Fake Polls

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

Fake polls showing Joe Biden leading the 2020 presidential election assures President Donald Trump’s re-election.

Americans are not stupid enough to elect Joe Biden President based on bogus polls.

It is through those falsified poll results showing Biden consistently leading Trump by a large margin that Biden cannot possibly win.

Falsified polls hide the truth: Trump has all what it takes to win. Biden has all what it takes to lose. This is the truth counterfeit polls hide.

The public or believers buy counterfeit polls, like consumers buy counterfeit goods, use counterfeit money or issue forged checks to buy fake goods flooding the market.

In the same token, fraudulent polls are like counterfeit money or fake goods people buy. It hurts consumers. The economy dies. Fake polls hurts Biden and the hope that he gets elected President expires.

It is good for Trump. His second term is fated for this nation’s President to repair and bring back the economy COVID-19 had devastated. With the population’s worsening desperation up the creek, and hope of recovery floundering at the end of the rope, we need Trump to act, not anyone else, because he is the only one who can bring back the economy.

Trump has a track record of reviving a dying economy that the previous Obama administration had ravaged and left in the jaws of death. I say “left in the jaws of death” to express in a profound way, America’s outrage over what Obama had done to the country.

More than that, it has already been proven during Trump’s first term in office that he can create an economy on record time with phenomenal growth rates never been experienced before in the history of the United States.

Consider this: Because massive capitalization in multitrillions dollars has already been invested to revive and pump-prime the U.S. economy, the nation will see an economic miracle that only President Trump can create. No such huge capital investment injected into the economy has ever occurred anywhere in the world except in the United States.

Add this to the fact that the U.S. economy is already the largest in the world. With Trump’s economic plan for post-COVID-19 recovery, the United States will even become richer, and mightier than it was before the pandemic had a crushing effect on the economy.

My economic recovery projection is that given his second term in office, the forthcoming miracle coming out of structural adjustment President Trump will introduce domestically and globally, will take place before he ends his second term in office. This means that we will not only go back to normal but under Trump we will reach a new height of economic success never been experienced before the world has yet to see.

In comparison to Trump, rewind Biden’s past political experience both as a Senator and Vice President during the Obama’s failed administration. Biden has a lot of problematic issues exposing him as a weak-minded, lackluster, and bungling politician, not to mention his age showing early signs of dementia – disorientation, confusion, memory loss, speech disrupted by involuntary repetitions, cognitive impairment leading to aphasia or extreme loss of cognitive ability – and what the public see is that Biden cannot be or should not be elected President of United States.

Any American aware of what is going to happen in the coming November 2020 election, knows Biden’s unfortunate situation. No bunker presidential candidate campaigning from the basement has ever won an election in the history of United States.

And generally speaking, by nature Americans are people of reason.

They readily accept anything reasonable that comes their way, and reject the unreasonable. Only Americans out of their mind, i.e. a die-hard radical left or a liberal junkie would vote for Biden given his disability, age, and badly compromised mental health. Include Americans from the Dark Side whose obsession is to destroy America.

They would vote for Biden because once elected President, it is not only that America will never be the same again, it will be erased, and that is what they want, and have been trying to do.

But if Biden is elected President – the possibility of which is comparable to the crow turning white — America awaits a disaster never been experienced before. In my book, I discussed the wilting and withering of America, and the disaster it creates that boggles the imagination.

But here I will show you how Joe Biden, leading in all fake polls, is going to lose to Trump in the November 2020 election.

CNN poll is my topnotch example. CNN poll showing that Biden is leading Trump by an incredible margin is horrendously fake because of oversampling. If you throw away all the garbage polls into the dumpsite, CNN lands on top of the heap. It means CNN is more insidious in cheating, and in doping the public of this kind of chicanery and deceit.

It has the latest update of calumny and blackmail.

And the reason for that is plain and simple: CNN has become the political mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, liberal radicals, and the extreme left. It used to be a reliable, independent, and neutral media.

