Fifty-Six Nuclear Weapon, Treaty, And Intelligence Experts Urge President …

by Samantha Nerove –

… Obama To Reconsider Iran Nuclear Deal

(Washington, D.C.): Today, 56 preeminent experts on nuclear weapons programs, arms control, nonproliferation and intelligence sent a letter to President Obama with an extensive analytical attachment urging him to reconsider his intention to veto any Congressional resolution of disapproval of the Iranian nuclear deal, known also as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

President Obama has said: “No deal is better than a bad deal.” The letter highlights fatal flaws in the JCPOA that render it a very bad deal. The JCPOA, the letter notes, permits Iran to retain key equipment, facilities and materials for its nuclear program; and, puts in place a completely ineffective verification regime that, according to Associated Press reports, will be permitted to inspect its own facility at Parchin and itself provide samples from Parchin to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Some of the eminent individuals who signed the letter include:
• Robert C. McFarlane, former National Security Advisor to the President
• Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ), U.S. Senator 1995-2013; Senate Majority Whip; Member, House of Representatives 1987-1995
• Ambassador R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence
• Ambassador C. Paul Robinson, former President and Director of Sandia National Laboratories
• Ambassador John R. Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security
• Troy E. Wade, Former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Defense Programs and Head of DOE Programs in Nevada and Idaho
• Ambassador Paul Wolfowitz, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense

Ambassador Henry F. “Hank” Cooper, Former Chief Defense and Space Talks Negotiator, SDI Director and a signatory to this letter, stated:

“This unverifiable Deal guts the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which Iran has been violating—and replaces it with a far less restrictive regime. We’d be far better off if congress rejects the Deal, insists that Iran keep its NPT commitments and strengthens the sanctions to enforce that demand.”

“It’s crunch time, since 34 senators have indicated they will support the Deal. We provided well-founded technical details—some not well known or appreciated—that should help congressional staff to inform themselves of the many faults of this unverifiable deal—and why their bosses should vote against it. This knowledge should be important to those on both sides of considering whether 41 Senators should oppose legislation that could provoke the President’s promised veto. And, of course, to persuade the President and his advisors to change their minds.”

Paula DeSutter, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance and a signatory to this letter, stated:

“The President has asserted that the deal is verifiable. The signers of this letter have more direct experience in verification matters regarding all areas of arms control and nonproliferation treaties than any existing anywhere in the world. The JCPOA is not verifiable. As the late Paul H. Nitze said in his 1988 testimony on the INF Treaty: ‘Poorly verified agreements are in reality far worse than having no agreement at all”.

The President has said: “No deal is better than a bad deal.” Now we are told that a bad deal is better than no deal. The President has said the JCPOA cuts off Iran’s ability to obtain a nuclear weapon. It does not. The JCPOA even provides for assistance to Iran’s ability to test a nuclear device. This is a very bad deal.” | September 2, 2015

The full text of the letter, can be found HERE.

The accompanying attachment, can be found HERE.

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