Dr J Castro PHD Diversity Studies U of Ky explains high college cost.

Dr J Castro PHD Diversity Studies University of Ky explains high college cost.

Do you really want to know why American college students working full time to pay their way to college need to go to a food bank so they don't starve? Do you want to know why the cost of higher education is not affordable for qualified USA citizens?

All you need to do is read the following letter from a recent University of Kentucky graduate who was selected to become a professor and given automatic tenure because of his reported diverse life experiences. Kentucky legislators and College Board members all believe the state of Kentucky can only become a leader in the business of education if we hire more professors with the unique diverse world experiences Professor Castro has to share and educate the rest of us.

Mr. JESUS CASTRO PHD, in Diversity Studies is a prominent professor at the University of Kentucky. He is a highly respected guest speaker at local and state functions studying causes of higher educational costs and what needs to be done to correct the problem.

You may want to request his presence in your state as an expert guest lecturer to help your legislators come up with a higher education program comparable to Kentucky’s. It is hard to exceed the high standards Kentucky has in education, but I am sure it is possible.

Dr. Castro explains what is needed to eliminate USA high college costs. This is one of the most accurate depictions of what is going on in sanctuary state Kentucky I have seen. A college education in this state is the most expensive worthless value that can be imagined. Don't waste your money on a Kentucky education, because they don't educate here they indoctrinate. They are world citizens and don't give a damn about the USA or us. Take your time reading this letter because the professor demands his native dialect be respected and thinks English is a racist manifestation of the evil imperialist USA..

In Kentucky it is considered a hate crime if you in any way insult or ridicule the ethnic characteristics of this world class professor and world citizen. Be warned to not say anything bad about Professor Castro.

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