But now CNN and its paid old and new recruits of “journalists” the likes of Jim Acosta and Don Lemon are so anti-Trump that this news-television channel has lost its sense of objectivity and fairness to become a political courtesan of lies and bias.

By the way, this fork-tongue, attack-Trump fake news artist Jim Acosta Washington Times described as “an embarrassment to village idiots”, is the reason why CNN lost its ratings. In vileness and depravity of a lowlife that embarrassed the Media, Acosta matches Trump-basher homophile Don Lemon I myself describe as an old wreck-lemon-car whose engine conks out every time he starts thrashing Trump like a scorn gay lover.

The public must know that both journalist thugs – they are thugs because as “journalists” Lemon and Acosta act like rascals bullying the President of the United States — are President Jeff Zucker’s bondservants. Zucker reportedly has a “personal vendetta against Trump.” At the CNN snake pit, Zucker was always reportedly close to cobra-like journalists with a venom to spit at Donald Trump, President of United States.

With this sufficient background we are ready to discuss how CNN falsifies polls and why, by oversampling. Just recently, May 20, 2020 to be specific, a CNN poll oversampled Democrats by 8%, and the unknowing public read headlines showing that Biden was ahead of Trump by that much percent margin. Fortunately, fact-checkers came out with findings that when the “Democrat +8 oversampling is removed Trump is leading by 3% nationally.” The public was literally conned. Biden just lost to Trump, and the swindled public was made to believe that Biden was winning the race!

For this May 20, 2020 counterfeit poll, CNN was spinning it with fake news, trying hard to convince the public that Biden has a 51-46 lead over Trump. When the +8 Democrat oversampling was taken away, in fact Trump trounced Biden with a 3% win!

The objective of this criminal lying to deceive the public perpetrated by rogue newscasting networks like a scumbag that CNN is, was to synchronize and coordinate this underground campaign in the Fake Media, “to discourage Trump supporters” to vote for Trump. I caught the message to the public those fakers were trying to connect:
“Trump cannot win, so don’t waste your time voting.” Of all the television networks in the country only CNN has the highest 93%-95% all-day-long hate-Trump 24/7 coverage.

Think about that and the polls CNN created and published. It fires up the left’s comrade Fake Media to join the faking of polls published as “news” to help Biden’s campaign.

Poll writer Scott Schaefer reported on May 20, 2020 when CNN published this fake poll, that “Polling results in the 15 battleground states that will decide the election have Trump up +7%. With the oversampling added back, Trump leads Biden by 15%.”

Actually what we have is a repeat of the 2016 spurious polling of candidates where Hillary Clinton was winning in hotly contested States only to be knocked out cold by rival Donald Trump. In the political ring, she did not get up before the count of ten and was out.

Oversampling is not the only reason why polls are rigged. Media companies like CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, and Fox News that recently joined the destroy-Trump Brigade have numerous means of fooling the public through forged polls and fake news.

By let me diverse to Fox News to get a peek at the mentality of fake journalists. The honeymoon between Trump and Fox News, a Trump supporter, is over. But not all in Fox News joined the anti-Trump rebellion. Only most of newscasters whose rating were down had turned themselves against Trump. Their rating plummeted down when the Democratic Party banned their participation in Democratic primary newscasting and coverage. The reason for the ban was they were too pro-Trump. So when they started attacking Trump, they got a pass to Democratic national events coverage. It resuscitated their dying status at Fox News.

Clearly, for their own survival they have to abandon loyalty and break away from Trump. As journalists, do they care about their news reporting duty as members of the Media? Do they know how important is their role to society? Do they care about the interest of the country other than own? The answer is obvious – no, they do not.

And back to how they conduct and pay for expensive polls. Scott Schaefer describes it more succinctly:
“. . . media company (ies)(that) pays for a poll establishes the methodology of the poll.”

That means they determine everything as to how the polls is going to be conducted – polling sample, who and how many people are to be included, likely voters versus registered voters, etc. Rasmussen polls are more reliable because “likely voters” are surveyed rather than “registered voters” which CNN and leftish copycats used. CNN survey results are faulty when in one of their opinion polls “registered voters” were used and hardly 50% came out to vote. That is how bad CNN polls are.

