Egypt’s Turmoil Is Far From Over: Power-Grab And …

Baptized in Indonesia as a follower of Islam for life, Obama is a powerful contender for the next Nobel Peace Award for the spate of violence in the Middle East, especially radical Muslim countries obviously targeted for a destabilization upheaval to change the existing renegade archaic Islamic leaderships in the Arab world.

The outpouring anger of the “people” that toppled Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali had spread to Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain and now Iran and Libya. I am laying down this fundamental premise to support this headline declaration that the turmoil in Egypt — whose president was toppled down next to that of Tunisia — is very much far from over.

Reports have it that under Obama’s covert orchestration of breaking events in the Middle East, the CIA has a hand on it, and that’s too blunt to give this president credit for this cataclysmic disruption for change! My previous standing ovation for Obama as a self-proclaimed Messiah or Prophet of Change for the United States and the world over, is terrifying to look back at it mentally because it is dangerously coming through. That the change would take place first in America then in the Middle East is like predicting that the sun would rise from the East and would go down in the West.

The battleground for the on-going street wars spreading in the Middle East is soaked with blood. After Hosni Mubarak stepped down about three weeks ago, there were 384 dead and 6,467 wounded and/or suffering multiple injuries, while hundreds are still missing. In Libya, Human Rights Watch reported more than 200 were dead in the streets as of this writing and still counting, and many more are wounded and dying of injuries, and in Iran an unaccounted number of casualties [authorities clamped down the Media] have been reported when beleaguered President Maummar Gaddafi and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave orders to their soldiers respectively, to open fire on the demonstrating crowd.

"It's the season for revolts …” was the battle cry heard in the streets of Teheran, calling for the end of the rule of religious dictator Ayatollah Khomenei.

Violent Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Oaradawi, called on the soldiers of Libya “to shoot” dead Maummar Gaddafi to put an end to the rule of the Muslim dictator who like Mubarak had kept his distance from or lukewarm to Islam’s universal call to join the Islamic Fatwa or Jihad against the Western world of infidels.

Al-Oaradawi personifies Islam’s Fatwa fought in the mind to move terrorists into the battlefield of terror. He is known to be intellectually endowed, and the leader of International Union for Muslim Scholars; he lives in Qatar and in the recent past had hosted a revolutionary Al-Jazeera talk show supporting and inciting Muslim violence “including that carried out against Israel by Palestinian suicide bombers.” [1]

The war of the mind that Al-Oaradawi and is accomplices waged here and abroad is premised on his propaganda appeal that the world’s sympathy and support should be given to the “people” that are risking their lives against the dictators’ truncheons and guns in the name of freedom! And this propaganda blitz is very disarming if not effectively insidious for trapping the mind of the less knowledgeable or that of the less intellectually discerning public.

The truth is, there is more than meets the eye when “siding” with the “angry people” that throw stones and rocks, burn Uncle Sam’s effigy and torch the American flag, in the name of freedom!

In the United States, those who encourage and even advocate violent anarchy as an excuse in their alleged struggle for democracy and freedom are to say the least, “the real enemy” if not in fact glib-tongued “traitors” very much in disguise!

Hosni Mubarak stepped down as Egypt’s President on the thirteenth of February 2011. It is so wrong for Arabic pundits the world over to say that they are happy the struggle for power in Egypt is over. On the contrary, the real turmoil in this troubled Arab republic has just begun.

Imagine a school of sharks in the water rushing down the vacuum of power.

So far, the governance of the 80 million or so Egyptians is in the hand of Vice President Omar Suleiman, head of the Military Junta supposedly acting as a caretaker government to last up to the promised holding of a national election on a day certain somewhere in time nobody knows.

