Father is Framed in North Georgia

I have been the target of a 'mock trial', allegedly found – capriciously – guilty, and convicted for being a loving Father and a concerned Parent.

I have done nothing wrong, I tell you all here and now. Notably 'folks' not a thing was said badly about me at the trial. The opposing attorney evensuggested 50/50 custody in their closing arguments.

At 'the mock sentencing' farce, I was stripped of my rights to be a Father and Parent by the human rights violator Judge. Who then falsely sentenced me to only be a visitor not the father, with limited visitation rights only of: (4 days a month and even though I live only 3 miles from my daughter). I was also fined $10,400.00 dollars a year at the sentencing hearing, 66% of my income. The federal government also makes me pay taxes on that $10,400.00 dollars each year, which brings the fine up to almost 70% of my income, (for one child).

The mother is allowed to constantly make up her own rules and violates court orders on a daily basis, with no accountability at all and with the support of the court. I am forced to walk on pins and needles as added punishment for being a visitor and I am under constant threat of incarceration.

It isn't easy being framed for being a Father. Besides losing my rights to being a father / parent, I have also been robbed of my integrity and dignity. My daughter has been cheated out of a vital human right of having a steady Father.

The mother will not allow me one minute more with my daughter, not even for good behavior, for no reason what so ever, (although Narcissistic Tendencies, Manipulative Characteristics, Vindictiveness, Anger, Jealousy, Hate, etc., may play a major factor in her reasoning). I can only speculate, because she has yet to explain to me why her agenda is to punish me and alienate my daughter from me.

There is no logical reason why she could not allow me at least one evening between my every other weekend visits too at least have dinner with my daughter. It's pretty obvious to everyone that she does not support my daughter’s relationship with me. The thought escapes her that she is truly hurting our daughter more than me, or maybe she just truly doesn't care either way as long as she feels she is causing me pain.

So I created F.R.A.M.E.D, (Fathers Rights And Men Ending Discrimination) in hopes of bringing more attention to others about the damage being done to children from "traditional biased rulings" and for profit, (federal incentives). The system is flawed and needs to be repaired immediately! The true criminals need to be held accountable. Children need both parents; 50/50 custody IS in the best interest of our children in most cases.

Automatically giving the mother custody and stripping the father of all his rights to be a father, a parent, for no reason other than biased rulings and for profit, is plain and simply, child abuse and a hate crime. It is also a crime against humanity and a violation of our constitutional rights to parent. It is also against our God given rights to parent and raise our children.

Kidnapping and criminal rulings are ruining the fabric of society and destroying families and our children’s future. We must stand together as one and speak as one voice and demand change before it’s too late!

Framed: To manufacture false evidence against (an innocent person), so as to make the person appear guilty of a crime. The act of framing a person is often referred to as a frame-up.

F.R.A.M.E.D. (Family Rights And Many Ending Discrimination)

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