Father Goes To Police To Report Child Abuse Gets Arrested

The ulterior motives behind my recent arrest have todo with Federal Litigation pending against my Ex (who is a lawyer) and a family judge and explained below. The office of the NJ attorney general isinvolved in the lawsuit. I believe the police were tipped off from otherState officials. On July 18,2008 I went to the library of the town of

Little Silver

, NJ to pick my children. This is where my exdrops off my children. The police station is about 100 ft from the library and the two share a small parking lot. When I saw my 8-year-old son pale andin a wheel chair with a whole-leg cast, I told my ex she was a criminal and walked to the police station to report child abuse.I had not seen my children for over a month and I did not know what had happened to my son or that he was in the hospital for 3 days. The police dispatcher asked me to wait outside the police station. Then two cops arrived who talked to my ex and me separately. The cop talking to my ex did it in the presence of my 3 children. Then without a warning he came over while I was still talking to the other cop, pushed me against my car that was parked outsideand arrested me.The arrest took place before the eyes of my children. My exlied to him thatI made "terroristic threats". Moral of the story "A father goes to the police station to report child abuse (and other criminal offenses, see below)and gets arrested because the ex-wife makes up a lie. A TRO was also filed.There was never physical violence during my marriage; I am an educated professional.

The TRO went to the

NJ Monmouth County Court

(Freehold, NJ) on July 22, 2008. After an hour of back and forth I requested from the Judge to terminate the hearing and bring my children in for questioning. My3 children that were present during the episode are ages 8 (boy), 12 (girl) and 16 (girl). Amazingly the judge granted my wish. The next hearing is on July 25, 2008.

The motives:When the above incident occurred, there was(Pro Se) federal litigation pending (still pending)against myEx, a family judge, 2 mortgage companies, a title company and a mortgage broker. How are these guys tied together? The family judge prevented me for more than 2 years to appear in court for parental alienation, custody violations and interference with visitation.He also did not rule on a motion I filed for a fraudulent, secret and non-existent judgment my Ex put on my house. She actually falsified house title documents. I refinanced my house in 2006 without knowing about it and thenmy loan was frozen because of ex parte (direct communication) of the judge with my title company and my ex. Based on the lie that the money held in escrowby the title company wasfromthe "sale of the marital home" my loan was frozen. The marital home, which my ex kept out of my divorce was never sold(my ex still lives in it.). My loan was eventually given to my ex and I lost my house to foreclosure.I also went down in defaulted credit cards debts in excess of $150,000. My ex kept the income a secret and she was imputed a salary of $40,000 (for a lawyer). I was forced to pay my ex $3,600 per month ($2,100 child support+ $1,500 alimony). The child support is about $1,700/month in excess and in violation of child support laws even with her sorry imputed income.This was a concerted effort to handicap me financially to prevent me from going to federal court. It did not work.Because there was little left for me Iwas borrowing and the credit cards lost out too.To add to this, 5 months before I filed the lawsuit, my ex (and presumably the judge. although I am not sure),instigated the child support agency to increase my child support payment based on Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). COLA only happens if a person's income goes up. ; My income went down by 5% but my child payment was increased anyway. This was on top of the already excess support. There areother criminal offenses including a handgun my ex handed to the police in early 2004 precisely one week after the divorce complaint was filed, a gun that she owned and possessed, but blamed it on me to make her accusations believable.I ended up giving up my right for gun ownership in

New Jersey

to forgo a weapons forfeiture hearing. I later gave the prosecutor evidence that my ex owned and was possession of the gun but they did nothing.There was also Bribery (literally) to a female child counselor who was appointed by the court to come up with my visitation schedule. The Bribery was reported and evidence submitted to the prosecutor who again did nothing.When allegations of the bribery surfaced in court, the first judge handling my matrimonial case in 2005 was mysteriously removed from the case. Then a second judge was assigned and when more fraud came up in 2006 he too removed himself from the matrimonial case. Then everything piled up on the third judge who tried to cover it all up and it is this judge who was sued.When I realized that the "progressive laws" in

New Jersey

effectively eliminated all rights for men, rather than leave the country altogether, I decided to fight back. That would unleash the retaliation by the system. The US, and especially New Jersey, is the only country in the world where a man is arrested and assumed guilty by gendersimply based on theword of another and no evidence of wrong doing is required. In the old days this used to be the case with black people, a white person would make an accusation against a black person and the back wouldautomatically be arrested.Nowgender replaced race.I am white. The worst part is that when the calculating woman gets away with it, she gets emboldened and more abuses follow. My case eventually landed in Federal Court where it is currently pending. The NJ Attorneys General's office andspecificallyAG Ms Ann Milgram herself and her deputy attorneygeneral Ms Alyson Jones aredirectly involved with the case.They are not there to help; theyrepresent the crooked judge. My ex recently started faxing legal documents to my job for everyone to see as to cause me to get fired so I would fall behind in my child support obligations so I would be arrested (for arrearages). She also did not declare alimony as income and then instigated the IRS to come after me. When it was proven that she lied to the IRS, the IRS turned the case into a criminal fraud investigation (still pending).

Asecond lawsuit, this time against the NJ attorney general herself, her little deputy and thepolice, is unavoidable.The NJ attorney general had the evidence of criminal offenses before I filed thefederal suit.Yet they proceeded to represent the crooked judge.Then the AG had the audacity to join women's rights groups to challenge a NJ Hudson County Judge's ruling that TROs are too easily handed out and that the standard of proof should be raised. It is well known that more than 30% ofdomestic violence allegations in

New Jersey

are false. They are intended for money gain because after the arrest of a man it is much easier to later make a case forsole custody of the children which would then yield the maximum amount of child support. Unfortunately child support laws are written in such a way as to encourage this kind of abuse because the more days with the mother the bigger the child support payment.Forget about the need for the children to have both a mother and a father. In fact, many lawyers advise their female clients to have the husband arrested as soon as they file for divorce.Add to this the fact thatjudges and law enforcementcondemninnocent men as the safe path to avoid being attacked by women's rights group.The media is helping by remaining silent; they toosuccumbed to the same fear.





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