Farming subsidies? Helping hand, or Handouts for Failure?

….Since there are a few of us the amount the government receives is a hefty figure. Our elected officials budget out numbers and pay out in amounts that seem staggering if looked at by the average citizen.

Most of us live our lives oblivious to the specifics of government spending. Every once in a while something gets brought into the open, and we become aware of just how huge our government has become. I have become aware of payments in the amount of almost half a million dollars of our tax dollars over a ten year period to a man who owns no land, all his equipment used in farming, and raising cattle is pretty much owned by the bank. When something breaks he takes it to have it fixed because he is incapable of repairing things himself.

I have no problem with helping farmers who loose crops or equipment to disaster or other uncontrollable circumstances. I think it is good business for us to do what we can to keep farmers working to provide our country with the food we eat. They are a group of people who for the most part are extremely honest and very hard working. They deserve our respect and admiration.

I do have a problem with people who wrongfully apply for, and receive payments when they are dishonest and have no intentions of providing resources that continue to make our country the greatest on the planet. When someone collects money for crops that are not planted or would not have a chance of surviving the climate of the area. When cattle are strangled as calves because the payment is easier to collect as a relief subsidy than to actually try growing it up, and selling it at market.

Now some of what I am about to write has nothing to do with my subject other than to focus a light on character. A fellow who would willingly take his son hunting without purchasing the proper licenses and tags. A fellow who would teach his son to hunt from a vehicle, or farming equipment. A fellow who would risk his children’s lives by drinking, and then driving with them in the vehicle. A fellow who would make his 15 year old son drive over 60 miles in a snow storm in a rig that had already proven itself unsafe and in poor mechanical condition. A fellow who would force his children to visit even though he is never there while they are. Instead he pawns them off on his parents, or leaves them with his live in girlfriend who is mean to them and has absolutely no custodial rights to them. Yes a fellow who uses his biological children as tools to hurt their mother. A fellow who called child protective services and tried to have them taken from their mother because of things her father’s younger children did. Now years later knowing that she does not have anything to do with her father because of the abuse of her children, the fellow takes them to visit the man he accused of abusing them just to make the mother hurt. Sound like a guy anyone wants to call friend? Sound like someone anyone would even want to know? I personally pray every day that if there is a God he will strike this man down for the Abuser he is.

The sad thing about all of this is that all money paid to people like this is public record and can be viewed online. I have filed complaints with the proper government officials but they do not physically check on claims filed as they say it would be to much work. The ones in charge in an area sadly are usually in on the fraud. I mean we are talking about a lot of money. This guy is small potatoes and he has received almost half a million dollars from 1995 to 2005. Again he owns NO land! Imagine what a large farm could get! I have looked over the numbers and it is mind-boggling.

What really gets me is in many cases we the taxpayers are footing the bill for failures. We are paying guys like this to stay in business and continue to fail. I could see if it is payment for natural disaster but again I say why should we pay someone who year after year turns in claims for being no good at what they do? If you or I were that bad at our jobs we would get fired, and we all know it. What we need to do is fire guys like this. If they show time and again that they are not cut out to produce then lets give them their pink slip! Send them off to join the work force and get a real job instead of paying for their fancy hunting rifles, trucks, pleasure boats, campers, and expensive out of state hunting trips.

Again it is just another example of how huge and uncaring our government and society has become.

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