Flip-Floppers Need Not Apply

…. and it is locked into this system. Talk of paying off the debt without first reforming the banking system is just talk and a complete impossibility."

XAT3 TheHistory of Money Part II

The next president must understand this reality.

If you use drugs–especially the illicit drug of cheap Mexican slavery–don't bother to apply for employment as President of the United States of America.

Flip-floppers, such as John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney,and Rudy Giuliani, are known users of Mexican slaves, and cannot be trusted to have kicked their addiction, just because each candidate wants to become president.

The current crop of amnesty heads, who continue to plan for their future private fix of the so-called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," are all known users. They have disqualified themselves from leading an awakened American people, by their addiction to cheap Third World labor, and their reliance on David Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations, to tell them what to do. In short, these men cannot be trusted to defend our nation against the thirty-million-man Mexican occupation army, which infests American soil; with possibly the exception of Mitt Romney.

Instead, these presidential candidates believe in a fabled "immigration line," being formed for Mexican invaders, and tell the newest ones to go to the back of that line, to wait their turn to garner what belongs exclusively to American minorities–including Mexican-Americans–who tell these interlopers: "You don't speak for me."

This is a slogan of the Second American Revolution, coined by Hispanic Americans, and is a good contribution to the original "Don't Tread on Me" motto.

The line which really matters, is not the one for Mexican nationals, but the bread line Americans are now standing in, because their jobs have been outsourced to Red China, India and Mexico, and their homes are "gone with the wind," due to the Subprime Meltdown.

Three million Americans have lost their jobs, to the free trade fiasco. Last year, we had a 760 million dollar trade deficit. Our dollar is falling, and we save only 1% of GDP, while Red China saves 35%. The tale of the grasshopper and ants, has become our national policy toward Red China, as we fiddle away toward the winter of our discontent.

We have 57 trillion dollars in unfunded mandates. It is time to pay the piper, and the American people are sharpening the blade on our revolutionary guillotine, known as the ballot box.

Do we really care that John McCain and Hillary Clinton want something from us, in the form of a glorious resume to carry to their graves? We are tired of super personalities, who don't close deals. We require public servants.

Where was their sense of obligation to this country before the election season; was it given to the interlopers who raise the Reconquista banner over our cities?

The only American president who ever balanced the budget, and drove the central bankers from our shores, had this to say, regarding the guest worker question–which has apparently been around for some time:

"Unless you become more watchful in your States and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges, you will in the end find that the most important powers of Government have been given or bartered away, and the control of your dearest interests have been passed into the hands of these 'corporations,' and invading beggars demanding service and special privileges not available to long time American Citizens."

Andrew Jackson

No wonder America is now the largest debtor nation, totally bankrupt, with all of our social safety net reamed to shreds! We have become a safety valve–the ultimate welfare state.

Marxist "political correctness," is directly responsible for the dire straits we now find ourselves in as a nation. We have failed to define ourselves as a distinct, pedigreed people, for fear of being labeled "racist," by those who come here with a strict racial agenda, to cast us in their own mold, and attempt to instill shame in us, for our slave-owning founding fathers.

We need a captain who will steer our ship of state, through the jagged reefs of alien consciousness–known as "political correctness"–to restore those qualities of leadership, found in the safe harbor defined by Theodore Roosevelt,as to what constitutes an American.

"Economic nationalism is the policy of rising powers, free trade the policy of declining powers. For great powers have ever regarded trade as an arena of struggle in the clash of nations. It is no accident all four presidents who made it to Mount Rushmore were protectionists."

Patrick J. Buchanan

In short; an American agenda is required, which smashes the Esperanto mold of multiculturalism into a million pieces. Let the Frankenstein monster we have created in the United Nations, fend for itself, lest it sound the death knell of our republic.

What Americans are saying, is this: " This country belongs to us–not the world, nor the Rothschild Bank."

What our presidential candidates are saying is: "We must find a way to absorb alien peoples into our largely Anglo-Saxon culture, for the unlimited growth we project for our future. We have always been a polyglot boardinghouse and tangle of squabbling nationalities, so let's continue with our drug addiction to cheap labor, and the absurd notion that America belongs to the world, for the sky is the limit. We are the United Nations."

