Final Debate Reveals Obama Is Not “Electable”!

To begin with, this nation did not have any president whose brain is in his mouth. Americans are not ready yet to have one.

In the event that it will happen in this November 2008 election, it will be a historical blotch … an accidental stain that will be hard, nay impossible to erase or purge for generations to come.

And the consequences of electing a president, who thinks through his mouth, are catastrophic! This is given and therefore need not be expounded anymore for the sake of brevity and for attempting to be as direct to the point as possible.

That we are electing a candidate for president whose brain is in his mouth, was revealed in this third and final presidential debate held in Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. on October 15, 2008.

In this debate, presidential rival candidate Sen. John McCain slammed Obama with a bucketful of icy water so to speak, to shut him up for good and wake him up to reality. How did this happen? In the debate, McCain looked at Obama straight in the eye and told him that McCain was not Bush, and if in Obama’s disturbed mind he was against Bush and that he despised the Bush administration, he should have run against Bush four years ago!

That knocked out for good Obama’s brainless reference to McCain that McCain and Bush are the same, and that if McCain gets elected, his presidency will just be a continuation of another four years of Bush’s failed administration.

Nothing of course is farther from the truth! Obama does not understand what McCain the “Maverick” means. That’s because he thinks of McCain not with his brain but with his mouth! An orifice president who sees the world through his oral cavity is to say the least, very dangerous!

But after the debate the electorates were happy to learn that this reflex accusation on the part of Obama is now finally buried dead on the ground without any hope of rising again. Obama cannot anymore resurrect this rhetorical bogey from the grave and heedlessly use it again to his advantage because like the Ugly Ghosts of Sorrento in the Isle of Capri, it will haunt his campaign to oblivion and lose the election.

This possibility is not farfetched. Halloween is just around the corner …just about five days right before the election. By tradition, American parents tell spooky tales to their kids, but not for Obama to tell ghost stories at this critical time to voters who even without his treat or tricks have already a hard time in deciding which candidate to vote.

It was also shown in the debate that Joe the Plumber caught slippery Obama with his pants down while campaigning in Ohio!

Obama talked to Joe Wurzelbacher who asked him about his tax policies, especially as they relate to Obama’s promised “wealth redistribution” plan. Obama expected Joe to bite his carrot plan that he was dangling with his left hand before Joe’s eyes while his right hand was holding a stick.

Joe told Obama that he would like to own a plumbing business. Joe was elated because Obama the president will help him achieve that and attain his “American Dream”. But Joe was shocked to learn that Obama will apply the stick once he succeeds in his business endeavor and join the Middle Class with an annual income of $250,000 or more.

Millions of Americans across the country like Joe resented Obama’s plan of involuntary or forced redistribution of wealth.

Whatever Joe earns through hard work beyond $250,000 per annum is owned by President Obama who thinks that he was Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, free to redistribute that part of Joe’s hard-earned income to the lowest 40% of the 95% of millions of Americans that as president, Obama would not tax because they hate to work or are lazy or not working hard enough to earn more income like Joe does. The philosophy of dependency, and the creation of a welfare state reared their ugly heads in Joe's now disquieted mind.

Obama’s program of “wealth distribution” that he explained to Joe in Ohio, was actually communalism couched in the language of American capitalism. It is taught in Marxist schools in communist countries, and in the free world in underground cadre indoctrination and training of radical recruits. Rob the industrious who through their hard labor became rich, and give it to the lazy, the indolent good for nothing hateful poor who badly needs help!

It is downright the Hades of underground socialism in America to clobber Joe’s Middle Class income with retributive taxes and kill his incentive and dampen his initiative to expand his business that creates more jobs and increase more household income in general! That’s not how wealth grows in America! That’s the way of the collectivists in a centralized economy; that’s how welfare dependency among the population is encouraged and propagated, and how the government grows out of control.

It is in this final presidential debate that Obama’s socialist scheme for America that he has been hiding since his early association with radical socialists in the academe of Chicago, like American bomber Bill Ayers turned educator who would murder Americans and bomb buildings to form a classless society in America.

Americans, especially Obama supporters except leftist partisans already riding the Democrat bandwagon down the road to White House, hardly knew that their candidate for president was a member of the “Democratic Socialists of America, the U.S. affiliate of Socialist International” [SOCINT]. This is posted “here” [click on the link word "here"].

In the UN we representatives of the free world [I was there as deputy permanent representative] clashed with SOCINT delegates in spirited debates when the New International Order of the 70s was crafted. Their extreme international structuralist models were the works of Baran, Sweezy, Magdoff and their kind who advocated the transfer of surplus from the periphery [Joe’s surplus income] to the center [to the government] just like what Obama is now advocating in his “wealth redistribution” plan for America. The government Obama will create is confiscatory, just like how all communist governments confiscate wealth.

