Fallouts In Gun Violence: The Blame Game

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

What is causing the current spike of gun violence in the United States remains an enigma. It is so incomprehensible and sphinxlike that it cannot be pinpointed with a certain degree of accuracy. The mystery even deepened and arguments more shrouded when innuendos and imputations saturated the air. It’s unbelievable. Everybody was just blaming everybody!

As the world’s best minds, i.e., social scientists and experts in mental illness, discussed and debated this terrible event, the unanimous summation of their findings which I simplified by reducing them into a layman’s language is that they are saying that the cause of mass shootings comes in many forms. Using Shakespeare’s idiom, the cause is chameleon, a horse of different colors.

What this means is that a combination of many causes could have triggered the shooting massacres that recently occurred in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio and the stabbing spree in Orange County, California with multiple casualties. What makes it even more mindboggling is that this happened almost simultaneously, only within a week or so.

Guns,This analytical presentation, coached in an unmistakable terms, gives the public an idea of what and how a person turns into a gun-wielding monster and kills a lot of innocent people at random.

But first, let us focus on the alarming fallouts of this catastrophic phenomenon occurring in the United States today. Foreign countries advised their nationals to avoid traveling to the United States in the wake of gun violence that rocked the nation. Their security advisories forebode an unintentional ill-will obviously founded on fear and frustration coming out of a reasonable perception that this nation is not in control of this terrible situation.

The Japanese Consulate-General in Detroit, Michigan, caught my attention. It warned Japanese citizens traveling to the U.S. and Japanese nationals in the country to be “aware of potential gunfire” anywhere in the United States.

It is a knee-jerk reaction. Although the warning leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the purpose is clearly understandable — to keep Japanese nationals across the United States out of harm’s way. However, I find it unnecessary and uncalled for, when to my surprise – and perhaps without malice but just a faux pas that is usually expected to occur in the diplomatic community — the Japanese Consulate-General in Detroit obliquely (pregnant with meanings susceptible to multiple interpretations) referred to the United States as a “gun society”.

I think it requires a mature and sober judgment to describe the United States as a society of guns, without expecting an untoward repercussion. Necessary care, prudence and circumspection of a temperate judgment instead of recklessness and temerity, were missing in the action taken by the Japanese Consulate-General.

For, such referral by a foreign power cloaked with diplomatic immunity protected by the Vienna Convention to conduct its mission within U.S. jurisdiction, can easily be interpreted among others to mean as an insult or unnecessarily and perhaps even an aspersion cast upon the host country, implying that this nation is inhabited by violent people with guns wanting to kill as many victims as they can for a particular reason known only to the shooter, which of course the confused general public is frantically looking for that justification but cannot find within the bounds of reason.

My point in exercising caution in the wake of mass shooting which is plainly consecration instead of temerity is that the atmosphere in this country is politically charged. It could be exploited by the radical left and drive a wedge between Japan and the United States.

There is no doubt that the volatile situation is ripe for radical exploitation. More so when investigations after investigations show no specific findings as to why those mass murderers kill in the manner they do, except perhaps for the handwriting on the wall trouble-makers see which says that just pull the trigger and it’s done, requiem to bodies lying on the floor dead, or R.I.P. to those who have fallen to the ground, those gasping their last breath alongside the corridors of the mall, in the middle of the streets or inside school campuses and classrooms and business offices and surroundings, and even in places of worship, churches and synagogues, where those shot are either wounded or dying of bullet wounds. Whereupon the BLAME GAME starts played by vultures of tragedy.

Think about those vultures hovering around, to borrow a phrase from Tucker Carlson . . . liberal radical badmouths in the political sphere who have moved to the extreme left currently running for president of the United States and struggling to gain political tractions they needed to stay in the presidential race, whose damning rhetoric mudslinging the President of the United States are turning the population into an angry multitude, and once again wanting and pushing anyone of this pissed off population to pull the trigger out of rage, just to express and ventilate their insuperable anger in a violent rather than in a calm and civil way.

