Expose’ 1 of 3. Healthcare’s Cancer And The Obama Split

Words of advice and caution: Escape this summer’s killing heat at100s by making a trip to a nearby ice scream parlor, take a treat of your favorite banana split to cool off, but not this Obama Split and a sick healthcare that threaten the nation’s survival.

As the title of this editorial impression suggests, we have these double whammies to survive, not just the punishing heat of summer that had already hospitalized and killed several victims in many parts of the country.

If we elect a candidate president — the one with a split personality otherwise known as the infamous Obama Split — the danger we face is not just real but imminent.

So far, we outlived a diseased healthcare system thank God, but the nation might not survive a candidate with a double persona if elected president. That’s the bottom line of this author’s research-based concluding opinion.

We are facing a wicked jinx and a dreadful threat this year and the years ahead: The healthcare industry is so disease-stricken that presidential candidates McCain and Obama do not even want to talk about it. A chill running up and down the spine tinkles the nerves of anxiety and fear that a candidate with a double personality could become the next president of the United States …!!

To survive the nation’s cancerous healthcare system deserves a pat in the back … a treat to our resiliency; the other whammy is a threat to our national security when we elect a president who as a candidate have shown a dangerous behavioral pattern of distinct opposing personalities at different times.

Let’s use a euphemism tool to dramatize a full awareness of this imminent danger. Actually, the wolf is in the house disguised as grandmother about to swallow the innocent girl named Little Red Riding Hood. The moral lesson from this medieval version of the Grimm Brothers’s tale of national security in the wake of 9/11 is not to “wander off the [security] path”, and that is trusting a wolf that talks like a wolf but in appearance, looks like a loving grandmother, and even worse, elect him president of the United States!

On the issue of healthcare, the wolf is even publicly protective of Americans who can’t afford to get the medical treatment they want.

It is a mistake to ignore the fact that one of the major issues that would break or elect a candidate president this 2008 November election is affordable healthcare.

Security of course still is the No. 1 concern of Americans because it is about national survival.

Iraq like immigration, is a definitive question to answer but it is a winding issue. Except for Obama’s flip-flopping position on the war in Iraq which is before, I will end the war in Iraq and send our troops home immediately once elected president … now, no I will first consult the commanders in the battlefield [and maybe it would take years] before I do that. The former position criticized the latter, and the latter denies the former.

Smart voters already knew which candidate to vote on the issue of war in Iraq. From now up to Election Day, Osama’s boring flip-flops will just blink a weary eye in the backburner.

The problem is, the smart and the knowledgeable are still outnumbered in this country – by Little Red Riding Hoods that are steak dinner to a hungry wolf disguised as a diligent housekeeper, a good kitchen buff and a very caring grandmother.

It is on the issue of affordable healthcare that the two presidential candidates – especially Obama — have a truckload of plans on how to make the system affordable, but have no real explanation to the American people why it is unaffordable. Most Americans if not all, do not know either what makes it so prohibitive that the sick has to scratch the bottom of the barrel to get badly needed medical attention.

What we hear from McCain and Obama are just birdbrain talks about healthcare meant to attract amused attention … a staged show to catch votes. For instance, culprits that like Don Quixote, candidates publicly attack for political expediency if not just anecdotal maneuvering, are, like windmills, more apparent than real.

This roadside cabaret is comparable to Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera. The masked bird or beast stirs the audience’s curiosity. It elicits mix feelings … funny, scary, and very offensively disturbing, to say the least, for it is at the same time so insulting, not merely frustrating, for the masses to hear a parrot sings out of tune from a blue or red tagged cage for public entertainment. This November presidential election is supposed to be a serious business to all Americans! It is not a zarzuela down the road to White House! We the people have every reason to be angry when slip-up or booboo candidates speechify for laughs while the dying cannot be saved because medicine and medical attention are beyond their reach!

If neither McCain nor Obama knows or refuses to really disclose to the public why in hell the cost of healthcare continues to rise and now way up high above the head of the middle class, one of them, a clown, will head a government that will just go around the bush year end and year out, and healthcare will still be the same. The public is entertained, but the multitude with medical condition, are unhappy. No change in healthcare is expected whatsoever and will remain as it was from the time Obama and McCain were still in diapers.

Presidential wannabes ignore and refuse to admit that we have an ailing healthcare system … a seriously ill healthcare.

