Enemy Now Using YouTube To Attack America

Innocent Americans should be aware by now that the enemy is usingYouTube as a weapon of psychological mass destruction.

Hardly do credulous, trusting and easy to fool Americans realize that the enemy is engaged in warfare within and outside the country with remarkable cunning and sophistication … YouTube is now being used to disgrace


, discredit the Military, and turn Americans against Americans!

The time has come to answer questions on what’s cooking in the kitchen or backdoor security since the propaganda war at the time of the “American Bomber” Bill Ayers, leader of the Underground and Public Enemy No. 1 in the 1960s had become cyber and paperless. This war of the mind and emotion fought in the tube has intensified from the time the leader of the American underground terror had surfaced in the academe with then community organizer collaborator Barack Obama, now President of the United States; looking Mr. Clean and smarter than ever, in general terror is using half truths to damage America and listening to Obama and Obamanites in government speak,had eventually become the model of oratorical deception and videotape aggression.

Until the time Obama became president, the enemy within never slept –just hibernated perhaps – waiting for a better time to strike while expecting


to collapse from within or to self-destruct while anti-Americanism is planted and nurtured in the heart and mind of freedom-loving Americans across the country.

In the case of now older Mr. Clean Bill Ayers, he never regretted his killing spree as yesterday’s revolutionary young dreaded serial “American Bomber”. Today his only regret was he and his terrorist wife then had been stopped from bombing more and murdering more innocent Americans. The calaboose for hardened criminals was not enough to pay for their crimes.

Here’s the chill in the spine: After long years of hiding as just a face in the crowd, Ayers surfaced as an “educator”, obviously with a new battle strategy against this country — his sworn enemy thathe wanted so much to obliterate with bombs — when former community working colleague Barack Obama became president. How many youths in the academe and young radicals in the community have been indoctrinated and now submerged ready to strike … cross your fingers that it is not an army large enough Hitler feared in WWII for the invasion of



If we are aware that terror from outside [in Iraq and Afghanistan where our soldiers are cut down one by one by phantom enemies that are in a treacherous conspiracy with the corrupt governments we are defending and therefore there is this prevailing hopelessness to win the war] is dictating to the enemy within a new strategy to defeat America, then it should be obvious to our intelligence community as to why radical propagandists are now getting more active in promoting a hate-America campaign among the disquieted population.

Still hot from the oven so to speak, is the enemy’s newly baked strategic propaganda offensive to make Americans hate fellow-Americans, despise our Military and look down on


with scornful eye and murderous contempt. And with a hardly trusted President like Barack Obama running the country, to win the hearts of innocent Americans over to the cause of the enemy is a calculated line of attack for our adversary to win the war without even firing a shot.

In warfare where mind is used against mind to fight a war, there are books to read about trust and betrayal, and of war and peace similar to Leo Tolstoy magnum opus, to learn more about this YouTube invasion. With that in mind, the way the enemy is doing this nitty-gritty part of psychological warfare may be described not only as perfunctorily Machiavellian but also extraordinarily chameleon.

Recently, videotapes were feed into the tube and generally made accessible to a wide spectrum of Internet viewers. It was intended to shock people and for them to loathe and denounce



You may click on this link YouTube to view one of those weapons of mass psychological destructions. The title is Would God Bless


? The headline is innocent-looking … it even sounds patriotic, but underneath, the mind-controlling feed is lethal.

With this attack on video, the President of the United States George W. Bush who was fighting the war on terror tooth and nail for


– for you and me — was made to appear worse than a reprehensible retarded idiot. The viewer can feel the intense hatred of the enemy that made the video. This hatred is pulsating out of the screen, and you can feel it clawing right into your face piercing its way to your brain!

To demonize America by picturing the country worse than the ugly Smoky Mountain of evil, featured in this video that shocked the viewers were “soldiers” in combat uniform [unidentified but could be U.S. troops fighting a war in Iraq or Afghanistan]. They were abusing Muslim children, using the youngsters to desecrate their Muslim religion, made them run after their vehicle probably for a bite of chocolate or a bagful of candies while the “soldiers” were enjoying the chase, and also throwing some eats to people in the street as those juvenile delinquents in military uniform drove along while cursing those people or calling them stupid or something worse than just being called stupid.