Recall to mind Hollywood celebrities the likes of Kathy Griffin beheading President Donald Trump in a shocking photo shoot, Johnny Depp wanting to “assassinate” the President, Madonna dreaming of bombing the White House or Robert de Niro eager to punch Trump on the nose, and include their violent copycats marching in the streets; I tell you those actors and actresses out-performed their counterparts in Congress like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, not to speak of Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and their look-a-alike who wanted to either derail the presidency or impeach Trump.

How about Ms. Ugly Mouth Maxine Waters who urged the American public to confront and punch on Trump followers they meet in the streets and public places, like places of public discourse and even restaurants and gasoline stations (and so many ugly incidents had already occurred) . . . are they not sending the wrong signal to gunmen to do the same thing horrible, like mayhem and murder, and worse, now mass shootings? Anybody may want tell me otherwise. I will listen to anyone with my eyes and ears wide open, and I will tell them how wrong they are, and how stupid one can get, while we mourn over the dead, and share the pain and sufferings of their families in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio and lately in Orange County, California.

Let us understand this clearly: Understand that when the President millions of Americans elected to office is brutally attacked with false accusations like calling him foul and dirty, using horrible words and unprintable names the mildest of which is racist, a white supremacist or homophobic when those accusers knew that the person they are attacking, is not what rascals and degenerates describe him to be, do you think millions of Trump followers will not react one way or another? Because of this, do you think that this multitude will just stand-by and watch? Or don’t you think that millions of Americans who elected Trump president have all the reasons to get mad, so angry that they would stump their feet on the ground and swat a fly with vengeance?

But even assuming that this nation is indeed a ‘gun society’ – without debating as to why mass shooters go on a rampage killing innocent civilians — it smacks of ignorance for knowledgeable critics not to know that here in the United States to own a gun or to bear arms is mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

I must say that such impetuousness or simple carelessness of ignoring or not knowing the gun culture of the nation, as well as the American psyche and their fundamental beliefs and aspirations enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, invites a potential diplomatic breach. In particular, it put at risk or in jeopardy Japan-U.S. relation that has been institutionalized throughout the years. And that poses a danger to the Free World.
Having said that, it is important that a sprinkle of history should put a better light into this shady mire for troublemakers to understand.

United States and Japan have a strong alliance since the Marshall Plan took its course in Europe after World War II. That massive U.S. global rehabilitation program was followed by rebuilding post-war Japan as a bulwark against Soviet Union’s expansionism.

Japan was in such critical position for the United States to carry out its global post-war doctrine of protection and isolation against the spread of Communism as the new leader of the Free World. Since then U.S.-Japan alliance is one of the strongholds of Democracy as we know it that cannot and should not be jeopardized by sheer diplomatic foul-ups. It could put us all in great peril, i.e., threatening our existence in the Free World if Communism is not contained, and the Hammer & Sickle are allowed to cut in and change our way of life.
One foot of radicalism and Socialism personified by the centurions of the extreme left (think of the Sanders, the Warrens, the Bidens and the me-too-copycats of The Hit Squad Omar, Tlaib, Pressley and Ocasio-Cortez, on stage running for President) is already inside our door, and right now we are choking and gasping for air, wiggling out for oxygen to breath like fish out of the water.

Going back to mass shooting advisories and their concomitant fallouts: Aside from Japan, Latin American countries also issued a worldwide alert to Latinos coming to the United States and those already in the country to be wary of gun violence that tends to be out of control. What it says is that Latinos could be targets of mass shooting in the United States. This alert invited attention to the “manifesto posted by the El Paso mass shooter Patrick Crusius”, which says: “(T)he massacre was in response to an invasion of Hispanics coming across the southern border.”

Since politicians in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the Senate orchestrating their non-cooperation and obstruction agenda under the baton of Minority Floor Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, do not want to stop but instead want to encourage immigration “invasion” of our southern border for political reason, would it really take a mass murderer to stop that open border infraction of our immigration laws and once and for all block the “invasion” in our southern border? It’s like a breath of fresh air to hear for the first time from Latin American authorities “advising” Latinos not to go to the United States because they are targets of mass shooting.