Here’s the focus of attention I want to flash across the screen for the American public to see: Since Suleiman is notoriously known as the hated U.S. “Washington puppet” along side with Mubarak, his boss, Obama plays the role of a puppet master pulling the strings here and there in search of a solution to the problem the massive anti-government street demonstrators are creating. His strong religious affinity to Islam having been baptized as a Muslim follower of the Quoran faith for life, should be the focus of our disquieted attention. As president of this mightiest nation on the planet, he has all the power and the use of a reservoir of resources – political and economic and even the use of our unbeatable military industrial complex — including the CIA.

The critical point of concern in the Western world hangs on this analytical thread: The concealed but overpowering Islam faith in Obama’s persona as President of the United States would make Egypt play a different ballgame that would threaten the security of Israel and tilt the balance of power in the Middle East, this time in favor of Islamic fundamentalism.

As of now his broadside posturing supposedly showing his naiveté or artlessness in the conduct of foreign affairs is too slippery for any American to trust and lean on. Let’s not forget that he showed his ugly behind to the world [his ugly butt facing the television camera] when he bowed and stooped down almost on his knees to kiss the hand of the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia, his senior in Islam’s religious hierarchy.

It is not really farfetched to say that this picture of the real Obama in disguise, and the fact that he stood pat in support of the Muslim mosque on ground zero in spite of the protests of millions of Americans across the land and add to it the decree close to his heart that he handed down granting his Muslim brethrens — captured Islamic terrorists — their alleged civil right to trial in civil courts equal to the rights of Americans they murdered, had already indicated to what direction he was going in changing the balance of power in the Middle East.

What this means is that the 1979 Arab-Israeli accord of friendship goes back to the drawing board. Speaking through his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Obama vowed to review the U.S. multi-billion-dollar annual development aid to the once ruggedly fundamentalist Egypt, some $1.3 billion of which was for Egypt’s Military then being not only modernized but also Westernized, conditioned on Egypt's promise that Egypt would no longer join Islam's jihad [most probably this time with Iran] for the invasion of Israel, as it did join Syria in the siege of Jerusalem just before the 1967 Desert War began.

Contrary to what almost all Egyptian watchers believed, what’s happening in Egypt is NOT a revolution in the real sense of the word. It is just a power-grab using the power of the enraged mob. A true revolution is the working of principles, not the workings of clubs, pugs and thugs in the street.

Let’s think about it not only candidly but also with an ounce of intellectual caution to be sure that even if we are wrong in our prognosis of underlying events, we err in the right side rather than in the wrong side: Revolutions begin in the best heads and run steadily down to the populace (Metternich), not from the heads of fundamentalists Al Azhar and the Muslim Brotherhood in the name of Islam, and now wanting to take control of Egypt, aided by Obama’s puppets Suleiman and opportunist Mohamed ElBaradei, a rising figure in Egypt described as a salivating glutton for power.

The worst assessment of the volatile events and dangerous situation in Egypt comes from radical libertarians angling for change through violence [anarcho-Libertarian extremists]. The best and worst they can do is becloud the critical issues in Egypt’s problem since to them a revolution is moved by the people’s emotion [that of the angry mob] – not by reason or intellect – and in their mind, revolution begins only when angry people in the street start throwing rocks and stones and the police or the military starts bashing heads with truncheons and firing their machineguns into the crowd.

For example, radical Libertarian author R. Lee Wrights claims that in dealing with the street turmoil in Egypt, “American interest are best served by being on the side of the people …” This seemingly pro-people or egalitarian declaration of principles is to say the least, misleading, similar to the Al-Oaradawi propaganda … a very myopic view of what’s happening around the world that does not help ordinary Americans understand the current political turbulence in Egypt. This libertarian moral absolutism does not qualify or identify what “people” we are supposed to be siding with. It is clear that the generalization of the “people” that supposedly need our support and sympathy is a clever propaganda-cover for the anti-American campaign of jihad fundamentalists who vowed to violently topple down the world-dominance of their arch enemy they publicly described as the “Evil U.S. Empire”.

