“First Hundred Days” – President-Elect Trump Bypasses Accepted Tradition

by Wallace Bruschweiler & William Palumbo –

Franklin Delano Roosevelt began an American tradition with his “First Hundred Days” of sweeping legislation, ushering in the New Deal and forever changing American politics and, more broadly, American life.

Let there be little doubt about it: President-Elect Donald J. Trump has forever altered this tradition, as he began practically governing the day after he was elected fair and square in an historic upset.
What has Trump accomplished as President-Elect? The below list only includes the highlights of a truly remarkable (and exciting) transition period.


• This week, Amazon announced a plan to create 100,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

• Jack Ma, CEO of Chinese tech giant Ali Baba, promised to create “one million” new jobs for American small businesses by making it easier for them to sell to the Chinese market.

• Automakers Ford and Fiat-Chrysler have announced plans to invest and modernize plants domestically. Ford even cancelled projected plans for Mexican expansion in favor of U.S. investment.

• Automaker Toyota announced plans to invest $10 billion over the next five years.

• Apple has begun investigating options to build iPhones in the U.S.

• The Japanese bank Softbank has pledged to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 new jobs.
Foreign Policy

• During his campaign, Trump’s criticism of NATO’s outmoded mission caused a re-assessment and stated intent to focus more on terrorism.

• Several key NATO allies are considering increasing their defense budgets, as a direct response to Trump’s criticism of their relatively, you might say illusory, financial contributions.

• Already, the Trump administration has been invited to Syrian peace talks in Moscow. In December, the Obama administration was excluded from that summit.

• Announced and made plans to move the American embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, period!; and told the Palestinian authorities that, by the way, Palestine does not exist for all practical purposes!

Note to Media: Here are your pre-Inauguration Lessons

From this spate of energizing news, there are a few key lessons not only for the American people, but especially for the dishonest, manipulative, and national embarrassment that we call the “media.”

• First, the public’s reaction* to Trump’s actions since the election prove we fully reject Barack Hussein Obama and his anti-American agenda. Despite Trump’s modus operandi during the transition period which rivals – if not supersedes – the authority of a sitting president (and thus break with the tradition of “one president at a time”) the public continues to embrace the Trump agenda. What more proof do you need that the people are ready to “turn the page” on the disgraceful and destructive Obama eight-year era?

• Second, can we finally reject the specious smears that Donald J. Trump is “BS artist”? This discrediting sneer is repeated daily by leftist pundits. Yet, an honest assessment of the above pre-office accomplishments concludes that Trump is acting exactly in line with long-held beliefs, as well as all his campaign promises.

Nothing would make the left happier than if Trump broke all his promises. In fact, to their great chagrin, he has kept them – and aggressively. In truth, the career politicians in both parties that Trump defeated are professional conmen and conwomen. And that’s being polite.

• Third, Trump’s populist movement depends on direct communication with the American people. Trump’s use of Twitter – his way of outmaneuvering the media – has enabled his success. The leftist media is a machine of mass distortion and falsities. Cutting out the “middleman” has always been and will continue to be a feature of the Trump phenomenon.

With so much work to be done to “Make America Great Again,” why waste time between the election and January 21st? President-Election Donald J. Trump has not left us waiting for a change. He already started it. And that, we believe, will be the first chapter in his positive legacy over the next eight years as President. History will be his witness.

* Their very public, uncouth, and strident objections notwithstanding, Hollywood actors and other bubbled elites are not representative of the sensible American public.

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