However, although this “advisory” is pregnant of possibilities that it can or might control “invasion” in our southern border, it is anti-climax if not downright too farfetched to happen because President Trump had already preempted those possibilities when he vehemently condemned the kind of gun violence that occurred in El Paso and elsewhere.

President Trump is of course right as usual for declaring his contempt of gun violence.

Not in recent years is the epidemic of mass shooting so widespread in the United States than it is today. Even as I write this piece about the shooting in El Paso and Dayton, another man went on a stabbing rampage killing four and wounding two in Orange County, California just within a matter of days or within a week or so. How pervasive these simultaneous attacks are, boggles the imagination.

More so when hanging in the air is a bloodless coup plotted by the Deep State run by the radical left and their accomplices in the Fake Media that are not only blatantly and seditiously active and pervasive but destructively unhinged in their attacks 24/7 of the President of the United States, accompanied by a non-stop vilification of the country itself (don’t forget The Hit Squad of Muslim Americans Omar-Tlaib who abuse and defame this country, and anti-American-Trump radical-socialists of the Pressley-Ocasio-Cortez tandem), without any fear of censorship, dictatorial control and/or any authoritarian retribution similar to what is happening in Third World countries because the President that the American people elected to office is not only democratic in his attitudinal disposition, but by his very nature is a fair and square minded patriot who put his life on the line to protect us the American people from the enemies of the State.

The plotters’ immediate objective – I refer to “the enemy of the State” (in short, abbreviated as EOTS – in the language of millions of Filipino-Americans in the U.S., means bastards) – is to take down President Trump and take over the presidency.

Millions and millions of Americans who elected Trump president and put up this government the plotters wanted to take down are no doubt enraged. If you wonder why, again think of millions of Americans that today are so angry due to this political-ideological clash between the right and the left. We cannot predict what anyone of them can do and will do given the circumstances of their individual situation, can we? Of course not. Just wonder why this spate of mass shooting are occurring everywhere, coming to and inundating our minds like a pouring rain (my favorite line in poetry).

This tragedy is compounded and aggravated to its worst level imaginable because political vultures hovering around make the El Paso mass shooting an excuse to badmouth Trump, pushing people who love Trump to become even more enraged.

Let me demonstrate this toxic scenario in a more understandable way: More aggressive among those camera-starved political vultures hovering around watching for cadaver to pick on and feed themselves are the likes of Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke. Of course these notorious political thugs need a traction for their dying presidential candidacy and they appear so desperate they would bite their tongue or grab the blade with their bare hands and hang on it. We know that they would soon fade away and disappear from the Democratic presidential-wannabe lineup, but to point out that people like them prompt shooters to pump bullets on the crowd is so critical for the American public to know – and the public will know it here and now.

Here, in this media outlet patronized by millions of Americans, I just want to be sure that the American public will know more about radical desperados jabbing on Trump, which is an exclusive expose’ run in this widely read Website: These two nuisance political Samurai – Booker and O’Rourke — made a sashimi-meal out of Trump’s imagined carcass and have a mouthful after taking a bite of Trump before the television camera. While the camera is on him, and with emotion he couldn’t control, O’Rourke, with his two hands flailing in the air, said: “This president, who helped create the hatred that made Saturday’s tragedy possible, should not come to El Paso . . . we do not need more division. We need to heal. He has no place here.”

But reports indicated that the people of Texas who rejected O’Rourke and his empty rackety hurly-burly, wanted Trump to come to El Paso and with him, mourn the dead. This is just O’Rourke with his outburst and arms and hands flying all over the place doing a pantomime of himself for entertainment purposes, so empty and vain and just theatrical, if there is anything in it at all.

And yet more important than this cheap O’Rourke zarzuela is for the American public to know that O’Rourke is a notorious lawbreaker and a drunkard. Records show that he was twice arrested for burglary and DWI (driving while intoxicated) – which is more than enough to qualify him as a political reject of El Paso, Texas where in the last election Ted Cruz beat him worse than how a bully beats a wimp.