Time to send this pack of jackals to a drug rehab center, where they can get their multicultural brains washed–especially the Manchurian candidate, known as yesterday's "media darling."

"You can't do it my friend," if you think your political death row conversion, is going to save your political hide. All of these political hacks, who wanted to sell our nation down the river to "La Raza," and the Chamber of Commerce–of whom John McCain, and Hillary Rodham Clinton are the worst offenders–have now met their personal Waterloo, and the end of their political careers. But their "plan" for America has backfired, for America is now being devoured by the corporate carcharodon, thanks to their collective idiocy.

When discussing the chief offender against America; I must name Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who is personally responsible for flooding this nation with detritus of the Third World, as co-author of the "Immigration Reform Act of 1965." That bill, caused a massive influx of people, of whom 85 percent were from the Third World and Asia.

Kennedy violated our historic ethnic, and cultural composition of only European immigration, to impose his brainchild of culture-rending importation of inassimilable riffraff. That error in judgment, is reflected today in the honor killing of female Muslim teenagers–who want to wear jeans, and be like the other kids–but their parents decide they have to die, for wanting to be Americans. These parentsarethe true definition of "cultural parasites."

Kennedy lied, when he took to the Senate floor, to claim that his bill wouldn't change the demographic composition of our nation.

Can we really expect people who slice into a living puppy for dinner, to share our same values, or care about maintaining reverence for our founding fathers, when they accuse us of cultural genocide, and refuse to speak our language?

Do we need these cultural misfits who as hijackers, attacked the World Trade Center –or the ones who acted as snipers from the trunk of their car, to randomly shoot innocent people?

This darkness of our cultural eclipse, has put the American people in the shadows as our jobs, country, and culture are commandeered by these foreigners, whose actions forever alter the face of the nation. It is not the Beacon of Liberty our politicians paint, with their rosy view of immigration. It is a fire sale and Balkanization of the greatest military and economic power on earth.

These solons of the senate, lack the vision to realize the finite resources of one nation, as they prepare to absorb the whole planet. They claim to have an environmental consciousness!

They are like a Boa constrictor, which tries to swallow a Rhinoceros–horn and all.

America is a beacon for all revolutionary movements which free and enlighten the human race, to foster change in their own countries. We are not a dumping ground, nor are we a safety valve for failed nations, as these candidates would have us believe.

This crop of unworthy suitors–of both political parties– who vie for the Crown of Ithaca, are completely unacceptable to the American people. And like Odysseus of Old; this writer will loose shafts from his analytical quiver, to slay their aspirations for high kingship.

We the People, owe allegiance to no corporate crown, which floods both hemispheres of the planet, with the parasite known as "guest worker." Neither do we subscribe to mandates coming from the United Nations, nor the so-called "corporate citizen" paradigm, being foisted onto an unsuspecting American people, by multinational corporations.

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy

of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country."

Thomas Jefferson 1812

That great task Thomas Jefferson envisioned, must be accomplished by the present generation, raised on a steady diet of the Roman circus, which features celebrity meltdowns and soap operas on the playbill. Meanwhile, we eat the arsenic-laced cake, prepared for us by our soft-in-the-head politicians.

A new nationalistic fervor is developing among the states, with those entities–most particularly Oklahoma, and Arizona–taking affirmative action, to halt the alarming invasion coming from Mexico. This invasion is due to the abject failure of our elected officials to fulfill their oaths of office, to protect and defend the states from invasion. Si, se puede!

This is not exclusively an American phenomenon, but is now being seen with the rise in nationalism of numerous countries, which have suffered under the onslaught of the guest worker.

The absence of concrete action from Washington D.C., has inspired the American people to take matters into their own hands, as this government has clearly more than failed them–It has committed treason against the nation, by fulfilling the corporate agenda, in defiance of the will of the American people, who see their country slipping away.

Now, as election time rolls around; we hear a lot of promises, and statements to the effect that these incompetents finally "get it."

The Democratic Congress has a 10% approval rating, as they show themselves to be nothing more than high-paid poodle-walkers, who get dragged along by the Oval Office.

