Follow-Up On Pastor Terry Jones

Well, it seems, for now, Pastor Terry Jones is not going to follow through with his announced burning of the Koran. Since it too was carried on world wide TV, all the Jihadists can lay down their scimitars and strap-on bombs, for now. No foul has been committed you have to get angry about.

It occurs to me that if Pastor Jones is still in New York, he should invite some of his Faithful to join him in an impromptu prayer meeting at Ground 0 and at the site of the proposed Mosque.

If he already went home, he should immediately return with those of his group who could make it on such short notice.

The one at G-0, of course, would be in memoriam – even if not on the exact date.

The one at the site of the proposed Mosque should be a “Good Faith” ‘act of contrition’ for having caused ‘all of that angst’, and consecration of the site which is to be used for greater ecumenical understanding.

They would need to make a short stop at a local pig farm and acquire enough pigs (to feed those attending) for a big Bar-B-Q at the site. The pigs would have to be live so they could be paraded around the site in a sort of ceremonial march before being ceremonially slaughtered and having their blood let and spread around along with their entrails.

The Sacrificial Pigs would be marched around the interior of the site to the tune of, “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

The heads would then be ceremonially mounted on stakes at the corners of the site for all to view.

The invocation would be by Pastor Jones calling for an interfaith reconciliation and a prayer for the Conversion of Islam and World Peace.

This would be planned as the start of a sacred movement much like the one in the Catholic Church during the Cold War which called for the Conversion of Russia.

The National Guard and the NYC Police and Reserve Police should be put on notice that they should take up a clandestine presence in the surrounding buildings with full riot gear ready, so they could appear at a moment’s notice in case of a riot of dissidents.

After all, this would be an ecumenical meeting of Faithful People and the peaceful practice of a religious ceremony on holy ground. (The ground is made Holy by way of plans to build an Interfaith Center there by one of the World’s great Religions.) Freedom of the practice of religion is guaranteed in the Constitution of The United States of America.

Bill Ascherfeld attended Stanford University and graduated from San Diego State with A BA degree in Political Science, History and Economics. He served with The Third Armored Division in Germany in 1956-57 and is currently residing in San Diego, California. He can be reached for comment by E-mailing

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