Ed Brown is a true American Patriot!!!

Ed Brown was a national constitution ranger and has recently become oneof my all-time heros. He is a true American patriot! Please do a little digging and you will see the amazing life he is leading. I have personally learned so much since his life story popped up on my computer screen. Since that monumental day I have kept up with every detail of his struggle and even got a chance to talk with him and take photos at his home in New Hampshire. There has been a major movement supporting Ed and Elaine Brown. BUT… Many people are getting arrested for supporting these two patriots. I had the honor of meeting them both at their home during their Live Free or Die concert back in July. It was one of the most enlightening (and unsettling experiences of my life!). I have never gone to a festival knowing that there would be US Marshals, Department of Homeland Security, and other major law enforcement organizations on-site. It turned out to be as interesting as one would expect… perfect weather on beautiful property with an amazing view, families, grilling, great musicians, and a constant view of a Department of Homeland Security chopper recording our every move. I woke up today to discover that both Ed and Elaine Brown have both been taken into custody by undercover US Marshal's posing as supporters. Marshals Posed As Supporters To Arrest Browns + Video News Conference http://www.wmur.com/news/14274183/detail.html Ed and Elaine Kidnapped by The Fed's. http://www.showthelaw.com (lead story 10/05/07) Browns in custody http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=Browns+in+custody&articleId=9ab7fa2e-855a-476c-bbcc-b17b3f85c022 Marshals Posed As Supporters To Arrest Browns http://infowars.net/articles/october2007/051007Browns.htm Speculation Mounts That Browns Were Infiltrated, Tricked http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/october2007/051007_speculation_mounts.htm This is obviously devastating news to anyone that has been touched by the stand that they have taken in the past few years. Their beautiful home and business practice in New Hampshire have been taken away from them. Their friends have been arrested. Many more are being threatened if they continue to stay involved. The most recent person to be threatened is Terry Melton. He is very successful videographer and patriot that is making an incredible documentary about Ed and Elaine's lives. If he continues to make the film "they" have warned to destroy Terry's life as well.

Check out a preview of the documentary:

[googlevideo:http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=1731091240616945540&hl=en] Here is some important info about Terry from www.showthelaw.com: Terry is struggling financially at the moment and is in the process oflooking for regular employment. In the meantime, if you could help him out with a donation to help him pay his rent & bills for October, any contribution would be appreciated. This assistance is needed IMMEDIATELY, however. Please send whatever you can, $10, $25, or (or whatever you can afford, in a check made out to Terry Melton. His address is below: 9807 North FM 620 20202 Austin, Texas 78726 As a music and entertainment promoter and also a member of the press,I find it impossible to avoid this story. Certain people I meet inspire me to the point that I do whatever I can to promote them to the masses.I take photos, write stories, create videos, posters, art, etc… this is what I do. I will continue to promote Ed and Elaine Brown in any way that I can because it is my right. If voicing my opinion, posting controversial photos, and "getting involved" are illegal in this country than I guess I will be in jail pretty soon. I just hope more people are willing to continue to support Ed and Elaine Brown's patriotic stand. Please take a moment and pass this along to your friends and family. At the very least mention the Brown's story to some of your friends tonight. Who knows? Maybe collectively we can take monumental steps forward…and win this battle in the courts. If you want to enlighten yourself and others visit Ed and Elaine Brown's official website: www.showthelaw.com

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