John McCain, and Hillary Clinton have allegedly arisen– like the proverbial phoenix– from the ashes of their respective political self-immolations.

Hillary's "defining moment," was the drivers license question for illegals, and McCain's was his amnesty proposal.

Voters now know who these candidates are, what they are, and what we will get, if they are elected: We will see more reckless endangerment, homicide, DUI, hit and run, aggravated assault, armed robbery, rape, forgery, fraudulent schemes, lewd behavior, extortion, identity theft, breaking and entering, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, manslaughter, hostage-taking, child molestation, public drunkenness, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and other outrages from the illegal aliens they enable.

The American people have come to understand that Third World shock troops–known as "guest workers"– are employed by the multinational corporations, to flood First World nations–by invasion from an alien culture. This incursion, drives down the standard of living in those industrialized nations. The ultimate goal of the supranationalist agenda of David Rockefeller, is the destruction of the middle class, to pave the way for global governance, at the behest of big business. It is a restoration of monarchy.

Of course these illegal aliens seek to dictate, and impose their own "standards" over the host culture, by such things as a new global Islamic caliphate, or bilingualism. Give them an inch, and they take a mile. Their motto is: "When in Rome, do NOT do as the Romans do."

In short, America is the last hold-out of resistance to the plans by the elite, to use our society as a petri dish, to clone proles for Big Brother's New World Order. The final act, on the stage of consolidation of corporate power over our nation.

The substrate which supports this new agenda of destruction of the American middle class, is the flooding of our nation with millions of alien peoples with alien ideas, and the disastrous free trade policies of the Marxists, which are leading to the eclipse of American preeminence on the world stage, and the ascendancy of Red China.

Thus may be seen the fulfillment of the prophecy of the capitalist hanging himself with his own rope, in national suicide.

The Democrats join their Republican cohorts, in common criminality, by abdicating their responsibility for the welfare of the American people, to court the invaders, who come here lured by the carrot of dual Mexican/ American citizenship. They hope to ensure that their respective political parties, will garner the so-called "Latino vote" from these Mexican nationals, rather than depending on the vote of their own countrymen, who elected them.

These politicians have forgotten the admonition of Theodore Roosevelt that we remain one- hundred-percent American.

They cannot differentiate a constituent, from an invader, nor do they fathom the many faces of war, as reflected in our trade deficit, and the social chaos imposed by La Raza, marching in our city streets, 500,000 strong.

This partisan agenda is a true threat to national security, in an age of infiltration by terrorist operatives.

The best of these Democratic candidates–John Edwards–is a good man, who otherwise might make a fine president, in taking on the power of these corporations–if he were not addicted to the fallacy of a path to American citizenship for invaders, who are the responsibility of the Mexican government. That one issue, is his political Achilles heel.

Thus, the best of the Democrats, remains unqualified, due to his lack of vision, in regard to the Mexican invasion of our homeland. He, like the others, has been drinking "K Street Kool-Aid."

As for Hillary Clinton; the average American can only stand in awe, as her powerful and fiery speeches degenerate into a cry baby spectacle, which is a nauseating display of cheap sentimentalism, more worthy of a harlot. She has failed to sell herself to command anything, when she cannot even command her own emotions.

Her performance reminds me of a summer I spent in sixth grade camp, at Camp Marston, in Southern California.

I too, worked very hard… to qualify for all of the archery competition certificates, only to find to my horror–on the last day of camp–that I did not have any money to purchase the last of the medals to complete the set that went with them.

I cried, until they pinned the medal to my T-shirt, to shut me up.

I expect no medal now, for my target practice, and I will not shut up.

Such a display of tears, might be expected of a child, but not the potential leader of the alleged "Free World." That republic remains in bondage to usury, coming from the Federal Reserve.

One does not discuss health care, until the money is there to pay for it.

If Senator Clinton "found her voice" in New Hampshire, as she stated last Tuesday night; she is opting for the Democratic version of a "kindler, gentler" candidate, who offers the "real version" of "compassionate conservatism," with a baby's wail.

