We hope the information below is helpful to you in deciding to become an NWS Author,Editor, or Subsciber Member Publisher.

Q. WHAT is the National Writers Syndicate?

A. It is a new and unique, creative publishing project.

Q. Why is it unique and new?

A. National Writers Syndicate .com is unique and new because, if you create it …we will publish it. Period!

Q. What is Syndication?

A. Syndication though e-published RSS/XML (free) feeds is inherent in membership and posting content to this website. News service and magazine syndication in print and web is by agreement and only available through paid membership levels.

Subscriber Membership Option:

Q. Is Membership Anonymous?

A. Yes – Your privacy is assured by the design of our member signup process. Anonymity is Sacrosanct. We do not collect or store personal data, you are free to speak your mind and tell your story.We cannot be instructed by government agency to provideyour personal home adress or phone contact personal data because we dont have it – there is no such data collectedin the membership process. If you choose to provide contact information you must place it in the body of your published work. Your email is used only to confirm your membership during sign-up, and for members only (txt only) newsletters we may occasionally send to keep you informed. Account data saved in this webserver is limited to email address name and password for login purposes only, and that is encrypted. ( If you forget your password, use the "forgot password" link, we do not know what your password is. )

PAID MEMBERSHIP information is available in the Members Area. You must become a Free Registered Member to access this, and at any time any membership information can be changed by the member only.

Q. Are there rules about style or minimum education or experience?

A. No! We are not like the other publishers. We, at the National Writers Syndicate .com believe that anything creative is more important than style or minimumeducation or experience. The ‘regular’ people will decide what they do or do not want.

Q. What Levels of membership exist?

A.Registration is FREE… NWS will change over time and more detail will be covered. Registered members can participate and see more than the public, once you are a registered member your page will display differently … the options are exposed to you after you are confirmed. NWS is huge and you will not really see all there is inside until you are a registered member.

— Authors can submit whatever they wish, offer thier work for Syndication. Most Members will fall into this group, and all styles are welcomed, you may stay totally anonymous to the world and to us. Speak your mind, use a Nomme-de Plume, be a new age Shakespear, its all good, and this is the place for you. It is Free speech in a Free World.

About Decorum:

Freedom to speak out is not freedom to be a jerk. NWS editorial staff reserves the right to refuse publication of PORN and Vindictive Writing.