Family Courts Continue To Mistreat Fathers

by Bruce Eden –

With the holidays upon us, the family courts are once again derelict in their duties to enforce parental rights/parenting time orders and are showing the public they are nothing more than a racketeering enterprise.

Children are denied access to their fathers by crazy ex-wives.  Fathers go to Court to enforce their Rights and are denied for no reason by corrupt family court judges.  Fathers contact the local, county and state law enforcement authorities to file complaints and are told to “go back to family court”.  Fathers contact their state legislators. Nothing happens.

Some fathers sue in Federal Courts for rights violations.  They are denied relief.

If this happened to women, they get instant results. Because there is no where to turn to see their children and being financially ruined by family courts, fathers are committing suicide at a rate of 20,000/yr.  This is an epidemic because there is no relief anywhere.

When N.J. courts denied the rights of farmers and stole their property, farmers showed up the courthouses armed to the teeth. This was known as the Ocean and Monmouth County Riots.

When a group of returning WWII veterans living in the town of Athens, Tennessee were confronted with a corrupt local government fixing elections, the veterans showed up at the mayor’s office and police station armed to the teeth. This was the “Battle of Athens”.  The veterans won.

It’s time for the State of New Jersey to reconsider how they are treating fathers, who are residents, voters and taxpayers.

Bruce Eden, Director
Dads Against Discrimination
Wayne, New Jersey

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