She just wants………to be president so bad, that she is going to cry her pretty little head off, for the sympathy vote. In providing us with such a spectacle, Evita Peron, er… I mean Hillary Clinton, has probably set back the advent of America's first female president by a quarter-of-a-century, for no jihadist terrorist, is going to feel threatened by a cry baby woman. Nor are the American people going to feel confident that she can deliver retribution to America's enemies. Worse yet; she might overcompensate, to prove everyone wrong!

Whether her emotions were sincere and heartfelt, or the cynical performance art of a master manipulator and politician; either way, the defining moment of "sorrow for the nation," was insufficient to persuade the American people that this woman can meet the political challenges which lie ahead.

As Michelle Malkin noted in her most excellent article: The Clintons in Crisis:

"It took a lifetime of lies, deception, hypocrisy and hardball power grabs before Hillary and Bill's political façades disintegrated. But now, finally, the empty dummy molds underneath have been laid bare completely."

This Homeric analysis by Malkin, will go down in history, as the epitaph for the Clinton regime; a reign of infamy and dishonor for the presidency of the United States.

Why does this woman imagine the American people want another scandal-ridden Clinton presidency?

We are not a Third World banana republic, to put up with the continuing saga of Clinton corruption. The American people require real change–not crocodile tears, nor bug-eyes. It will not be business as usual this time around, for we are in the midst of world war, and the Second American Revolution.

This Second American Revolution has its own Betsy Ross, embodied by Devvy Kidd, of NewsWithViews.com fame. Here is how a real female president should sound:

"The working man and woman is drowning, millions know the federal income tax does NOT apply to domestic Americans. Out of desperation, ideas are born for replacements to stop this draining of America's lifeblood: a fair tax, flat tax, value added tax – anything help us!!! These distractions are designed to keep the American people busy promoting their own destruction; it's called the herding technique. These alternative taxing schemes are just that and will not solve the problem of the Federal Reserve and a fiat currency. These schemes will continue to feed the banking cartel – which is why this poison is being peddled to desperate Americans. Without the Federal Reserve Banking System, these crooks and liars in Congress would not be able to continue spending BILLIONS of "dollars" everyday when there's no money in the people's treasury. Of course, a whole lot of these craven crooks and liars performing this magic of spending money that doesn't exist are the same bunch who kited checks years ago. For those who might be too young to remember, back in the early 1990s, a major scandal broke about members of Congress writing hot checks. It was reported that roughly 355 members of the House of Representatives had overdrawn their accounts with the House Bank; some 110 came clean. So, you see, writing hot checks is nothing new to these scoundrels. The tragedy is that they are dooming your children and grand babies to a life of serfdom. Do you care?"

"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."

Thomas Jefferson

The ultimate power grab is of course that by the United Nations, which would impose the Law of the Sea Treaty, and one world government, over the American people. That tentacle of the central bankers would also disarm us, to enable the rise of a wholly privatized prison planet oligarchy. Welcome to 1984.

"The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It's purpose is to destroy the United States." ~ John E. Rankin, U.S. Congressman

The American people know they are governed by their inferiors, and as a consequence, they will be doing more than "kicking the tires" this time around.

It is going to take more than a Mike Huckabee, posing as Elmer Fudd, with a shotgun, to convince us that change is in the air. The three small pheasants, whose blood was sacrificed for his political photo op and atonement, will not be a redeemer for his dismal immigration record. "Better to NOT go down that road."

Now we come to the Manchurian candidate, John McCain. This is the guy who tells us that he "gets it," while in the same breath, he growls, "I'll build the goddamned fence," as if he regards it with the same contempt President Bush holds for the Constitution, as "…just a goddamned piece of paper."

As with medicine, so too politics, where there is no margin for error, when it comes to the invasion of the United States of America. That is why John McCain will never "get it," and he has to be put down hard–for the bad penny he truly is. His composite core–like the debased cent, with which the U.S. Mint replaced good copper, in 1982–is corrosive zinc, which reacts to the moisture from the Mexican tide flowing across our land.