The result of this government pilfering of the people’s income through punitive taxation is that the surplus drain reverses growth of businesses and industries resulting in massive loss of jobs, thus perpetuates the poverty of the less developed countries [the periphery in the global macro scene, which in domestic micro perspective means the 95% of millions of struggling poor in America].

Luckily, the final presidential debate in Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. had now bared naked the real Obama to the innocently deceived American public that was taken for a ride in the campaign trail as the election nears, without knowing who really is the real Obama…!

It just happened that Joe was smarter than any of those other Americans who think that Obama is “electable” to the Office of the President. He is definitely not. It is a tribute to Joe and his kind in America who are clever enough to catch a crafty and shifty socialist presidential candidate like Obama, actually with his pants down! Now listening Americans will dismiss Obama's tax plan for the 95% taxpayers in America as baloney! It is not "macro" but Marxist! Furthermore, America is not Kenya, which most likely Obama thinks it is!

With a natural fork tongue, this foxy presidential aspirant always gets away anyway he can when the situation becomes too hot to handle, or anytime he wants every time he tricks his audience and mesmerizes the Media with eloquent oratorical mumbo jumbo, which probably explains how he maintains his lead up in the national polls. It does not mean though that the same high ratio of allegedly pro-Obama Americans in the polls are going to vote for Obama.

Any politician, who happens to be a con artist in the speaker’s bureau, performs this feat simply by not telling the truth to the American people. The art of not just telling but also lying a lie or talking a talk, easily captures the imagination of the listening public attracted to rhetorical pageantry, and to highly adept stage politicians, this compelling expertise seduces voters and corners their votes as well, especially the votes of the undecided millions still out there on the fringe.

Obama has to pull the wool over people’s eyes because the truth is, there is not really that much to tell the world about his experience, eligibility and qualification to be the next president of the United States, unlike John McCain who has been in the U.S. Senate for several years now. If he has something to tell, he makes sure he won’t let the people know his devious past through oral trickery he is good at.

But it can no longer be denied that this political Phantom of the Opera from the State of Illinois who hides in his cave of fraudulence when the searchlight for truth is on, has a shady past with too many hidden skeletons in the closet. When his earlier life is unraveled and no longer a secret in the Web, and by filing a certificate of candidacy he becomes a public commodity, more so when Americans are choosing a candidate to occupy the highest office of the land, he turns out to be either ineligible to run for president of the United States by reason of birth or strictly speaking, he is a constitutionally and morally “unelectable” candidate for the office of the president, period.

For, this country is the land of the free and the home of freedom loving people. No communist American, either born in the United States or Kenya, can be elected president of the United States. That is not only constitutionally impossible, but also morally and ideologically unacceptable.

Obama can only be president if the people who elect him cannot see that he is an American from the Siege of Leningrad who thinks of himself as instrument of God that fought for the Russians and the Slavs the Germans called “Untermenschen” [sub human species]. Such delusion of a dual personality cited in this comparative metaphor fits Obama’s mentality when he pictures himself as a hero fighting for the poor for the needed “change” in America…!!

Voters should think seriously about it: It has been reported that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States. His grandmother, father’s side, has declared that she was present during Obama’s birth in Kenya. And so were his half-sisters testifying to that effect. Obama's American mother reportedly gave birth while she was a minor before moving to Indonesia, and married a Muslim Indonesian citizen who adopted Obama. As an adopted son, he has a legally registered Indonesian name “Barry Soetoro”. “He was listed as an Indonesian citizen whose stepfather, listed on school documents as "L Soetoro Ma," worked for the topography department of the Indonesian Army.” [1]

Obama should come forward to honestly inform the American public that when he later on came to live in America, he had changed his legally registered Indonesian citizenship to American citizenship, as well as his legal Indonesian name from “Barry Soetoro” to an American name “Barack Obama”.

For his early education, Obama was sent to a Muslim school in Indonesia. What do you think children are taught in a Muslim school that only accepts Muslims … the life, compassion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Muslim schools are hardly secular.

Obamas studied “mengaji” [recitation of the Quran] in Arabic, prayed in the Mosque regularly in Arabic as he was religiously taught, and embraced Islam by heart. He was “quite religious in Islam”, said Rony Amir, Obama’s Muslim classmate. “Loatze documented the Indonesian daily Banjarmasin Post caught up with Rony Amir” and revealed that “Barry Soetoro”, aka Barack Obama, was a true Muslim, both by his childhood upbringing, by documentary evidence, and by heart.