On the other hand, the case of Cory Booker is a natural born disorder or distortion. Booker sees President Trump as the cause of the mass shooting in El Paso. He said Trump is “sowing seeds of hatred in our country” and has not condemned white supremacy. Never mind Joe Biden who just mimics Booker because this Biden guy has no mind of his own. He is old and senile. Biden is just a shell of his expiring old self who had accomplished nothing for the American people to remember in spite of eight years as Obama’s Vice President.

But Booker is such a bad liar and cannot be truthful even if he tries to. His eyes saw a different Trump, not the Trump who disapproved gun violence, and condemned white supremacists (he is unable to see Trump’s contempt and condemnation of racists and white supremacists and racism in general). Being such a bad liar, the reason behind this Booker anomaly is so pathetic it draws pity and empathy from me and from those who have feelings too: Notice carefully — Booker is literally cross-eyed and could not see clearly what reality is an arms-length beyond his nose.

That’s why lying, to him is just a missed reality; he couldn’t see clearly because he was born literally with his two eyes looking at opposite directions (cross-eyed), a pathological disorder that entirely messed up his vision. In front of a horse, he would see a goat. In the mirror, he would see himself as Spartacus, ancient Rome’s gladiator, crusading to bring down the Roman Empire.

I hate narrating and writing down the truth about Booker for the public to know. It is noxious to me. Every day it is becoming worse: Booker sees Trump’s presidency as this Roman Empire he believes he was fated to destroy and save the world. Americans would not only hate Booker if by a stroke of lightning he becomes President of the United States – they will grab him like members of Klu Klux Klan do to terminate their racial target, and hang him upside down in a nearby tree worse than how Judas Iscariot hanged himself. The angry crowd will do that to Booker for betraying the truth of what he said about the President of the United States who like Jesus Christ is carrying the Cross for the country and for all Americans to make this country great again. I am confident that millions of angry Americans will do that to any traitor of truth like Booker, to any snake-in-the-grass kind of traitor to the government – a government of which he is a Senator — the people had formed and established, with Trump as their President.

Booker and the likes of him found their answer to the nebulous question of mass shooting, and that is Trump and his tweets, while scientists couldn’t find a precise answer to that question because it is like looking a needle in a haystacks. Mental illness as one of the answers is in the forefront. But scientific records show that only “2 out of 10” mass killers were suffering from serious mental illness, serious enough to kill.

For example, reports say that “Eric Harris, the ringleader of the Columbine High School shootings in 1999; Michael McDermott, a software technician who killed seven co-workers in 2000; Nidal Hasan, an Army major who killed 14 people at Fort Hood, Tex., in 2009; Dylann Roof, who is charged with killing eight worshipers in a church in Charleston, S.C., last year, and many more are only part of the “2 out of 10” category of mass killers. A forensic psychiatrist Liza Gold reported her findings in one of her scholarly papers: “The whole notion of mental illness and mass shootings is so poorly understood. To address the reality of it — it’s like dealing with people in a parallel dimension.” You see that the answer is there, but it is only a tiny part of the whole unknown.

Is gun control then the answer to curb gun violence? Not that either. It did not stop mass shooting at all. More and more States passed legislations to restrict gun ownership and it only pushed gun owners into the wrong side of the law.

Some gun restrictions, like background check and vetting for mental illness before a person is allowed to buy and own a gun, may also help but politics drives this policy to the extreme side of its intended purpose where gun manufacturers are found to be at fault every time random shootings using handguns, rifles or military assault weapons occur.
Zachary Castaneda, 33 the knife-wielder in the Orange County stabbing 4 people dead and 2 injured, reportedly overpowered the security guard and took his gun, and holding the gun, surrendered himself to the police. He was demonstrating the unmistakable fact that no one needs a gun to do a multiple killing.

There are cases that the Flag Law also helps a little bit to stump gun violence. But the law runs aground when close nit members of family are involved. The family will hide their fugitive kinfolks instead of reporting them or turning them over to police authorities before carnage happens.

