“Flash Points That Alter History and 9/11”

….Separated by two large oceans, we were lulled into a false sense of security and were unaware of, or chose to ignore, the rabid determination of our enemy, Islamo-Fascism, to destroy the "infidel", that's us.

In the early morning light, the large ink-black pond down in the hollow, barely reflected the over-hanging trees. It's surface, suspended in temporary horizontal equilibrium,lookedlike a sheet of glass, as the waning night began to turn slowly into dawn. A squirrel, in search of his morning diet of nuts, dislodged an acornhigh up ina tree, whose long branches extended way outover the pond. Under the pull of gravity, the acorn descended rapidly to the surface. Upon entering the black water, a dimple formed in a small circle, while at the same time a spout of water with a bubble at its apex, erupted a few inchesout of the center ofthe dimple, as the acorn sank to the bottom of the pond. By some strange twist of physics, almost perfect concentric waves emanatedout of thedimpleto extend out across the pond in ever widening circles until they stopped at the shoreline. The glass-like appearance of the pond wasdisrupted by a "flash point" thataltered its character, at least temporarily.

And so it was on September 11, 2001 that the character of America was forever altered by a "flash point". Separated by two large oceans, we were lulled into a false sense of security and were unaware of, or chose to ignore, the rabid determination of our enemy, Islamo-Fascism, to destroy the "infidel", that's us. The perception of our invulnerability to attack was shattered as three hijacked, domestic airplanes, loaded with passengers and fuel,were flown into American buildings in New York and Washington DC, in an unprovoked,dastardly act of war,resulting inan unprecedented loss of life and property. On that day, America and the life of all Americans was altered more than by any other "flash point" in our225 yearhistory.

The first response by most Americans and politicians, was "how dare they" and "go get the bastards that did this to us with whatever it takes". In the spirit of international cooperation, we went to the United Nations for their support to take on and vanquishthe enemy that attacked us. As usual, the UN proved more of an impediment, than an asset. Thus, unilaterally, America declaredwar in the Middle Eastagainst Afghanistan and Iraq,two of the hotbeds of fomenting Islamo-Fascism in countries torn by corruption, fanaticism, bondageand every-day human suffering. We are still there today andour courageous military has stabilized a region that defied stability. Even so, the area is still a powder keg of fear and ethnic strife and our presence there is still sorely needed.

As in most domestic issues, we argue amongst ourselves over minutia and unimportant concerns. But when we are collectively attacked as a country, we coalesce as one and turn on the enemy. At least that is what we used to do. But it didn't take long for the new and now divided Americans to separate into opposing factions, for and against our taking the nation to war in response to an attack of war.

America was born out of another "flash point", the Revolutionary War. We confronted the bully of King George the third of England in a bold act of courage and premeditated violence,victory was ours. When the nation was about to become divided by states rights and slavery, America was altered again by another "flash point", the Civil War.Brother fought against brother and sons fought against fathers. The loss of life has never been equaled in any other contemporary war and the festeringand lingering animosity from that "flash point",exists even today.

Then the bullies of Europe erupted onto the world scene in the two "flash points" of war in the Twentieth Century. Once again, America responded to the "flash points", saved the world from dictators and tyranny and freed over a billion people. The sacrifices of those American heroes was and is immeasurable.

During the early middle of the Twentieth Century, between the two World Wars, another "flash point" began to alter American principles of freedom, liberty andunalienable, individualrights to a point now, where all three are in serious jeopardy. Reacting to the Great Depression, another narcissistic President, over-enamored with his place in history, began to unravelthe constitutional rights, protections and guarantees of the American individual. The Bill of Rights contained in the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution were not enough for this president. He expanded the Bill of Rights to include a whole series of social rights that were invented out of whole cloth without any regard to their constitutionality. His actions were fully supported and sanctioned by a U. S. Congress and U. S. Supreme Court who ignored their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. This "flash point", that started in the early 1930's,may have altered America to such an extent that returning to a Constitutional Republic may never be achieved except by revolution. The real America, the vision of our Founding Fathers,started dying when the people succumbed to the siren call of "I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help!

But the attack on 9/11 changed America in ways different from any other "flash point". In government's reaction to this continued national threat to our sovereignty, security at any cost has taken priority overliberty and we as a people have almost gratefully accepted this unlawful extension of government power. Americans, tethered to the ever-expanding umbilical of the government teat, have lost their will to be free. In generations of constitutional neglect, way too many have never gained a point of reference to understand that liberty is always under attack by tyranny and must be vigorously defended by all the people, if it is to be maintained.

Divided as we are, we fight amongst ourselves until sometime in the near future,our next "flash point" could be the second "civil war". Hopefully,all Americanswill awake from theirself-induced slumber before it is too late and the victims of 9/11and the reasons for their sacrificebecome obscuredbecause this country descended into the depths ofdivisiveness, where socialism, radical environmentalism and tyranny rule and where freedom and liberty are relegated to the freedom-experiment scrap heap, just like so many other countries thatattempted freedom but failed ……………….

………. unless?

NOTE: A week or so after 9/11/01 we wrote a song (words and music) entitled, "When The World Came Apart", as a tribute to the innocent victims and the first responders and allof their loved ones, thatgave their lives as this tragedy unfolded before our very eyes on TV. Although we are not a commercial grade musician, the song and its words are heart-feltand poignant. This particular video isone offive ofNARLO'S FREEDOM CHRONICLES on YouTube dedicated to freedom, liberty and property rights. You canview and listen tothe song and our message of freedom and liberty at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLzaHWyc_9o.

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