The “people” are conducting a massive public demonstration against what the demonstrators perceived as the tyrant government of Egypt. In Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Palestine, North Korea and similar countries, the “people” are at the same time burning the American flag, destroying American properties, invading U.S. Embassy grounds, taking American hostages as in Khomeini’s Iran, torching Uncle Sam’s effigy everywhere … also for their right to conduct a massive, even bloody public demonstrations against what they perceived as their public enemy No. 1, spitefully identified as “the U.S. government”, which in their jihad mind is a ruthless terrorist.

For Al-Oaradawi and author Lee to say that American interests are best served by being on the side of this kind of “people” is quite beguiling in the surface and therefore seductive but in reality it is stupendously foolish! It is a poor judgment bordering on treason, which in the practice of journalism is totally irresponsible. To side with those “people” just because they are demonstrating for freedom, lacks a better judgment of a reckless Libertarian journalist falsely enamored by the concept of liberty that comes what may.

It is sad for me to say that In Egypt, the “people” engaged in a running street battle with police and government agents on duty to squelch the riot and maintain public order are not entirely innocent people who are demonstrating to serve their own interest. In a less violent part of the city, a 9-year-old boy swearing against Mubarak and acting like a professional politician calling for the overthrow of the Egyptian government caught in front of the television camera tells us that the protest was scripted and stage-managed for the world to see and sway. Thus pulling down the blinds to hoodwink the world in this conspicuously deceptive or egregious manner is what makes the case of Egypt in turmoil dangerous for all the on-going struggles in the Middle East for good versus evil.

Notice carefully that in general, protesters were after the head of President Mubarak and his protector, referred to by street shouters as Mubarak’s “puppet master” in Washington, D.C., a rallying protest that serves the interest of Mubarak’s old time Islamic foes — Al Azhar and the Muslim Brotherhood — and their provocateurs who are operating behind the scene of chaos and anarchy, not only in Egypt but in targeted countries in the Arab world, whether pro-West or renegade Islamic fundamentalist as in the case of Iran and Libya. In Iran, the United States is blamed for the chaos, public disorder and anarchy in the streets. In Libya, Gaddafi claimed demonstrators were “drugged” and do not know what they are doing. Both are referring to the operations of clandestine mercenaries masterminded by covert Western operatives, notably the CIA.

The written rhetoric coming from anarcho-libertarianism declaring that whoever rules Egypt or what the next ruler wants for Egypt is “none of our business” is one of the most questionable if not totally ignorant statements I have seen across the board since this breakdown of peace and order in Cairo and nearby cities began to catch international attention. Although this radical declaration of fundamentalist Libertarians en extremis is a disguised Fatwa propaganda, it should not escape the filter of our intelligence network. The more it is cleverly designed to prevent detection, the more the logic behind it deteriorates, becomes ridiculously infantile if not atrophic.

Collegial thinking of experienced analysts of world events can easily prove why this “none of our business” campaign rhetoric of Islam had turned out to be puerile and silly: Again notice carefully that the Iranians led by their jihad president swearing to eliminate Israel from the map, wanted to develop their nuclear facilities and atomic plants reportedly for peaceful purposes, and this reckless leftist Libertarian Islamofascist propaganda author I am referring to did not even stop to think why the United States, the U.N. and the international community in general won’t let them or won’t just leave them alone and mind their own business!

Why is this not a question that should be left alone to the Iranians to decide, similar to the question that Egyptians should be left alone to decide as to who should rule Egypt which is none of our business according to this Islamic fundamentalist propaganda? The answer is obvious. I do not want to waste my time to elaborate the answer and educate those who pretend to be suspiciously ignorant to cover up their anti-American motive. For me to go down to that level would treat our readers like kindergartens, and worse, insult the intelligence of the American public.

The bottom line is that we do not only face the enemy in the battlefield but also even more in warfare that occurs in the mind … and the subtleties, atrocities and the slaughter that take place in the intellect are our damn business to attend to — first and foremost. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 23, 2011.

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