There is no doubt that our health insurance industry needs “medical” attention. Greed is a form of cancer that ravaged the industry for so long. The “cure” we expect from whoever is elected president judging from how the problem is politically stonewalled, will only hide the tumor, and make it worse. None of the candidates are brave enough to tackle the issue of corporate greed that causes this societal disease to burn up our credulity and blister the skin of our extended tolerance – in itself, a graduation of the disease … a metastasized cancer.

Let’s expose the real causes of this serious healthcare ailment. These are among others, not selfless but selfish interest, and greed. These are encouraged, promoted and protected by an institutionalized parasitical conspiracy between the industry and politicians running the government.

To begin with, the health insurance industry is not there for the patients. It is a common mistake for most of us to think that it is. It is only there not to serve the insured – the medically infirmed, the disabled, and the sick population of the country — but to serve itself. The sooner this is realized, the better it is understood, and the lesser we suffer this cyclical agony which in effect due to prevailing apathy and ignorance, is self-inflicted.

Think about it – corporate health insurance has never worked for the interest of the consumers but only for its own corporate interest, at the expense of the American public it holds in a cruel, leechlike, bloodsucking captivity. The salaried multi-million-dollar-a-year leaders that run the system which include hospitals, all sorts of heath service providers and drug companies, are lords of the industry … unquestioned, unchallenged, undisciplined and cannot be controlled by any known institutional authority ever seen on the planet.

This huge healthcare industrial complex is also one of the biggest fundraisers of big politicians in the country.

The federal government could neither control insurance decision-makers that hold Americans hostage, nor nose-lead them into doing self-sacrificing humanitarian endeavors for the good of the commonweal without their eyes riveted to raking profit in return.

If government regulation is a form of control, then insurance monopoly in our free market system is the insurance’s protected equivalent that squeezes the life out of the smothered consumers.

So inutile are those in the government that our Washington ducks just quacked and quacked like Obama who despised Washington the same way he hated and disowned his pastor for divulging to the public his long years of secret connection with the black church’s practice of racism and race hate.

In public, Obama spits on racism, but watch out for that other person hiding behind the other whose head grows a tough keratin, also called “horn” … he was raised by his grandmother he himself has pointed out as a White racist, he was a faithful adherent of his black church, a racist, until his pastor exposed his other swathed identity or split persona on racism. Such double persona also shows up on his flip-flops on the war in Iraq, and on many issues of national importance showing a consistency of contradictory rubber band positions.

To illustrate further, how can the public trust Obama on healthcare in spite of his barking and swearing how bad it is, when the guy is a walking oxymoron, synonymous to or another name for dual personality? Indeed, wise, yet a fool – oxymoron.

Heard about legal murder? You do not need to study law to hear and know about it. How can a murder be legal, you might ask. That’s oxymoron … two words of contradictory meanings describing how split personality looks like.

How can Obama hate Washington deep down the marrow of his bones, when he and his wife are begging the public to vote for him and send him and his family there to live for the next four years as president of the United States? As president he and his family couldn’t live in Africa or Timbuktu either. Actually, two persons in one clashed from within, and these two persons in one want to be president of the United States! If that happens, God forbids, I say that this nation should start praying for its security, safety and deliverance in a way it has never prayed before!

Obama’s bad flip-flops on Iraq, racism and love-hate Washington, D.C. continue to reveal the split personality of this once small-time but ambitious politician from Chicago. And more of this as you read further this editorial report.

In the meantime, here is the grim capper of this “black politician’s” split personality unfolding on stage [rabid Black followers like to call him “the black candidate” due to the color of his skin, to entice the nation’s Black votes]: Viewing it in a glass darkly, we can also easily tell that Obama’s mental frame as shown in his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde public demeanor, is a twin of that of Osama bin Laden and that of Al Qaeda terrorists. From their mountain lairs in Afghanistan and hideaway in Hell, those hell boys like Obama, hated so much Washington and New York, yet that’s where they dream to go the rest of their miserable and God-forsaken lives, to destroy and to kill and be killed.

Our Authorities Are Helplessly Inutile

Obama and McCain should know by now that in so far as curing the cancer of healthcare is concerned, our armchair authorities had adopted long time ago the principle of less resistance. Our elected leaders, fearful of what the industry could do to their political career, decided to just co-exist with the powerful and the uncontrollable. If you cannot lick them, join them.