Banning of assault weapons is also reasonable. But gunning down a charging group of combatants in the battlefield with a chilling mass-killing effect using machineguns, is not applicable to a trigger-happy freak in civilian life to spray bullets on the crowd using those high-powered combat weapons. Like buying and owning Abrams tanks or keeping a large naval Paixhans gun, or in general, possession of nuclear missiles and nuclear bombs stored in the private collection arsenal of a gun-enthusiast, is out-of-this-world interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, or the right to keep and bear arms.

In short, there is no specificity of the answer to the question of mass shooting categorized as a social abomination. Some of those mass shooters give vent to their “personal slights” and then “seek revenge”. Paranoia is also frequently mentioned. These are in the “manifesto” posted by killers before they kill, i.e., in the case of the Dylan Roof killing in Charleston based on “deep hatred of blacks and other minorities . . . taking over our country”; also the case of Patrick Crusius’s mass shooting in El Paso, a killer who was angry of illegal immigrants invading our southern border.

So if the answer to the question as to what prompts shooters to commit mass murders – the cause that cannot be pinpointed with a reasonable degree of accuracy — we can summon the Law on Cause and Effect to come into play. The Principle of Causality suggests that there must be a cause to anything that happens in our midst.

Let’s take mass shootings now happening in our midst. I consider the people’s outrage as the cause of this unusual phenomenon. What makes the multitude terribly angry and dangerously mad are politicians – the liberal-socialist-radical left (LSRL) and the Fake Media – who do not only insult but also undermine the choice of President they elected to office . . . President Trump.

Out of the electoral process, this multitude of American electorates who as I said put up a government under President Trump which the LSRL renegades and their co-conspirators, the Fake Media, wanted to take down in an open rebellion and silent coup to change the will of the majority of the American population, creates a chilling effect across the country. In fact it created waves and after waves of animosity and hatred against those in the wrong side of what the better and prosperous America is today under President Trump.

Consequently, every time LSRL’s accomplices in the Fake Media blindside the public by spinning their accusations against President Trump and the many good things he had accomplished so far that benefited minorities and the rest of the socially disadvantaged – a reportage made up of a foray of media-abuse and bullying of Trump based on false accusations — the more that this anger of the multitude of multi-racial congregation intensifies.

Those rhetorical calumny and defamation brought against Trump in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting incident, ranges from false accusations of “sowing seeds of hatred in our country” to bigotry, or from being branded as a racist, to being portrayed as a white supremacist who hated immigrants. These are all a lying heap of garbage thrown into the public arena of political debate, propaganda and misinformation orchestrated by the Fake Media’s “journalists” that betray their Code of Ethics as members of the Fourth Estate, and who eventually became traitors to their country.

When President Trump calls for calm and unity in the wake of the spike of gun violence, that is just the opposite of “sowing seeds of hatred”. The likes of Booker’s accusation of Trump promoted and wildly circulated by the Fake Media, are definitely fake.

Certainly this President is not, and has never been, a racist. Among his best friends and government-appointed trustees are black and colored people.

Trump is definitely not a racist when in his nationwide rallies, this President had singled out Latinos, blacks, women, Asians and men and women of color whose life and living conditions he had improved by reducing the rate of their unemployment to a record low giving them a new social and economic status in life they have never experienced before.
He also changed the lives of our suffering veterans to a certain level of satisfaction by solving their long-time predicament economic-and healthcare-wise, which the entire nation applauded, praising Trump in standing ovation. And many more that I am unable to cite here due to limited space, to prove that all those accusations against Trump’s person are definitely not what he is, not the Trump we millions of Americans knew and elected as President of the United States.

Trump never speechifies hate in all his tweets and public discourses, but it is hate in the perception of the enemy of the States. What you see in his tweets and public speaking engagements are the words of a political Troubadour calling attention to what is wrong and as President it behooves upon him to correct that wrong, or pointing to those responsible in committing a wrongdoing, and for them to mend their wrong.

