…. The media gives us no acknowledgment, and we have no national holiday, no talk of reparations, no specialaffirmative action quotas and nohigh profile parades. There is no law protecting us from discrimination. Perhaps we deserve all of these benefits, but “we” don’t ask why do some deserve free benefits. Within our ranksare people of all colors, faiths, creeds and national origins, as well as both sexes, and even sexual minorities.

But we’re different from the majority of people in this country. We produce goods and services in the private sector. We allow over half the country to live off our labor, rule over us and, more and more frequently, deliver us nothing but oppressive rules and regulations, taxes, invasions of our privacy and a currency that becomes worth less every single day. We were either born here or got here legally. We don’t break the law, we pay our taxes and we want more than anything else to be just left alone.

We want the right to complain when we want to and we will not tolerate violations of our rights well.

Most of all, we truly love

America, and we want the very best for her.

Many of us now believe that government is our enemy. We see the signs every day.

What do enemies do?

Enemies try to disarm you. Every politician that supports gun control is setting you up for being vulnerable in the event of a totalitarian takeover of this country, or in the event of domestic disorders and terrorism. Advocates of gun control are our enemies.

Enemies cheat and swindle you. The Federal Reserve System passes off paper to you they call dollars that drop in value quite steadily. Just compare what thingscost in 1977 to today and you will become nauseous.

Gold has climbed to nearly $760 per ounce. The dollar has dropped; homes that cost $40,000 in 1977 often cost a million dollars today. It’s the same house, but a cheapened currency. This inflation is a hidden form of tax on us by our federal masters the Federal Reserve System and the Congress critters that don’t do anything about it areour enemies. In fact, Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitutionrequires our currency to be gold and silver. Hah!

Enemies extort you. Pay your taxes to support bloat, extravagance, waste, nepotism and corruption at all levels of government or you will go to jail. That feels like extortion, doesn’t it?

Enemies invade your privacy and spy on you.

America is becominga dossier and surveillance state.

Consider some of these facts;

1. Google is archiving the search requests of every userand making them available for the Justice Department. Be careful not to type in words that can get you noticed.

2. Airport workers are making searches of all luggage going in and coming out of the country and making notes on who is reading what!

3. Project Echelon continues to make every phone conversation subject to eavesdropping by the National Security Agency.

4. E-mails are delivered to government agencies by Internet Service Providers without a warrant, just a basic courtesy by large companies to our federal masters.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Enemies launch conspiratorial groups to plot against your interests. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Society and the Trilateral Commission are examples of highly secretive and exclusive groups that make decisions at the behest of large companies that governmentsfollow and that disregard the well being of the rest of us.

Enemies tell us how to use our own property. The zoning racket is the most corrupt and vicious scam going in every city and town where crooked inspectors and petty tyrants try to extort, bully and coerce people who only seek to build on their own land.

Enemies betray us. Our very own State Department is under the influence of the same people who backed Bin Laden, the Saudi Royal Family which helped finance


Qaeda, and the terrorist cult that murdered over 3000 Americans. It hastaken over American foreign policy, enabled thousands of potential Muslim terrorists, murderers and rapists to enter the

United States and run interference for terrorists who still threaten

America. Even the President’s father was business partners with them in the Carlyle Group, an investment company that manages money for the very, very rich. And the President’s law firm, run by



III, is also the lawyersfor


Qaeda in

America. Go figure that one out! The government talks a lot about fighting Arab terrorism, but there is a lot of hypocrisy, especially when it comes to oil rich

Saudi Arabia.

Enemies pervert and corrupt the administration of justice. Throughout

America, justice somehow works out best for the rich or best connected. Visit caught.net or citizensjustice.com. The lawyers have become an unelected parasitic class.

While there are many good people in government doing good things, the overall picture is discomforting. We need real changes, and return to a Constitutional republic.

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