Editorial Bias In The ‘Rifqa Bary’ Case

In Florida the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board has made crystal clear their "position" on the Rifqa Bary Case in the "Our Take" section of today’s paper. Consistently the Reporting and Commentaries throuought this entire case, by Sentinel staff writers, has not deviated from the stated Opinions of the Editorial Board.Is that just a coincidence – you decide.

Fact: The Sentinel Editorial Board clearly laid out their bias on wanting to see Rifqa sent back to Ohio, by their very own admission, in the “My Take” section of the paper.

Fact: Most all reporting from Orlando Sentinel Staff and commentaries advanced the "send her back to Ohio" point of view over many months of reporting on the Rifqa Bary Case.

My personal Fear: The Editorial Board’s "bias" negatively influences independent reporting by Sentinel staff writers and commentators.Conclusion: ALL stories coming out of The Orlando Sentinel may be influenced by the Editorial Boards bias and "take" on whatever subject their printed story may be about.

Journalism is essentially a boring profession – a good story is Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why.Just the facts – protect your sources. The Orlando Sentinel provided it’s readers with virtually no dissenting points of view from internal or external sources stating the other side of the Rifqa Bary Case?

Interjecting Bias and "Shaping" the news to an "editor or editorial boards" point of view is a powerful aphrodisiac with a very strong grip. Influencing current events not as a “news maker” but only in the capacity as a “newspaper editor” is a taste of true unaccountable power.The unaccountable power of editorial bias in shaping the perception of current events is a potentially lethal toxic cocktail for the editorial board and the readers of the Orlando Sentinel. The press is supposed to be the final check and balance keeping our politicians honest and true to the tenets of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.When the independent press fails to be independent, the institution of Journalism becomes an arm of the politicians and we inch closer and closer to a true State Run Media – and everyone looses, comrade.

Don’t take my word for it, review the timeline of Sentinel stories regarding the Rifqa Bary Case – make up your own mind – This is "MY TAKE".

Alan Kornman

ACT! For America

Orlando Chapter

PO Box 1713

Goldenrod, FL32733


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