McCain needs his battery terminals brushed, if he thinks the American people will ever forget his betrayal of our nation, when he conspired with Senator Edward M. Kennedy, to deliver our country to the Mexican free-for-all. The McCain-Kennedy Immigration Bill, would have enabled drug-dealing, graffiti, drive-by shootings, rape, robbery murder, and the ultimate destruction of our culture–by these Mexican border-breachers, who call themselves "immigrants"–by granting them United States citizenship on a vast scale.

This plan would have opened the floodgates to invasion, and reduced the reservoir of American culture, to just a trickle-of-a-stream.

McCain's irresponsible plan, would have swamped our nation–according to the Heritage Foundation research estimate–with another thirty million mestizo wards for the U.S. government(taxpayers) to take care of.

Forget about Bud and Sis getting summer jobs to pay for college!

Perhaps McCain should look hard at the Vietnam War Memorial, which has been defaced by MS-13 thugs, who write: "Kill white people," on the cenotaph to our heroic war dead. Tell us all about "God's children," John!

The American people are resolved that the multicultural free-for-all is now over. Mexican nationals must return to their country of origin, to rewrite their own national anthem and destiny as a people–not ours. It is clearly time for the Second Mexican Revolution to occur, by sending these interlopers home, to make demands in their own country.

The host/parasite relationship between the United States and Mexico is over, as far as the American people are concerned, and yet we hear nothing from these unworthy presidential suitors, but how they are going to "reform" an issue which is dead in the water. Talk about beating a dead horse!

Like the homeless, mentally ill Americans who wander our city streets, and give rousing speeches to thin air, for no one to hear; these politicians speak to no one. They are as nutty as the March Hare, and as theatrical as Senator Clinton.

As for whether the Republican primary results and McCain's alleged "resurgence," might push Congress to try again on immigration reform this year; that is a matter of pure wish fulfillment for these amnesty heads, and that is why they stand with a ten percent approval rating. The ten percent of foreigners they enable.

John McCain’s win in New Hampshire, certainly did not impress former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Revealing a deep chasm in the Republican Party between the Rockefeller branch of globalists, and the Goldwater wing of nationalists, McCain fell victim to the supreme excoriation from DeLay in an interview he granted Wednesday to FOX News.

“There’s nothing redeeming about John McCain,” said Texas Republican DeLay.

“He does betray conservative principles.”

Well…… yes, one might say that, considering the bipartisan disaster he crafted with Ted Kennedy.

Here's what Bobby Eberle says regarding the matter: "The rise of Mitt Romney is again due to conservatives slowly starting to coalesce around him. Huckabee's record is coming to light, and candidates like Giuliani and McCain (despite his win in New Hampshire) are simply unacceptable to conservatives."

According to Taylor Bright, of the Charlotte Observer:

"At last May's S.C. Republican convention, Sen. Lindsey Graham defended John McCain's immigration reform plan. He was booed by his own party."

The following is a quote from a FOXNews article about an interview of DeLay, on January 9, 2008, by Chad Pergram:

"When asked on which issues McCain was not a conservative, he said: 'Mercy, there’s tons of them' and proceeded to list the Senator’s positions on the environment, immigration, the International Criminal Court, his support for affirmative action and taxes. He also called McCain a 'hypocrite' when it came to lobbyists."

DeLay dismissed the McCain victory as a "blip" on the radar screen. He labeled it "An aberration in the nominating process of the Republican Party."

The article goes on further to reveal:

" New Hampshire is a state that’s trending Democratic (it replaced its two GOP House Members in 2006 with two Democrats and GOP Senator John Sununu has a tough re-election fight on his hands this year) and allows independents to vote in the Republican primary."

That may explain the appeal of John McCain in that state, and the fact that it is not a border state.

"He (McCain) appealed once again to independents." DeLay said. "He’s not going to go much further than New Hampshire."

DeLay was asked about the divisions in the party between "moderates and conservatives," DeLay said "I don’t think there’s a schism in the party. The party doesn’t exist. It’s rebuilding."

How that reconstruction is occurring, yet remains a mystery to the average American of both political parties.

On pertinent matters; the assessment regarding the current front-runner, according to the website GOPUSA, is this:

"An analysis of the candidates' record on illegal immigration by Numbers USA gives Huckabee a 'bad' in the category 'Assessment of Past Immigration Actions in Political Office.' In contrast, both Romney and Rep. Ron Paul received marks of 'good,' and Reps. Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter received marks of 'excellent.'"