Delusional propagandists of the Obama campaign must be kidding when they shrugged off with such arrogance, what Obama had speechified in public that when the sailing is rough, Obama will side with Muslims, be that happening in this country or in the Middle East! In the propaganda side, at least that’s a ton of Muslim votes for Obama – never mind the consequences.

And this is not surprising at all because Obama’s childhood thought process that he grew up with was ideologically anti-Semitic, purely breed in the nursery of Muslim schools under the fanatical belief of true Islamic fundamentalism that hated and condemned Israel.

But Obama is so clandestinely covert in hiding his anti-Israel upbringing in a Muslim school that his loose-lip collaborator Jesse Jackson has to unload the candidate’s anti-Israel thinking in public just recently. Of course as usual, Obama disowned Jackson’s slipping tongue after that, exactly how Obama disowned his pastor of at least two decades –Jeremiah Wright — who was not thinking straight when this religious adviser of Obama’s faith was whistle-blowing their church’s theological hatred of white Americans and America!

Details of Obama’s citizenship are at this link [1]. It might interest you to know.

Philip J. Berg, Esquire, a Democrat and former Deputy Attorney General of Philadelphia, filed a disqualification “suit” [click on the “suit” link] against Obama in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Berg gave his contact number [610] 825-3134 in case the curious want to know more about Obama.

After this third and final presidential debate, the following became crystal clear to the American electorate, viz: that Obama is “unelectable”.

First, worried Americans are now thinking that if they elect Sen. Barack Obama president, it is like hiring Osama bin Laden to go after Al Qaeda and Bill Ayers to make this nation safe from terror.

Second, if Obama is elected president, as if Americans had elected Barney Frank, Jr. as the nation’s topmost sheriff to catch crooks in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that sucked those institutions dry resulting in the global spread of this financial contagion.

Openly declaring himself gay, Frank became the stalwart defender of Fannie Mae where his alleged lover Herb Moses was then assistant director of the lending institution’s product initiative. Moses was “at the forefront of relaxing lending restrictions …for rural customers …” that went bust. You may click this link “here” for Frank’s love in and of Fannie Mae. Or go direct to this link — the Washington Post report.

No American candidate for president of the United States is “electable” who lied on his active connection to ACORN for voters fraud. ACORN undermined the nation’s confidence and eroded its trust on the right of suffrage, the soul of our democracy in this part of the world.

The president of the United States that Obama aspires to become by January 2009, who is seriously implicated in this serious wrongdoing, which is worse than committing a heinous crime that carries with it the penalty of death or life imprisonment, would be a grave insult not just a total embarrassment, to America. If he is president, I doubt if anyone of us will be proud to be called “American”.

No candidate for president is “electable” when for more than 20 years association with his religious mentor Pastor Jeremiah Wright who married him and his wife and baptized his daughter, lied that he was not aware that this Hamas-connected “servant of God” has been and up to now still an angry black racist who hates white Americans and despised America!

Raila Odinga, prime minister of Kenya who claims that Barack Obama is his cousin, is a confirmed gangster and terrorist Kenyans feared the most. Obama went to Kenya and campaigned for his “cousin” to get elected in office. America cannot be dragged into an alliance with a notorious hoodlum in Kenya that terrorizes his people, just because he happens to be the cousin of Barack Obama, the president of the United States.

If Obama wins this election and will become president, it is not because he deserves it. It is because his rival, John McCain many Americans believed when the debate was over, deserved to lose.

Actually, McCain is supposed to be the decorated hero-warrior who would fight the people’s war against terror, against political chameleons that harm America, but nobody knows why he became a confirmed “softie” in his campaign against Obama.

When an angry Republican woman who was attending a rally voiced out her concern to McCain that Obama might not be American, maybe he is an “Arab”, the woman guessed, McCain did not like it. That woman represents millions of Americans across the country who do not know who is the real Barack Obama!

But turning to the woman with a visible condescending disapproval, McCain said, no ma’m, he [Barack] is American … “a decent man”!

How can he call his political rival that I have just described, “a decent man”, makes me scratch my head, rendering me utterly speechless!

This explains why to many supporters, McCain is also “unelectable”, next to Obama!

All I can say for now is that the battle of the two “unelectables” is on. Those who sought my advice — and there are plenty of them in and outside of the family circle, relatives and friends all over the country who are politically active and campaigning — and I, are voting for McCain, although to many he is "unelectable".

Although from McCain we may not get all what we want and what we need when he is president, we get something nevertheless. Security is on top of the garden list, which makes the importance of our economic worries look like just specks in the eye in comparison. For, discussions of national economic problems stop when a "dirty bomb" explodes under your nose and you become nothing but just statistics six feet below the ground.

From Obama, we get socialism we do not want, and most likely a brand new 9/11… which comes along with "the change" Obama was talking about, for America! #

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