Finally: “Bombs Away”

by George Weir –

Finally President Obama has ordered the military to take the fight to ISIS.   Today, September 24th, Obama ordered strikes on the oil and Gas fields that have been funding the killers which call themselves, the Islamic State.   I suppose that for the moment I’m obliged to tip my hat for the sudden about-turn that the president has taken, apparently Obama’s manageable problem became un-manageable, and the President finally seen the writing on the wall, “Military action is a must”.

The part of this that is concerning to me is this, are we willing to stay the course?  Unless the U.S. and our ally’s stay the course and defeat this radical Islamic movement, at some point in time they will raise their ugly head again, and this time, with even more resolute in their quest for caliphate, and as we all know this would be the end of what we have come to understand as our God given right to freedom.

I realize that I’m just a simple man, and that I look on thing as black or white, or right or wrong, and if it weren’t for the interest of America and the American people I would be all for letting the middle east fight the hell out, but, what about the Christians and our closest ally, Israel? We can’t let them perish else we would have no better values toward live and dignity than those that wish them hell and death, so, what is the answer?

If I did believe there was just a small chance that these killers would have a change of heart and make an about face and lay down their weapons of death, and except the fact that its in their best interest to live side by side with those of other faiths, I would say, give it a chance, but this struggle for total dominion is nothing new to the region, for centuries the quest for religious rule has been the all consuming and way of life for those that follow the radical beliefs that they have been taught from their youth.

Yes, this present war on radical Islam can be won, and decisively, but it will take an administration that isn’t looking at the polls or popularity.   It will take an administration that is willing to recognize the enemy and call them out for what they are: if they are Muslim, then call them Muslims.

For a simple man as myself I would say, “Bomb Hell Out of Them” they’ll think twice before trying to impose their caliphate on nations that wish to live free and to follow the religion of their choice.  And in a perfect would this just might work, but as we all know this isn’t a perfect world, and the inhabitants of this world aren’t a perfect species either, so what can we honestly hope for?

We that follow the teaching of Christ understand that when he prophesied that in the last day there will be wars and rumors of war believe that these words are true, and when he prophesied that  there would be a separation of the sheep and the goats, we believe that also.  So to us this current conflict between good and evil comes to us as no surprise, but, it also reaffirms to us that we must never move from our faith, and that is what this war is all about, fighting to keep the freedom of our faith, and if it takes war, then we will support the efforts of our military.

With all the bombings and all the warfare that we can muster, we can only hope to set the people free until another radical religion decides to show its ugly head.  Hopefully mankind can see many years of piece in the Middle East, but is it really possible?

At the present President Obama has been able to muster a few of the neighbors surrounding Iraq and Syria, as ally’s in this war against radical Islam, but, we have to remember, this is the same Middle East that has been fighting for centuries, Sunni against Shea, can we expect these two warring enemies to put their ideology aside and live side by side in piece? I think not!!

Will they ever be able to put their long held distrust for America and the west long enough to settle the long and bloody war between themselves? Greatly doubt it !!

When this war comes to an end, and when we have handed our weapons into the hands of those that have fought beside us, will they once again turn those weapon against us?  Quite possible!!

I will give President Obama credit for this much, Sunni bombing Sunni, but we have to remember, they have a reason, they realize that ISIS would like to have them for dinner, and I don’t mean invite them for dinner.   ISIS is seeking power, and they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to invade their Sunni neighbors and kill the very last one of them, and those that live next door to ISIS fear this, so they are willing to fight, it lest for the moment.

Yes there will be peace on Earth, but that will be when Christ makes his second coming, until then all that love peace and liberty, must fight at times, but when they do fight for their freedom, — They Must Win — else the civilized world will be set back into the darkness and the killers of mankind will reek terror on all those living.

So where does that leave us?  We must fight, and fight to win.

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