Why Force America To Be The World’s Charity Ward?

by Frosty Wooldridge –

At the end of the last year of our first “anchor baby” president, he allowed over 65,000 children to invade our borders. He watched them, in conjunction with Mexico’s president, who helped that massive entourage—-stampede into our country. When not stopped by our U.S. Border Patrol at the border and turned back because of our “anchor baby” president’s orders to disregard our laws, we, the American taxpayer paid for 65,000 new illegal alien children as to schooling, food, housing and medical care. Many united with their illegal alien parents. That’s on top of the 350,000 anchor babies we pay for annually because Congress won’t stop the practice.

Remember: you and every working person in the USA pays for those babies from K through 12, along with food, housing and medical care. We’re talking billions if not trillions of dollars over the decades!

Because our past five presidents, along with successive U.S. Congresses, failed or refused to enforce and secure our borders with our current laws, (can you imagine the payoffs and benefits big business paid them not to enforce our laws for the past four decades?), we face an accelerating onslaught of the world’s poor, desperate and illiterate.

In the White House press room last week, yet another journalist grilled spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on why Border Patrol officials separated 1,900 children from their criminal alien parents who jumped our borders?

He could have asked, “Why didn’t Border Patrol agents return them to Mexico with their families intact?”

Am I losing my understanding of common sense actions, personal accountability and our right as a nation to maintain our borders for the security of our citizens? Our country, like our individual homes, maintains the right to close our doors and secure our families as we choose. We’re not obligated as a country or as families to care for the rest of the world’s families.

Ironically, Mexico remains a third world failed country because it refuses to educate its citizens to maintain a thriving economy. It refuses to create jobs. It’s as corrupt and backward as any third world country.

Yet, it sent us over 15,000,000 (million) illegal aliens that work and thrive in our country in violation of our laws. It keeps sending them at a rate of 1,500 illegal entries attempted 24/7. (Source: Fox News, Chris Wallace, Sunday, June 17, 2018) In fact, the world sends us 500,000 illegal aliens that succeed in violating our borders annually. (Source: Dr. Steve Camarota, www.CIS.org, “Number of illegal entries annually”)

The greater tragedy: Mexico expects to add at least 36 million more people net gain, by 2050. They can’t sustain their current population at 127 million, so what will they do with 163 million people?

Even more dramatic, the planet’s third world countries add 80 million new babies, net gain, annually. Tens of millions line up to come to America either legally or illegally. We already import 1,000,000 annually.

Tragically, Africa remains on course to jump from one billion to two billion 30 years from now and four billion before the end of the century. They want to migrate to Western countries that chose birth control over profligate fecundity rates. Do you think we will survive this mess?

Who will save us and our children once we add the projected 100 million immigrants within 30 years? As a reasoned and logical human being, in order to save future generations, I suggest we need to totally shutdown America’s borders, immediately. We cannot save the world’s poor, but we most certainly will destroy our civilization with endless immigration.

But which one of the 535 Congressional representatives in our U.S. Congress speaks up about what’s coming? Which one of them understands or even whispers these numbers? Which of them wants to stop this massive human population overload being foisted upon our country and future generations?

Answer: all but three elected congressional critters! Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Peter King of New York, and Steve King of Iowa remain the only representatives to speak up. Cotton introduced a bill to cut all immigration down to 500,000 annually. He needed to cut it to zero. Virtually all of Congress laughed at him.

Dear fellow American, do I make sense? We remain on course to add 100 million immigrants within 30 years. Why isn’t THIS issue the one they yell about at Sarah Sanders in the White House briefing room? Am I screaming uselessly into the night wind? Are you and the rest of American citizens happy about what’s coming at your children? Finally, what will you do about it? Sit and wait? Watch and wonder?

Once the population juggernaut lands on our country, we will no longer remain the “charity ward” for all overpopulated countries. We will be the newest victims on the planet.

— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
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