Family Law Part III

….The Devil Dogs of government are still all too busy, and the fight in the trenches is consuming.

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Part I – The Failure

The Foundations Of “Family Law”




Wiggins aka “Wiley”

Remember that the original intent of these “family laws” was to reduce the costs to the taxpayer by reducing the needs for welfare. As a matter of statistical fact, it has not reduced the role of welfare even by 1%. Here, however, is where it gets truly ugly, and reveals that these government programs are the most destructive, debilitating and even deadly scam ever devised by our “public servants.”

The Basic Costs

While government child support advertises that it collected $18 billion in 2003, it also claims that the “administrative costs” were only $4.5 billion, or $1 spent for every $4 collected. This is a hidden lie. True, the administrative costs may have been as claimed, but false because they are only the beginning of the multiplicity of hidden costs.

One of the big keys to understanding this problem lies in understanding the money, or, as they say, “follow the money.” Caseworkers get a “bonus” for every case they “handle”, as do the agency heads, usually an attorney who prosecutes the cases. This commonly leads to, not only overburdening caseloads per caseworker, but also intentional acts to “create animosity and conflict” between couples to get them to “duke it out” so that there is a clear winner and a clear loser … who pays child support. Joint custodies and equitable settlements are not in the caseworker or agency’s best interest. Bonuses are tied to that amount of child support.

The Family Court judges get a “judicial award”. Every State has constitutional law that prevents a judge from being paid in relation to the “performance on his bench.” So it is commonly paid as an “award” to the judge’s retirement fund. Whether he gets it now or later, the judge personally profits by his acts. Further, that over-imputation of wages now comes into play, where the alleged amount owed is directly relevant to the amount of State and Federal funding – and the bonuses paid. The higher the amounts owed, the bigger the paychecks. The judge’s retirement fund gets more money when he “assists” the child support agency in committing fraud, and less money when he doesn’t.

Much of that State and Federal funding also goes to the courts and offices, which run the Family Law system. Besides these personal incentives, their professional “enterprise” gets more money to employ more people, and get new technology to pursue “the delinquent money” more effectively.

Virtually every responsible economist recognizes that the billions of dollars of child support supposed unpaid is not likely to ever be paid. Most experts agree that at least 80% of it is the product of the overzealous fantasies of the public servants running these programs; and that the people who supposedly owe this debt simply don’t have the money and never did.

The Primary Hidden Costs

Even with extensive research, it is nearly impossible to discover the “hidden costs”, very likely because they don’t want us to know the real devastation being wreaked on the taxpayer. Hidden costs start where the judge “puts you on probation” for failing to pay child support. Ultimately this leads to a warrant for your arrest. Neither the caseworker and agency head nor the judge care much whether or not you actually pay, because they get even more State and Federal funds for putting people in jail, and more in their bonus checks.

The number of people in jail for failure to pay child support is a secret too; and estimates range from 40% to 80% of all those incarcerated in all of our county jails. Either way, the numbers are staggering. First, the cost of incarcerating one person for a year is between $30-50,000.

America has the highest incarceration rate in the world, at 1 person out of every 147. Virtually every community’s government leaders are always decrying the need for more jail space, and it isn’t just to house all those hardened criminals. Jailing “dead broke” fathers is big business.

Those people sitting in jail are not earning money, and therefore not paying taxes, ergo creating “lost money.” Many people (men) have to hire lawyers, not to defend themselves from their Ex, but to defend themselves from their own government. The “divorce industry” is booming for lawyers, and is primarily why both the American Bar Association and Trial Lawyers Association have been instrumental in developing this system, and have a fundamental interest in promoting its continuation. Remember that judges and prosecutors are lawyers too. In many states nearly 80% of all litigation in our “civil courts” involves “family law” issues.

Conservative estimates put these hidden “legal counsel” cost figures in the $100 billion range. It may be as high as $200 billion. Remember that it still has not reduced welfare by a single iota and while the receivers of the child support may get “most” of that$18 billion, the primary receivers are not children, but lawyers and other members of the legal community.

Dead Broke and Dead Dads

Approximately 20,000 men committed suicide last year (2003). While we do not know the exact reasons, because they are not here to tell us, we do know that 80% of them were “recently involved” in a “family court” case. That, on average, is about 400 men for every State. We can’t even begin to estimate that price tag, except, sardonically to say, that none of them are paying taxes anymore either.

This does not include the other “hidden costs” to the very lives of men. We don’t know how many men, driven beyond reason, who killed their Exes, the Exes lawyer, or their own kids, and of course now they are in jail. Nor do we know how many tried the above but didn’t actually kill anyone, but they also are now in jail. Nor do we know how many men were driven to near insanity to simply commit random acts of violence against “anyone” who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The recent rages of the “East Coast Sniper” began his journey in a “family court” in



We also don’t have a means to document the “associated” costs to men’s lives. How many burglaries were committed by men who saw that jail for “failure to pay” was not much different than jail for theft? Even more hidden are the numbers of men who lose jobs because of the very system that wants them to keep paying. A man may “get behind” because of a layoff, sickness or injury. Courts are highly resistant to “making allowances”, so as soon as he does get a new job, he is then arrested for that “failure to pay” and that job will be gone by the time he gets out of jail. Remember, the judge doesn’t care because his blood money comes from the federal tax incentives. Tens of thousands of men must live “below the radar” simply to survive, and usually that survival is in a state of gross poverty.