Bobby Eberle

According to Bobby Eberle's most excellent analysis; the race for Republican nominee is still wide open–as is that for the Democratic nominee, according to Patrick J. Buchanan, who wrote The Brothers & Sisters War, Friday, January 11, 2008.

This should serve as a guide as to what constitutes a winning ticket, not for the Republican Party alone, but for our nation.

Despite the fact that Romney has little appeal to real conservatives, or Southerners; they might vote for him–in absence of any other choice–due to his new immigration stance, and opposition to the NAU/SPP of the central bankers.

No Republican ticket is complete without Duncan Hunter, as he outclasses all contenders, both in conservative philosophy, and as the voice of the warrior class, which serves this country. Hunter is the real thing. The others are pretenders.

Duncan Hunter is as close as the Republican Party will ever get to channeling the spirit of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The one man who many people believe can actually win the election, is of course Ron Paul– the one who sits quietly during debates, and endures the condescending sneers and amused smiles from his fellow Republicans. He is rather lackluster on camera, but he knows the score on what must be done, to right this foundering ship of state.

Whether that translates to presidential timber is entirely a different matter.

Ron Paul is loved and respected by certain elements of both political parties, and the liberal TV talk show host, actor, and author, Bill Maher, absolutely adores him, thereby revealing the mass appeal which Paul holds for all Americans who want real change.

Many Obama supporters were reading Ron Paul literature in Iowa and New Hampshire, because they are beginning to realize that Paul is seeking to reverse almost a century of big government, under a warfare-welfare state. Paul deals with the question of who owns value, and the manipulation of our monetary policy by the Federal Reserve.

He seeks to reform the perpetuation of slavery by usury, under the yoke of the Fed, and rein-in the military-industrial complex, acting as policeman of the world.

Paul is a strict constitutionalist, who sees the subversion of our Constitution , by the monied elite.

Ron Paul is one who recognizes that nothing will fundamentally change, until the American people reform their monetary system, and tax code. He realizes that the source of all of our national misfortune is the private corporation known as "Federal Reserve."

Rep. Paul would see the dissolution of that illegal entity, established in 1913, when Congress was in Christmas recess. None of the other candidates is willing to discuss this most glaring 800 pound gorilla in the room, for without a reform in our banking system, our republic will soon become history, as the nation slides into debt beyond solvency.

Here is an astute analysis from Dan Sheehy, found on Glenn Spencer's website, AmericanPatrol.com:

"During the CNN-YouTube Republican presidential debate on November 28, a man sarcastically asked candidate Ron Paul if he believes in 'this conspiracy regarding the Council on Foreign Relations and some plan to make a North American Union by merging the United States with Canada and Mexico.'

On stage with the seven other candidates and in front of a live audience and national television viewers, Paul smiled and responded:

'The CFR exists. The Trilateral Commission exists. It's a conspiracy of ideas. This is an ideological battle. Some people believe in globalism, others of us believe in national sovereignty. There is a move on toward a North American Union, just like early on there was a move on for a European Union and it eventually ended up. So we had NAFTA and are moving toward a NAFTA highway. These are real things. There was legislation passed in the Texas legislature unanimously to put a hold on it. They're planning on taking millions of acres by eminent domain for an international highway from Mexico to Canada, which is going to make the immigration problem that much worse…. I don't like this trend toward international government….. Our national sovereignty is under threat.'

Even though Paul was given just 90 seconds to respond, the 10-term U.S. congressman from Texas did an excellent job answering the question. Globalists used 'free trade' and open borders to integrate the countries of Europe and create the European Union, with a single government and currency. Europeans are increasingly wondering what happened to their countries and freedoms. The same approach is being used to erase America's borders, independence, and Constitution to create a North American Union."

However, the problem with Rep. Paul, is that he often is perceived as someone's crazy old uncle, and his dismal performance in the FOX News Republican debate, in Charleston, South Carolina, on Sunday, seems to corroborate this belief.

