has either died or been left starving

And alas my one and only selfish wish, I just want to come home

I blow out the oil from my midnight lamp and pick up my gun

One last time so I can take my place as your partner in our dance

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