Dumb as a Rock or Sly as a Fox

As usual, the so-called Democrats are pushing their Marxist platform without any thought to future consequences; which will take a devastating economic toll down the road. For starters, let’s just get this over with, shall we? Technically, they’re not actually Democrats. What are they? Radicalized, anti-Constitution Socialists, but they don’t have the guts to tell you; instead they hide behind the distraction-marketing label of ‘Progressive’.

At the same time, they fear that a significant voting bloc of the Democrat party would run them out of town on a rail if they ‘fessed up. With the media packaging their Socialist platform under the inane guise of ‘change’ and ‘hope’, truth is but a technicality…kind of like classifying Socialists as Democrats. It’s just a technicality, or is it?

Imagine the hot water


Waters found herself in after letting the cat out of the bag during the Big Oil Show Trial. A made for TV docu-drama paid for by taxpayers to propagandize on the small screen; as opposed to the big screen where they usually propagandize. She said the “S” word on live TV! Holy bat crap! ‘How many times do we have to tell you

Maxine? When you’re out amongst the great unwashed don’t say Socialist, you’ll freak ‘em out…say ‘Progressive’. They don’t have the first clue about what it means…to them it sounds like the changeling, I mean change and hope and changing the hope and all that change B.S. we sell ‘em.’

Elitists have a nasty habit of not even trying to hide their complete disdain, impatience and disregard when it comes to the will of the people. Look at their Super Delegate set-up….if the


Soros funded liberals don’t like the voting result of the people, they’ll just over-ride it. Sorry Socialists, you can’t pass that off as democracy.

This nasty habit is more than just dirty it’s despicable. When Democrats can’t win fair and square, Democrats cheat. They find themselves on the wrong side of democracy all too often because most Americans oppose the social engineering focused legislation they try to pass. Democrats lean on the shills in the judiciary with an iron fist and extract a judicial fiat. Who needs the Constitution when you’re a Democrat? The media won’t expose you,

Hollywood will give you an Emmy and special interest groups will line your war chest and buy you some


Vuitton luggage.

God knows they have no intention of living an ordinary, honest life. Please! Are you kidding me? Bring the

Gulf Stream around already! The Socialists, I mean Progressives or Democrats or whatever the heck they call themselves, have tired of the absolute banality of life in the fly-over states. Back to

California, back to

Manhattan, back to D.C. they fly… like the wicked witch of the west. Listen closely, you can almost hear them cackle.

Call it what you want, it’s still Socialism. The reality is that too many Americans won’t or don’t believe it. Well, when the elitist hand that throws the bureaucracy grade feed at them, turns around and slaps them with more taxes than there are vaccinated, Democrat operatives at a NASCAR event, they’ll understand.

Ponder their illogical economic policy for a moment. Are they dumb as rocks or sly as a fox? I guess that depends on the Democrat. If they can cap and trade the stuffing out of business, the job market will go the way of the dust bowl just as


Gore is dumping some green, frozen stuff out of his jet over your farm. You might say to yourself, ”is that a sign?… maybe, I should sign on to destroy our Constitutional form of government altogether and get me some free government health care even though I know that I should be paying for my “own damn healthcare.”

Maybe their ultimate goal is for the economy to tank completely. They were rooting for Americans to get bulldozed over in

Iraq. That turned out differently, did it not? The media refuses to cover the success stories coming out of

Iraq because they’re nothing but ‘bag men’ for the Socialists. While Socialists continue to tax and regulate the economy into oblivion, the media spins the ugly truth. The next thing you know, they’ll be trying to banish our First Amendment rights. It’s on the ‘to do’ list I’m certain. They’ll never shut us up; not when all that is good and decent about this great country is at risk.

The Socialists in Congress know that most Americans find their ideology and their legislation to be utterly reprehensible which is why they sneak language into bills under the cover of darkness. The Freedom of Choice Act is a bill that will ban every state legislature from passing a law that bans abortion. Socialists have no respect for States’ rights. Obama has already promised to sign it. With a stroke of a pen, Obama will usurp


Boxer from her grim reaper status. Boxer is the preeminent advocate of late term abortions. Don’t worry

Barbara; nobody will ever swill more bad checks in and out of the Senate Banking till like you can.

So here’s the deal

America, go ahead keep telling yourself that all those Democrats in Congress care about you. There’s nothing like obstructing progress and forcing us to fork over $5/gallon for gas that shows you care. Skyrocketing food and energy costs could start a downward trend overnight if the Democrat-controlled Congress stopped blocking our nation from moving towards energy independence, but that’s not Socialism. Socialism puts government first and the individual last. What is best for the state is best for the state. Learn that Marxist mandate now! You exist to serve the state and don’t forget it.

I say throw the bums out. I mean how many crazy things have to come out of Pelosi’s mouth, like giving

Iran kudos for the success of the surge in

Iraq – before Americans snap out of it? How many radicals and racists does Obama have to distance himself from, after spending 20 years in their presence, while feigning faux shock at the fact that these people hate

America? What will it take besides the erosion of freedom and trampled American values before you notice the snake in the grass? The choice is clear – either you live to serve the state or you live free.

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