Echoes of Valley Forge

….we are headed under this “administration.”

Today as America approaches our 233rd birthday, perhaps it is time to reflect back in our history for a moment to remember from where we came, and where we are headed under this “administration.”

No patch of land in America is more symbolic of the sacrifices our forefathers made to create this nation than the rolling hills overlooking Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Standing upon these hills today you can imagine the brutal winter of 1775-76 when thousands of our soldiers starved and froze to death because they were steadfast in their resolve to give YOU the right to vote. Ask yourself this one question today: Do I vote, and vote for a candidate with American ideals, or did these marvelous men of courage die needlessly?

Today is a day to think, just for one moment, of the 56 men of courage and character who signed our Declaration of Independence; that each was a man of wealth who gave their lives, their fortunes, their families, and their reputations. What amazing men these were to give everything for us, for you and your children, and their children, because no sacrifice was too great in the name of freedom. Think, for one moment, about the men of undaunting character and courage who had everything to live for and yet freely gave all because they believed in a nation of the people, by the people.

Think of these men and compare them to our current political leaders who would give our great nation away in cowardly appeasement rather than face the fires of war. Think of the timid lackeys making decisions for you who would, and are, surrendering this nation to any professional grievance monger with a bone to pick. Imagine our founding fathers bowing-down to the evil intentions of global Islam, and be grateful for what we had – leaders who fully understood freedom is never “free;” men who knew fully well enemies of America considered (and still do) the act of negotiation is a form of pre-surrender.

Think, for just one moment of the men and women who gave their lives around this globe from Okinawa to Berlin because the thought of living under repressive tyranny angered them to the very marrow their bones. Think, for one moment, at this very minute there are loyal, dedicated men and women of dignity and honor who are enduring a lonely outpost far from their families to carry on the tradition of their brothers-in-uniform at Valley Forge that no sacrifice is too great to preserve YOUR freedoms. And think of all these wonderful people, then and now, in a continuous ever vigilant parade of patriotism possibly wanting to make these sacrifices so that you could purvey pornography, burn our flag, “forget” to vote, practice hedonism, egoism, communism, Marxism, Satanism, euthanasia, sloth, drug addiction, and violence against women and children.

Think, for one moment what that means to you. Some traditions are worth carrying on…is freedom? Is your character and grit the same as your forefathers, or are you of lesser stock that caves in under the weight of apathy, moral outrageousness, special interests, and hidden agendas far from the ideals of our founders?

The voices of our dead, brave soldiers echo among the trees and hills and plains of Pennsylvania, all across this land. May today you take but a moment, and hear their voices in the wind, that they may reach your heart and soul. May today, you take but a moment and remind yourself that you ARE, an American, a title paid in full by the high price of human sacrifice. Take a moment, today, and cherish your citizenship and ask yourself, “What can I do to preserve my freedom?” instead of letting those in uniform do it for you.

Our freedom, as a nation began at Valley Forge. Think, for one moment, that it could end with YOU. Take just a moment, today, and tell yourself, “I am an American, and I am free, and I am going to toughen up before someone takes this away from me.” Take NOTHING for granted today. The men at Valley Forge didn’t have that luxury. Hear their echoes, today…

Today is important. You must decide today, because tomorrow may come sooner than you think, and may bring enemies who feel their WILL to take this nation is greater than your will to keep it. We are living precarious times.

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