“In Your Face” Politics

by George Weir –

If the framers Of our Constitution could see the way that the secular left has twisted the very essence of their great and wise document, then trying to force their twisted interpretation of these words upon the lives of the American people by their “In your face”, policies they would in no doubt wonder why we as Americans can’t read and understand it wasn’t meant to turn all the evil forces loose, but to protect the people from them.

Each day as the American people began their day, they pick up the morning news, or they turn on the TV for the latest in the National news, as each day their expectations are correct, (Another new policy is being reviewed that will effect those that live by a moral code of conduct, and continue to have hope in America).  But more and more they see the policy’s makers cowing under the weight of the secular left and passing laws that are intended to be “In your Face’ policies, as if you and your family mean nothing, just more votes.

For instance…What does the military need with an atheist Chaplain?   No you didn’t miss-read this, the powers that be are reviewing the need for another atheist to console and another atheist in time of war, frankly folks, “this blows my mind”.  If the both conclude that there is no god, what is there to discuss?  All soldiers have bad days!!   The only thing that I can make of it is this…I am in your face; learn to like it, see I have my right!

Recently there has been an all out war on the right of American citizens to express their opinions.  For some reason that I cannot understand the powers that be seem to be suppressing the all opinions except those that fit the agenda of the far left, and their twisted need to be seen and heard, for instance….Cliven Bundy, and Donald Sterling.  What is hell did they say that upset so many people?  The American people should own up to it, they said publicly what many Americans think, but they know that if they say what they think, they surly would be scorned as raciest.  It seems as if America has more important things to concern themselves with, such as (terrorist).

Not only the far- left with their twisted agenda, but also there seems to be an increasing number of the conservative thinkers getting into the mix.  For instance, when there is an issue such as gay rights, or the issue of race, or religion, or someone expressing their opinion as to moral issues, which many point to the bill of rights, or the interpretation of the constitution, those that oppose their interpretation are labeled as un-educated, or backward, in other word they are labeled as hicks that never get to town, and this thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth.  No one can doubt the wisdom and the distinguished loyalty of the Supreme Court, but we allow them to have different opinions on the bench.   To those that have an agenda to push, and are intent on forcing them on the American people regardless of which side of the isle they set will be (In your Face) if opposed, you may be called just plain (Stupid).

Are the highly educated professors stupid when pushing their far-left socialism agenda, or their attempts to stiffer the voices of those that oppose them, are they also stupid?  When they open their arm’s to the teaching of the Koran, but close their doors to the teaching of Christianity, are they also stupid?   No they are not stupid, but they have learned that by twisting the constitution in their direction, and continually being (In your Face) and with the main stream media continually calling those that oppose their way of thinking (Stupid and unlearned) they are regretfully winning.

Talk about a (in your face moment) or better said, (in the Nations face), kids and all.  After receiving the call that he was drafted into the NFL, Michael Sam gave his (boyfriend) a big kiss, knowing full well many of the audience were young kids.  The sad part is, there are many NFL followers that try their best to raise their children in a moral home, and when ask what this all means, what is a mother or father to say?

Another (in your face) agenda is the idea that if anyone objects to this behavior, their right to free speech is stifled.   After seeing this kiss, Derrick Ward who played for the New York Giants and the Houston Texans stated this remark, “Man U got little kids looking at the draft.  I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”   Ward, after exercising his free speech and opinion has said he has received death threats against him and his children.  So much for independent and personal opinions, it irks the (in your face crowd.)

Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones also expressed his opinion by airing this…OMG…but not so fast, the Dolphins responded quickly, ordering Jones to pay undisclosed fine and barring him from team activities until he finishes “ training for his recent comments.”  The Dolphins stated, “These comments are not consistent with the values and standards of our program.”  Have we come to the place a man may loose his job for stating his opinion?

So much for football and Michael Sam, our children are bombarded daily with (in your face) garbage we call entertainment.  While we that care for the minds of our children, there are those that give them a daily dose of pure filth, but when confronted they say, “We have our rights.” And when doing this they are right in your face calling everyone homophobic or racist that doesn’t bow to their twisted view of morality.

“Shame On You” seems to be the rallying cry for those that may feel that they are in the minority, or that their grievance isn’t being heard.  This rallying seems to fit in real fine with those that are intent on imposing their devious and un-wanted moral behavior on those that oppose, such as the open selling of narcotics, the open and in your face practice of sex, and let us not forget those that oppose the use of voter ID, but use the practice of voter intimidation as the black panthers did when trying to insure that their hero, Barack Obama would be elected is 2008 and again in 2012, but let those that oppose their underhanded tactics they scream…”Shame on You” and we will get (right in your face), and you can’t stop us, “we have our rights.”

The way I understand the rights of the American People is this….”With rights comes responsibility”

But sadly, those that are intent on cramming their left –wing ideals on the American people seem to care little about (Responsibility) and this attitude doesn’t stop with those we see daily on the news and with their rioting in the streets, it reached to the top lever of our government.

Most Americans would like to see more security at the border with Mexico, but recently we see that thousands of prisoners will be released, and some of these are felons, so, we have another (in your face) situation.  The safety and welfare of the American People will take the back seat, (Votes) is taking the front seat, and we the people end up looking like evil people just because we believe in the constitution and the law.

Sometimes responsibility trumps our freedom to do something, for instance, Michael may have had the right to lay a big kiss on his boyfriend, but, was it the responsible thing to do?

Many things have changed since my school days, I was raised not even knowing a bully.  In my small town us boys were corn and catfish feed.   We felt that we had the choice of friends, and we believed that the teaching of morality was the American way, yes we could say prayers at school, and I might add, it has served America well.

The Bully’s always end up on the bottom, and I am convinced the (in your face crowd) will also end up on the bottom.   For this reason, they will not take responsibility for their actions, they could care less.

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