Embargo Sen Harry Reid & Rep John Boehner

by Barry Weinstein –

Money is my weapon of choice at this time. Before ‘We The People’ are rendered destitute. We must use money to control the Congress and the Senate, at a distance. That is to say from any state other than the ones that elect anti American / Constitution politicians; namely Harry Reid [Nevada] and Speaker John Boehner [Ohio] at the least. I would include Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, of the Senate and Minority Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, of the House but we can consider them at a later time.

Embargo the tourism of Nevada and Ohio or as Glenn Beck prefers to call this action “DeFund” these two State that elected Reid and Boehner and stop Obama in his tracks.

With the concerted efforts of the Tea Parties, Freedom Works participants, Glenn Becks audience and all of the rest of the concerned Americans we can rid ourselves of this ongoing harm to America committed by these two politicians. And it will send a message to the rest of the politicians “We The People” are going to take back control and enforce adherence to the Constitution.

To those members of the tea parties, freedom works and Becks audience that live in these two states, their names and businesses can be listed and the rest of us can effort to help them in any way we can.

All that needs to be done is to hold onto your money and avoid going to these two States until, Reid and Boehner are removed from the Congress either by the people there, when they vote or they retire or step down from the leadership positions which they infest.

Oh! And one more thing – that is let the people in the States know they are being embargoed and the reason. Keep it movin’ and keep it groovin’; tweet it and facebook it etc.

Look and think! What are Harry Reid and Obama actually doing and accomplishing?

They are forcing more Americans on food stamps – these people do not have enough money to feed themselves –drastically reducing the work force — so that the unemployed are nearly indigent – causing the prices of petroleum products / electricity to “necessarily sky rocket” (Obama plan) everything we the people Need is more costly including medical care. They are wiping out our savings. I assume that you get the picture I am drawing here. This must be stopped.

Effectively Reid and Obama and the rest of the Democrat / progressives are intentionally causing the average American to become bankrupt and destitute. From that position it is almost impossible to resist tyranny. There is still time.

Without money to facilitate ones own survival we are no more than a herd of peasants or beggars or serfs and as such have no control of our own destiny nor in fact that of their children. [see below the research on the tourism sales for Nevada]

While, my take is that Obama and Reid as well as their political party and apparatchiks are malevolent, sinister actors and their ulterior motives have proven to be deleterious to the best interests of America and Americans. They are aiming at breaking the individual wealth of Americans in general in order to establish their own power and control.

John Boehner on the other hand is the Obama and Reid’s useful idiot and is over his head when it comes to dealing with the, self evident, Obama and Reid agenda of the destruction of America; that being, I posit, of rendering Americans poor and incapable of survival.

The three of them are placing the American economy and “We The People” into ‘indentured servitude’, they think. Just look at the borrowed National Debt which is now over 17 Trillion dollars and climbing. Boehner did not resist Obama and Reid’s demand for an increase in the debt ceiling. Boehner agreed to give Obama a blank check in order to borrow more money abroad to buy more votes with bribes at the expense of the working Americans. This will continue until Americans in general are out of money and America is deemed untrustworthy. What a Moron Boehner is. He must go! [see below the research on the tourism sales and the state budget for Ohio]

The Embargo is simple! It cost you nothing! You do not need to send a donation!

I am aware that the word embargo is usually reserved for the action/s of nation/s vs. some nation or other. However, “We The People” comprise this Great Nation of America [what is left of it] and as such we need to control the anti-American actors within their sphere of power, that is their States voters through our money.

While we still have money we need to lock and load it for its full affects.

Without money we will become paupers, beggars and slaves. Fight Now! Fight for America! Embargo, embargo Reid and Boehner now, time is short.

This embargo is, I believe, a precursor and in support of the – Article v – Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments; actions are now being taken across the country and my thanks goes out to Mr. Levin.

Research –

Tourism in Ohio generated $40.3 billion in sales in 2011,
“We have about 7 million different visitors every year to this county,” he said.

“When folks visit our town, they stay at our hotels, they dine out at our restaurants and use our entertainment facilities, and all of that is good economic stimulus that our businesses appreciate,” said Chris Kershner, vice president of public policy and economic development with the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.
On June 28, 2011, the Senate voted 22-11 to accept the conference committee report on a $112 billion state budget that includes cuts …
Eylon said overnight stays are important to the state’s economy because travelers of this type on average spent $305 per day last year, compared to $104 per day for people on day trips.
In Warren County, about one in seven jobs are supported by tourism, and 60 percent of the county’s sales taxes comes from visitors, said Phil Smith president and CEO of the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Tourism in Nevada

Nevada’s travel industry produced $19.9 billion in earnings .
Source: http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Division/Research/LegInfo/Orientation/2012-13/Handouts/03-EconTourHandouts.pdf

Enough said.

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