For President Trump to call attention to the blight of Baltimore, is not racism as the left and the Fake Media pictured him to be. Trump is referring to millions if not billions of dollars pouring into Baltimore and the city is still in a rot, buildings are falling apart, and the place is infested by rodents, and by coincidence politicians like Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform representing the 7th District of Maryland, had become millionaires. The implication coming out from Trump’s tweet is that the infrastructure of Baltimore is crumbling due to rampant corruptions. That makes it plain and simple.

What the President is doing in the case of Baltimore is similar to the abuse of the Deep State tweeted by Trump inviting attention to a serious anomaly which cannot be condoned. His tweets and speeches delivered in his support-base rallies, connect with the American public in general, and together with his support base, meant to stop the silent coup plotted by rogue members of the FBI and the intelligence community against the President of the United States.

It is not dividing the country when Trump is exposing an anomaly, of which he is falsely accused of. A President acting as a whistleblower to a wrongdoing in the government he runs is quite rare, which is something to be publicly appreciated and admired, rather than deserving to be kicked in the ass as what the radical socialists and the left extremis erroneously believed they should do and currently are doing, to ensnare public support of their ideological agenda the great majority of the American population rejects.

When Trump tweets, he is merely communicating to the American public his role as President of a country he promised to reform to make it great again. But this is intentionally mistaken as “sowing” hatred and dissension in the country by those who cannot accept Trump as the best of all presidents so far doing a record-exemplary job for this country not done by any president yet in the history of the United States.

If anyone wants to see hate spewed in public, it is not coming from Trump. But anyone could listen to The Hit Squad. Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Omar and Tlaib will teach anyone a cheap lesson in understanding what hatred of the President of the United States, loathing of and antipathy towards America, truly are.

Or go to any of those radical media outlets, like CNN, MSNB and ABC channel network among others, except OAN and Fox News. Hatred of Trump is featured and broadcast there by TV-hosts manning their stations 24-hours round the clock and you wonder why those guys are there, not inside a mental institution.

Read also the New York Times, Washington Post and their anti-Trump social media satellites whose obsession to denigrate Trump hits the roof. With their fake reports, they throw Trump under the bus instead of extol or dignify him and the extraordinary works he had done so far, domestically and globally, as President of the United States and the leader of the Free World – which by the way true journalism is supposed to do – and I will not be surprise if a certain feeling of repugnance and animosity starts to develop in the heart of even the most disciplined and well-behave millions of Americans in the country who voted for Trump as President of the United States. A friend of mine has a unique name for them — “Trump-crazed loonies”. He believes that those wackos should be in straitjackets because they always forget to take their medications early in the morning to calm them down the rest of the day. My friend cited Valium, and even Xanax which is more effective on dogs that bark like those guys in television and in the Press, who hated Trump deep in their bones.

I honestly suspect that this provocative instigation or incitation to hate becomes a trigger mechanism to activate those with psychological and mental problems, horrors that are dormant and hibernating inside a psychopath’s or sociopath’s mind and just waiting on the wings, to spur themselves into action when it comes — take their handguns or assault weapons of mass destruction – and then prepare for the “big kill” as what happened in the El Paso and Dayton mass shooting, or to the same carnage in Las Vega where Stephen Paddock shot to death 57 victims and hundreds more maimed, wounded and/or injured before he took his own life. Prior to this carnage, Paddock was “normal”.

This malevolent segment of our population (the radical left whose chance of becoming president is less than marginal – Booker, O’Rourke, Warren, Sanders, Biden, Harris, Castro and the gay-Buttigieg not to mention the other nuisance candidates plus The Hit Squad stuffs) that causes the epidemic of hate to spread nationwide, are NOT seeking the answer to the question as to why mass shooters do their shooting orgy of killing innocent people. But even if they look for that cause, like others including the vain efforts of behavioral scientists, they won’t find it too. Yet, they don’t care because it is not important to them to know the root cause of mass murders. For their political agenda, they just want to play the blame game.

In the blame game, what is only important to them is to look for someone – a scapegoat — to blame. And they already found it.

Like in the story of Dracula that thirst for blood, they have Donald Trump to sink their teeth on. Beyond that, nothing else matters. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access nationalwriterssyndicate.com August 9, 2019.

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