In short, media companies determine so many of the factors “that underpin the veracity of the poll”. They create a polling sample to achieve their purpose. They already knew the outcome before the poll takes place.

In some cases Trump is so strong that in spite of the cheating they do to their own polls, the results still show that Trump is winning. When this happens, they bury the news.

For example, to determine voter enthusiasm, ABC News conducted a poll, and “only 24% of Democrats were enthusiastic about voting for Joe Biden”. The public hardly knew about it.

At the same time CNN took the same poll. It shows that “Only 24 percent of Democrats are ‘enthusiastic’ about casting a ballot for the former vice president while 53 percent of Republicans say they can’t wait to vote for Trump.”

Have you seen this? I doubt it. They buried it somewhere you can’t find it.

We are curious why would a news company bury their polls when to conduct a poll cost a fortune. It has been reported that CNN do this most of the time, bury their polls if favorable to Trump.

Polls are expensive. But cost is no problem to the polling company.

That is where Biden’s million-dollar campaign fund goes. So the cost of the poll does not worry CNN at all. On the contrary the higher the cost, the more profit – charge to their Democratic patrons who are paying for the poll, with a mark-up. Call it over-charging but that is how business goes. But when the results favor Trump, the auto-burial game of fake news starts.

Fake news reporting of a bogus poll is another point of curiosity. How they do it?

Write a fake story about it and around it. The trick is how the headline is written followed by opposite or counterfeit narrative for the content of the news.

For example, CNN has this headline: “Biden tops Trump nationwide, but battlegrounds tilt Trump.” This is fake news.

A Townhall headline report came out differently from the same data CNN used. “New CNN poll shows Trump crushing Biden in swing states.”

Note that both CNN and Townhall have two different stories using the same data.

Upon investigation, it turned out that one is fake news and the other is a legitimate report. Somehow, it did not bother CNN. Conducting fake polls is part of the “normal” anti-Trump CNN operation.

CNN leads social media in a nationwide campaign against Trump, like Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, Vanity Fair, Politico and Huffington Post, to mention a few. The liberal left-leaning print media — Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and others — rival those anti-Trump social media networks in castigating anything Trump say or do and punching his face to unrecognizable pulp. After this assault and battery, I cannot anymore recognize the swollen face of the President of United States they victimized.

The bludgeoning of Trump’s presidency, and the battering of his person are relentless.

This is almost the whole rogue Fourth Estate whose corrupted journalists turned themselves into the “enemy of the people”, which Trump repeatedly mentioned in his public dialogue with support-base.

I cannot imagine how Trump survived the assault of almost the whole press corps on top of him. When I open my iPhone first thing in the morning and scan the headlines, it is all Trump, but I could not find a single news item written in his favor. It is all hammer and tong dropping on Trump’s head. As if Hillary Clinton or Jeffrey Epstein, not Trump, is the President of United States they attack as some kind of a monster or alien that came down from space.

This “enemy of the people” and the radical left are working overtime with the Coronavirus. They attack Trump’s public statement to unlock the economy and for the country to return back to normal. They counter this presidential advisory with fake news reports that we are at war with COVID-19 and the virus is out of control killing Americans by the thousands every day. They hold Trump responsible for the massive deaths of Americans, and wanted to kick him out of office and brought to justice, probably hang him as a coronavirus war criminal.

It is all about the coming November 2020 election. They just want the population to feel depressed so that they will blame Trump and vote against him.

How fake can they get? As fake as the polls they published. The American people can see through all these, no doubt.

Fake polls and fake news assure a second term for President Trump.
But here is where the danger lies: The Democrats and the left are preparing to cheat, which is the only way Biden could win.

Watch out for those millions of mail and absentee ballots. A lot of ballot fraudsters and cheaters from the left and the Democratic Party have already been caught red-handed. They are going to prison.

With those mysterious ballots, they are preparing for the dead, the birds, and the bees to vote for Biden #

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access July 16, 2020.

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