Down With Dunn – Do You Want A Politician To Trust? Last Part (2)

I just spoke with Barbara Coe of

California and she also endorses Dr. Orly Taitz.

The Secretary of State counts the Votes. Joseph Stalin said:

'It's Not the People Who Vote that Count; It's the People Who Count the Votes'.

It has come to my attention that George Soros is funding candidates for the office of Secretary of State in all 50 States. Is Damon Dunn one of them?

Orly Taitz is a leader because she has foresight!

Her opponent, Damon Dunn, is a colony ant with no foresight.

A vote for Damon Dunn is a vote for Barrack Hussein Obama!

Damon Dunn is a democrat at heart. How do I know that? Because he first registered to vote as a Democrat in 1999, and that has been his political inclination ever since, even though now it is thinly veiled by a phony Republicanism. His support record has revealed his alignment with the Democrats – but his first vote was only last year in 2009! Where was his political vigor, commitment and responsibility for the past decade? Dunn has not been following politics at all, I must say. However, despite his inactivity he is not, apparently, without an opinion: Dunn the no-so-secret Democrat is quoted as saying in a recent interview –“Barack Obama is my personal hero”. Really? Idiot!

Well then, I ask myself ‘why did Dunn become a Republican?’ I suggest it is opportunism. Where, then, is the ‘lame stream’ Republican Party on this issue? They support Dunn. They seem to be out playing football with Democrats against

America, you and me. Not on my watch! Not this election!

Would you? …. Would you vote for B. Hussein Obama today given a second chance at the 2008 Presidential Election? If your answer is “NO!” then you can’t vote for Damon Dunn. Did I just say that out loud? What I meant to say is: do not vote for Damon Dunn – he is a Trojan Horse.

Why? Because Dunn has violated the

California election laws, just as Obama did nationally, in order to get elected.

It seems clear that Obama and the Democrat party, by deception and dirty tricks, withheld information and documentation regarding the viability of B. Hussein Obama to be a constitutionally valid candidate for the office of the President of the

USA. This intentional violation of the Constitution by Obama and the Democrats has caused an untenable conflict for

America and its trusting citizens. I think it is a calamity for the nation.

Damon Dunn has now violated the following:

CA statute §8001(a)(2), which requires one not to be affiliated with another party for at least 12 months before the announcement of one’s candidacy. Additionally, Mr. Dunn has violated CEC statutes §18203 and §18500, and committed voter fraud by not disclosing on his voter registration card in CA the fact that he was a registered Democrat in FL. Attached letter from Duval County registrar of voters states that Mr. Dunn has contacted them on July 10th 2009 and requested to delete from the database his voter registration records (where he is registered as a Democrat).

Mr. Dunn has been a registered Democrat in

Florida since 1999 until he registered as a Republican in CA less then a year ago and only 8 months before his official announcement to run as a Republican for the position of the Secretary of State.

Damon Dunn, Arlen Specter, John McCain, and B. Hussein Obama are essentially ants in that they are reactionary. Ants respond in unison to food or danger. Sounds like these guys above. However, ants cannot integrate new dire facts into a current factual situation and make a reasonable and rational decision regarding the consequences that may result. For instance, an ant has no idea what a bulldozer parked next to the anthill means. On top of that, ants refuse to listen when told what is about to happen, as do the above politicians. Ants are considered ‘smart’: they build tunnels, cities, farms and they are a community etc., but they are not intelligent because they have no vision for even the near future.

Many people are also ‘smart’ just like the ants – they plot and strategize for their own immediate and short-term benefit, but they fail to consider the long-term consequences of their actions that involve both their survival and the prosperity of their progeny. An ant would be someone who would cut off his nose to spite his face. The feeling of victory – in an election, perhaps – could only be short-lived when the lack of character, commitment, honor and values that mar a wishy-washy political stance cause the accelerated annihilation of the condition for the possibility of the victory.

In other words, an ant-like candidate such as Damon Dunn switches parties because he perceives a better chance of personal victory in the opposite party. In so doing, he reveals his complete lack of political loyalty and conviction. But it is conviction alone that can sustain and nourish the comfortable situation he thinks he can gain by winning at any cost. An ant-like voter is someone who supports this candidate by not voting with his conscience or with all the information. These voters doom the current comfort that enables their civic laziness.

Dr. Orly Taitz is not only smart she is intelligent. In order to be considered intelligent one must have the ability of prevention and action through foresight.

Tuesday –

8 June 2010 – Is the

California primary election day. We can send a message to the ants in

Washington by voting for Dr. Orly Taitz in the Republican Primary For “The Office Of The Secretary Of State for


If you are not a resident of

California please forward this to someone that is or knows someone that is. Get Out And Vote For Your Children!!

The previous article endorsing Orly Taitz:

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