And there’s this nerve-wracking scene to see: Without any provocation at all – just for the fun of it — those “soldiers” fired a volley at the shepherds and their sheep along the road killing or wounding some of them; the culprits enjoyed this mayhem, laughing like drunken bastards.

Then stopping their military vehicle at the side of the road, one of those “soldiers” held a little puppy in one hand and then in front of the camera threw the scared little dog far away across the desert while the entire crew was in a laughing stupor their stomach probably ached … judging from how hysterical was their jubilation that could be heard while viewing the video!

Now tell me exactly what kind of American soldiers in the battlefield would do such a horrible misconduct in front of the camera while on duty? Obviously, the whole scenario was a farce … a scripted fraud or a video scam created by the ingenious enemy to achieve a demonic purpose – for Americans at least, not necessarily for decent people around the world – to hate evil


deep down the marrow of their bones!

Did the YouTube people care about this infamy or at least review the videotape before it was released to the public? No, not at all … they were just all-in for the money if not part of the conspiracy to discredit the Military, or if not provocateurs themselves inciting viewers to hate and destroy



Ashley Highfield, BBC director of Future Media and Technology declared that the company profiting by commercializing YouTube was not “hunting down all BBC-copyrighted clips already uploaded by YouTube members … We don't want to be overzealous, a lot of the material on YouTube is good promotional content for us.”

Of course the company that makes huge profits at the expense of the gullible public by striking a deal with YouTube, get sued in court. The site is riddled with pirated film and music clips uploaded by members who do not own the copyright.

For instance, a company named Viacom demanded removal of “tens of thousands of clips from the site” [YouTube] that have been pirated. But who cares … the profits that the culprit makes are more than enough to settle issues out of court and media mayhem committed through the tube and the stealing of copyrights continue.

YouTube has a “monthly audience of more than 70 million users.”

Not only was BBC attracted to it. “Several large


broadcasters, including CBS, NBC and Fox, already have similar agreements with YouTube …” Even the conservative Fox O'Reilly Factor, supposed to be the defender of the Realm — some viewers claimed — has been corrupted to get more needed airtime attention by pretending to fight Obama's detractors in the air. But what could not be denied is this shrewd money-makerdrives extra traffic to their websites.

Founded in February 2005, this video wonder of cyber communication was not really a weapon of psychological mass destruction until the owners — Chad Hurley and two other co-founders – sold it to Google for $1.65 billion. Only then that YouTube was politicized and used as a weapon.

Google is known to be a media behemoth that uses its newly acquired YouTube power asapolitical and ideological weapon against its own enemy, real or imagine. It is linked to ultra-left wing organizations, among them is MoveOn.org. Google is reportedly bankrolling this leftist organization to create “grassroots support” to win the ideological war against the center and the extreme right.

Aside from the enemy within and outside of the country benefiting from it, the Democrats are Google’s allies and direct beneficiaries. For instance, in February 2005, USA Today reported: “As it claws for greater power, the Democratic Party has found a newly rich ally in one of the fastest—growing U.S. companies: Google.”

USA Today hadproduced incontrovertibleevidence that Google employees “lean strongly to the left.”

As long as raking huge profit is a strong motivator to invade privacy, Google would care less if terror from outside and inside the country – not just the Left — is using YouTube as a weapon in a psychological war to damage America.

Once again I suggest that readers turn to this YouTube link to know and understand the subtlety of destroying the image of the Military to defeat


In this war on terror, I have indeed written so many times before in as many published editorials, that to defeat us in the battlefield was not just the enemy’s objective but also an obsession to defeat our national will to prevail.

With radio, television and newspapers, the battle that used to be fought in the living room, is now in millions and millions of computers that play attack videos like YouTube.

What is probably the most regrettable part of it is that collateral damage comes from the proclivities of journalists to disseminate propaganda information and clips in the tube, in the guise of news reports, perhaps wittingly or unwittingly.

A “ghastlier problem” arises when reporters allow an ideological dogma against America “to interfere with the impartiality of their reports”, unless it is not a problem ghastly enough once it turns out that they are, in fact, the enemy within in disguise, deeply involved in psychological warfare or just playing their role well for the destruction of America.

For in that situation, treachery and treason are consummate. There is nothing more left for this nation to debate about or argue in the court of law their guilt or innocence, and gingerly if not grudgingly, waste the people’s money to save them from the guillotine. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS November 5, 2009.

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