Ron Paul is incredibly eloquent. However, his Achilles heel, is that he has NO command presence. He is a thousand times smarter than all of the other Republican candidates combined–that is–the ones he debated.

His main drawback, is that he is too pacifistic, and will probably not make a strong war leader, like Duncan Hunter most assuredly will.

His retorts to the other candidates held substance, but his presentation was all wrong. He lacked the firmness and ready wit, which President John F. Kennedy would have exhibited so effortlessly.

Fred Thompson won the debate–as far as I am concerned–with his joke about sending Iranian speed boats to their paradise of virgins, but he is clearly NOT the man we should be looking at.

Debates are not relevant, when the real leader–Duncan Hunter–is not even there for comparison of his qualifications. He is Odysseus of Ithaca; the other candidates are the unworthy suitors for the hand of the nation.

Duncan Hunter should be the new direction the Republican party sails, in order to rebuild that which has been systematically scuttled by the Bush Administration, with its emphasis on the Council on Foreign Relations agenda.

Duncan Hunter, is the only presidential candidate who realizes the threat coming from Red China. It is a trade war, a currency war, and a corporate war, as Red Chinese companies gobble up America's strategic assets.

Hunter has won the endorsement of the Nevada Republican Assembly on January 6, 2008 in Reno, for his outstanding record as a true conservative.

The Nevada Assembly had this to say:

"Duncan Hunter's record as a 26 year member of Congress, places him squarely at the lead of all the GOP contenders, as the standard bearer of conservative Republican example.

On Saturday Jan. 5, at 1:00 PM, candidate Duncan Hunter addressed an enthusiastic crowd of convention attendees, by phone conference.

The president of the NVRA, Michael Kressler, and the members of the NVRA, are proud to endorse Duncan Hunter for President, for his stand on the values of the sanctity of life, support of our constitution, Second Amendment rights, security of our borders, limited government, love of God, parental rights, fair trade, fair tax, educational excellence, state sovereignty, controlled spending and protection of private property.

Congressman Hunter was elated to receive word from NV campaign personnel, just moments following the prestigious and important NVRA Nevada Republican Assembly endorsement."

Gary Becks

It is the wish of the American people, that the next administration work to dissolve the Federal Reserve, so that Congress alone will have the ultimate control over the nation's purse strings–not a private corporation which charges 550 billion dollars every year in interest payments to the American people.

We want war to be prosecuted by garnering the spoils, not by the deficit financing coming from the Fed, and our enemies in Red China.

The American people also expect a formal declaration of war, so that our nation does not serve as a lackey and policeman, in service to toothless United Nations resolutions.

We want America's self sufficiency and industrial base to be restored, as a top priority of the next administration, and for the government to rein in corporate power, which has clearly subverted the national interest.

We expect an end to globalist policies which do not fall into alignment with our national interest, such as disastrous free trade policies, and other entangling alliances and so-called obligations, such as the fictitious "nation-building" on foreign shores.

The general consensus among most Americans, is that the war in Iraq has been a mindless Don Quixote quest, in search of a desert mirage vision of a one-size-fits-all democracy known as "nation-building." Such a naive weltanschauung, ensures the tar baby of quagmire.

The domestic front can scarcely be distinguished from the international arena anymore, as al-Qaeda operatives have infiltrated our society, due to porous borders, and the political correctness which allows them to stay here.

We have outsourcing, a Mexican occupation army on the home front, and the very clear threat coming from Red China, to contend with. Treasonous politicians destroy us from within.

We need to put those American troops defending South Korea, on our own borders. A very simple solution, and quite sane.

Americans have noted the hostile corporate takeover of our government, the undue influence of lobbyist groups, the general unresponsiveness of the government to the will of the American people, and the sheer arrogance of our leaders in defying the consent of the governed.

The American people remember with longing, the good years of Camelot, under the administration of our great and noble president, John F. Kennedy.

We can have a restoration of Camelot, with Duncan Hunter at the helm of our ship of state.



Due to recent developments, a Ron Paul/Duncan Hunter ticket makes the most sense for the country.

Ron Paul would be wise to adopt Duncan Hunter as his running mate, in order to beef up his pacifist image, byadding a running mate who is real war president material.

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