The Grotesque Hidden Costs

It is our children who are and will pay the truly hidden costs, both in taxes, and in the quality of their lives. These programs are systematically, and intentionally, disenfranchising children from their fathers, because … well, because it is good for their “business.”

Those who have an interest in perpetuating this system would have us believe that this is the fault of “bad dads” who don’t care to act as good parents to their children. Of course with that excuse we now must have more tax money being spent to “encourage fathers to act like better dads,” but we have not yet recognized the true source of these problems.

Today, more than 40% of children are born illegitimate. Our government is openly bribing women to pursue promiscuity and illegitimacy. They also openly bribe women to leave the solemn, sanctified commitment of marriage. While virtually everyone knows that the rate of divorce is currently at about 50%, but few understand that among the younger generations, that rate if really growing much higher. The cost to the morality of our society is enormous; and the cost to the morale of men is devastating. Men aren’t “afraid to commit”, they are scared witless, and are increasingly refusing marriage.

Most dads do care very much, but these government programs are very much designed to drive them away … in droves. Teaching “parenting skills” to a man who cannot afford to eat because of governmental extortions is a futile scam, aimed solely at political pacification of “the masses” and not a purposeful address of the problems.

Children who are deprived of a father’s “guidance and counsel” are:

a) 5 times more likely to commit suicide.

b) 32 times more likely to run away.

c) 20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders.

d) 14 times more likely to commit rape: This applies to boys of course.

e) 9 times more likely to drop out of high school.

f) 10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances.

g) 9 times more likely to end up in a state-operated institution.

h) 20 times more like to end up in prison.

All of the above are serious societal problems that, of course, require more tax money; but now to deal with all the bad kids they have purposefully created. Incidentally, those “bad boys” are also significantly more likely to become “bad dads” themselves. It is a downward spiraling system that can only ultimately get much worse. We cannot even begin to estimate the future fiscal costs to taxpayers, much less to the “fiber” of our society.

Prospects for the future are even grimmer and more costly. It is well-known that of those people held in our state and federal prisons, 80% came from fatherless homes. Thanks to our government purposefully eliminating fathers from children’s lives, more than 40% of our children today live in homes without a father. Virtually anyone can statistically track the rise of no-fault divorce and the fatherlessness our courts have created along with, side-by-side, the rise in every crime statistic you can find. The fatherless children of today will be the continuing rise in the abject need for more prisons in the future, and the more taxpayer money to fund them.

The Hidden Costs Of Treason

Women are prone to think they “hit the lottery” when it comes to divorce. After all, they get the kids, the house, most of the money he can make for the next dozen or so years, and possibly even get him thrown in jail – without evidence. What few realize is that by giving over to the State “the children’s best interest” they give the court the means to take back everything that the mother got. And they do just that. The “second arm” of these “family courts” is the Child Protective Services system. Using the same corrupt legal system, the States simply steal children for “fun and profit.” Without going into a lot of details regarding this lucrative State racket, understand that the State has taken over our children.

The real issue is not men versus women, nor is it really about divorce, custody and child support. It is very much deeper, more insidious, and overwhelmingly more destructive. As


Hitler once said, a people will endure all manner of deprivations if you just convince them that it is for the children.

Every judge takes an “oath of office” in which he promises by giving his word of honor, to protect and defend the Constitution and your rights under it. (S)He then goes into a “family court” and laughs when you “want your rights.” I suggest you re-read the United States Constitution, and then read it a few more times. It does not make allowances for legal contrivances, scams and other shenanigans created by and for judges to make up excuses to ignore these guaranteed human rights. It does not say anything about these rights being allotted to you when or if the government so deems, but that these rights are “owned” by you and specifically stated to actually protect you from that government.

Every “family court” judge is, as a fact of law, a traitor to our county, regardless of how “nice” they are or how hard they try to do “what is right.” Every “family court” judge is committing treason against the Constitution. Anyone who doesn’t know how serious this is should look up the penalty for treason. If you still don’t understand the severity, please raise your hand. Family court judges are the worst kind of criminals, the kind who live among us as “friends and neighbors” and under the disguise of respectability.

In many communities our courts, our sacred halls of justice, have become armed compounds. They are protected by metal detectors and guards, often “armed to the teeth.” These are not precautions against the fear of foreign terrorists, but in fact for a well-deserved fear of fathers.

Some have called for a “national agenda” to discuss the issues of divorce, custody and child support. I would call for a national agenda to discuss the corruptions and abuse of government intrusion into the private lives of our citizenry; to discuss the severe limitations of government rather than how to extend their control; and to discuss the real meaning and absolute power of “inalienable rights”.

Most peoples in a civilized society recognize that government is a necessary evil. We seriously need to acknowledge more loudly and vehemently that government is indeed profoundly evil to begin with. Like Pandora’s Box, it must be locked in a chest, wrapped in chains and under watch by armed guards who are regularly changed – lest they themselves be corrupted by its insane powers.

I much regret that I have no real suggestion, or even hope for any and all entangled in the enormity of this mess. There are no “silver bullets.” Our valiant country, the noble experiment of Democracy, is in dire trouble. Most likely it will self-destruct, much like the

Soviet Union did from its own fallacy of “family law”, which is now alive and well in this country. Revolution, violent and devastating change seems probable. Also likely is the imposition of even further and more repressive government control, probably even military rule, before this condition becomes so unbearable that it explodes like an enormous volcano.

These are not kind words. Nor is it some call-to-arms. Merely a prediction of the nearly guaranteed trauma we have to face.

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