But worse than this, our cent-worth politically correct politicians in Washington – of which the two candidates currently running for president many Americans believed are perfect duplicates — even took advantage of their unholy alliance with the insurance industry, by shamelessly adopting this notorious principle of worm-like parasites rising from the bowels of the earth to host on the bodies of the insured – scratch my back and I scratch yours …

We know for a fact what is going on under the table in so far as campaign finance is concerned. This self-serving scratch-my-back aphorism is actually a subliminal contract of politicians in Congress with corporate donors who want their money back at the expense of public interest. A whole library of studies and reports has a tsunami of information regarding this Achilles Heel of American politics. It has been this way since time immemorial.

In the history of this country, no politician running for Congress or for president has ever been recorded without saying thank you to dedicated supporters who had contributed funds and worked hard for the candidate to win and/or without saying in public and private I owe you to a third party that donated, raised or provided funds to get the candidate elected to office. To any politician, politics and money and power are, in a mutually beneficial relationship, all synonymous.

In practice, what this symbiotic tie-up between politics on one hand and money for power on the other – you may even call it Satan’s conspiracy – means is simply this [which probably most of you already knew]: The multibillion-dollar industry feeds elected politicians, especially those in Congress, lobby largess and campaign fund donations. This plays out in public repeatedly like a broken record in all and every election year.

In return, laws like Medicare are passed in Congress supposedly for the benefit of millions of seniors in dire need of medical attention, but the benefits, in addition to hard-earned money the poor elders have to pull out of their pocket when seeking medical treatment, are systematically siphoned into the pockets of the lords of the industry – the politicians’ benefactor.

For instance, substantial amounts deducted from Medicare benefits aside from the insured’s deductibles, regular monthly premiums, co-pay and other fees, go to optional private insurance or HMO.

Here what we have is a schematic payback in the form of legislation or statutes passed by Congress.

Get an idea how pervasive this two-way backhander is: In the last 2007-2008 election cycle, the insurance industry was number eight among the biggest top ten political contributors to members of Congress. [1] It doled out $13,411,561, 56% of which went to the Democrats.

Insurance top man recipient in Congress was reportedly Sen. Christopher Dodd [D-CT]. [30] He ran as a Democrat candidate for president, but ejected from the canopy of his hi-speed jet-like political campaign, just in time before the crush. Public turbulence is not for the faint-hearted; it was too much for him, being the weakest, if not a nuisance, candidate.

Many Americans believed candidate Dodd was to the Democrats as John Paul was to the Republicans before reality seeped in, and from cloud nine, both finally retired.

The No. 1 “bribe” money came from the country’s giant law firms [$56.3 million] 80% of which went to Democrats. From the industry, most visible lobbyist was AFLAC, Inc., gifting Congress about a million dollars [$907,150.00] in 2007. [31]. The law on limits Congress passed, just flew out of the window.

Notice carefully, to which party most of the political “bribe” money goes. Knowing this is important to understanding more what the Obama Split means while the reading of this editorial report is in progress.

Healthcare consumers have to reimburse insurance lobbyists from the “killings” the industry makes as profits out of the jacked up cost of healthcare the public has to bear.

McCain’s oversight and omission on the issue of affordable healthcare are comparatively benign because he would allow free market forces to decide what’s good for both the entrepreneurs and the consumers, although he knew that opportunistic businessmen are taking the upper hand. But Obama’s mental dishonesty on healthcare while desperately cynical, is treacherous and dangerous the public should watch out.

For, this Democrat presidential candidate — who is neither Black nor White when campaigning for votes and therefore like bat is both bird and beast — is entertaining the American public with an election compact, actually idiotic campaign speeches that throw educated audience into a fit of horse laugh, i.e., that when elected as the first black president he will straighten out healthcare.

In the industry’s lobby account — “bribe budget” for Democrats only – the Democrat leadership is surprisingly gutted to learn that Obama is aspiring to become the first ingrate to emerge from the industry’s long list of pampered liberal clients. To me what comes out from Obama’s mouth is just a parrot talk that takes the American public for a bunch of fools or a gathering of listening nincompoops – some kind of a joke for the public to laugh at. But the flying color of my credulity and candor in giving Obama the benefit of the doubt suddenly nose-dived when as a clowning bozo his misleading tomfoolery turned out to be more than just a laughing matter.

