FBI – Refuses To Stop Obama Hacker Team?

by Administrator –

National Writers Syndicate.com [NWS] was attacked by Obamas’ hacker teams. That is the conclusion of the administration of NWS.

The main publishing computer for the ‘National Writers Syndicate.com’ has been restored to being operational again after numerous trips to and more than 3 weeks in the “Geek Squad” shop.

The short of it is as follows:
Within the last year [Summer – Fall of 2012] the Administrator for the National Writers Syndicate.com [NWS} contacted the F.B.I. [Federal Bureau of Investigation] in order to file a complaint that the NWS .com publication was being attacked by hackers that were registering false e mail addresses under unlikely names. They did nothing. They did not return a phone call though several were made to them.

The FBI was at the time notified that the NWS internet publication was previously hacked and attacked in the same manner, from the time in or about 2007, when NWS published articles that were damaging to the then Presidential Candidate B. Hussein Obama.

Every time NWS published such a revealing article about Obama the Registration area of the NWS publication would receive up to several hundred false registrations – likely made by an automated software program – which caused hundreds of man hours of trying to filter out the viable registrations from the hackers’ registrations. Since the registrations are made thru the internet each one had to be removed from the ‘net’ and there is always a delay. Eventually this led to the crashing of the ‘Loomla’ template used for the publication.

This is the second iteration of NWS as of this writing and a more robust template by ‘Word Press’ including registration security is now being used.
Nonetheless the Hackers are intent on interfering with the NWS publication, once again by way of the registration of false e mail addresses.

Here are a few examples and there are 20 – 50 more every day : Viessewrary (mymoneygoten@gmail.com) – Emainappy (bombardyupi@gmail.com) – Preemafloarly (adasdfspi6@hotmail.com)

For the last five years or so, NWS has been publishing articles that exposed the President B. Hussein Obama chaos surrounding both his administration and Obama himself. This coverage included the cover-up by Obama of his not being, as Constitutionally required, a “Natural Born” American citizen. As well as the ‘Fast & Furious’ gun running scheme with the fully automatic assault weapons being delivered to drug cartels also the Benghazi, Libya terrorist’s attack and the destruction of the U.S. Embassy Outpost and the Killing of the Ambassador as well as the two courageous Navy Seals and another American stationed there with Ambassador Stevens.

NWS also covered the B. Hussein Obama close and deepening relations ‘only’ with “radical Islam” [as if that were the truth about Islam] by protecting the terrorists and not the Americans. B. Hussein O. has become the force behind the “Muslim Brotherhood” they are the generic source of Al-Queda and the most of the other terrorist organizations worldwide. Look it up!

The Obama team has also attacked Freedom of Religion in America a fundamental G-d given right not to mention the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution as well the States Constitutions, all of which NWS has covered as well. There is more but in the interest of being brief, that’s all for now folks.

As you are likely aware the FBI works for / under the Justice Department which is controlled by the uniquely infamous A.G. Eric Holder. As you are also likely aware the President B. Hussein Obama executive branch of the federal government has been thwarting the efforts of the grass roots efforts of “We The People” to resist the total transformation of America into some Un-Constitutional manifestation of un-Godly, dark, totalitarian evil where Liberty and Freedom are four letter words. The Obama agency attacks upon the Patriots / Tea Party have been and are intended to intimidate opposition to the B. Hussein Obama anti-American agenda.

Notably, none of this happened during the Bush Administration when NWS had
them on the Tyrannicide Press operating table.

This is the basis of the conclusion drawn by the Administration of the National Writers Syndicate that the ‘Team Obama’ has been and is hacking and attacking NWS.

Notice to the ‘Obama Hacker Team ’ you may win a round but you will lose the fight. NWS will not be stopped by the likes of you and your Tyrannical leader B. Hussein Obama! Period.

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