Fighting Neo-Communist Terror

by Jack Kerwick –

Excerpt >>
“Protesters” or “snowflakes,” both those on the left and right are at once mistaken and reckless in their unwillingness to call the violent militant left that has been wreaking havoc in its determination to (allegedly) register its displeasure with the election of President Donald J. Trump.

These punks are not the “antifascists” that they claim to be. They are neo-communist terrorists.

All of the definitional conditions of terrorism are satisfied by the violent left. First, there is violence. Second, the agents of this violence are non-state actors. Third, the violence is directed against civilians, i.e. noncombatants. Finally, far from being purposeless, the violence is designed to alter government policy.

These are the characteristics that distinguish terrorism from every other class of violent

With terrorists there can be no dialogue. Nor can there be peaceful co-existence. …..

….. Now we need to determine how best to deal with domestic terrorists.

First, the neo-coms must be formally identified by the government for what they are and treated equally to the manner in which we now treat any other terrorist organization.

Second, the evil George Soros, who has been financing the terror, needs to be arrested, tried, and taken out of commission.

Third, those institutions, like academic institutions generally and colleges and universities in particular, that depend upon taxpayers’ monies need to have their funding pulled to the penny if they in anyway provide aid and comfort to terrorists.

Fourth, American citizens who want only to live their lives in peace need to prepare themselves for this new reality. If they plan on attending any event that is likely to attract neo-com terrorists, if they even plan on going for a walk in their own neighborhoods while wearing pro-Trump or even pro-American attire—yes, for all of the leftist, pro-Democrat media’s romanticizing of “the protester,” we should bear in mind that these protesters are cut from the same cloth as those ideologues who haven’t had a damn good thing to say in 50 years about AmeriKKKa—they should be prepared to defend themselves and whatever other innocents on whom the anti-American terrorists set their sights …..


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