Healthcare is already in a sorry state and should not be aggravated by covering it up with gutter lies for public entertainment purposes. A diehard Democrat like Obama who has the gall to fool the public with an eloquent promise to free healthcare from Washington lobbyists while the Democratic Party’s umbilical cord is connected to the industry’s campaign fund for support is, when voters fall for it and elect Obama president, a stab in the back. In this case, the devious wolf devours the gullible.

Be that as it may, when we put Obama under a magnifying glass, we see a bat-like politician aspiring to become the next president of the United States who said, 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction …' [2] and therefore this confirms that the nation has a wolf running as a candidate for president that should never be trusted. I am referring to Muslims waging a jihad against the United States to whom his loyalty would shift to when the ugly wind blows – not to good and law-abiding Muslims in this land of the free and the rest of the world.

Obama could not and should not be trusted because unlike McCain, he hides his unacceptable anti-white real self behind the ugly sores of healthcare he attacks in public.

As earlier stated – and to repeat this is imperative — this candidate’s grandmother is White and he claims he hated her racist attitude towards Blacks. That’s one split personality that contradicts the other.

No offense intended when Obama’s grandmother is mentioned here, for she is not the grandmother in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, in this satirical lampoon on the subject of trust and betrayal.

Obama’s loyalty is neither to white nor brown Americans. It is not this writer but Obama himself who made this perfectly clear: “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses … I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own …” – Obama. [Ibid] This is one of his contradicting personalities before and/or directed to the Black audience.

The other Obama person before a White crowd is different: To him – and he declares it with emotional conviction — the Black community has too much anger towards the Whites that he never countenanced. And he would lace this statement or put a ribbon to his public apology to Whites with a proud announcement that his grandmother who raised him to what he is now, is White!

The industry veils its obscene profits the same way Obama conceals his dishonesty before the American public. To me that would make him a very dangerous president, probably the first covert racist president of the United States that would plunge the nation into a bloody civil war, if the Democrats’ terrorist coddling and the weird support of those left-leaning Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court will not get us there first.

The industry is a chameleon when staging a business hold up like how Obama misleads the American public when he covers up home grown racial prejudice imbibed from the racist environment he grew up with.

Furthermore, public deception characterized this Obama Split. It runs in the family. To cajole Hilary Clinton’s women votes, Obama’s wife recently headlined a public statement that the woman is the backbone of American family. It is saying that her husband has never been, and could never be, the backbone of American families, much less of his own. The authority that speaks for that is Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama.

Michelle calls “silly” any question to Obama’s biracial persona. But is it not weird or even more juvenile for Michelle Obama to appeal to the public to vote her husband president because she the woman not he the man is the backbone of the family? Is this typical Obama Split now dangerously shared by the spouse herself — the presumptive first lady of the land? This is for Americans to ask the Almighty for help, not just for enlightenment and spiritual guidance to find their way out in the dark days ahead.

With regards to greed in the healthcare industry, think of this upside down practice that is currently holding patients at gunpoint: Insurance coverage only pays for the cost almost all patients can afford – like dental teeth cleaning once in every six months, ordinary X-rays or seeing a doctor for a regular medical check up, or buying aspirin for a blood-thinning therapy among those suffering HBP and the like.

In effect, insurance compels insured patients – repeat, compels insured patients — in a subtle and cunning way, to pay for the higher cost of medical services and medicine most patients critically needed as a matter of life and death.

That’s how scandalous the industry rakes its obscene profits.

Indisputably, it is greed that causes this cancer in healthcare. The industry and the government do not want to address this problem, much more cure this malady. Let’s stress this reality that offers us no alternative but to accept: Politicians run the government, and in turn, politicians are nose-led by the industry. Badmouth the benefactor in public? No politician would ever do that and be left out in the cold or be a politically dead cucumber.

In other words, no politician in his right mind – although I am afraid having a right mind is a rare gift to most of them — would expose greed in the industry that raises fund for their political party. Surely those politicians went to kindergarten schools where children are taught not to grow up like snakes that bite the hands that feed them.

The credo of death in the underworld is never betray the Godfather. You may let somebody kick your behind or betray public trust if you are in the government, but never bite a piece out of the hand that made you either Mafia’s man or an industry-owned politician.

How bad is the healthcare industry bitten by this snake-like cancer of greed?

Presidential candidates McCain and Obama do not even want to know.

So if they are not telling us, we are telling them.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access July 11, 2008.

[Read the next expose’: “2. Healthcare: Scalping And Sponging”.]

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