Double or triple Jeopardy?

The Constitution Guarantees every citizens right to keep, and bear arms. This is absolute! It is the supreme law in our Great Nation. Yet laws are made that violate this Guarantee.

The Brady law says you cannot own a firearm if ever convicted of a felony. FOR LIFE! Never again can a person possess, carry, or own a firearm if convicted of a felony. For life! This is double jeopardy. If convicted of a felony,and sentenced to prison, that is one punishment. Then a lifetime ban of ever owning a firearm is another punishment, therefore double jeopardy.

Say a person is living in a home where a firearm is kept some 25 years after a felony conviction. This person has done nothing else but be in the home were a gun was. No person was harmed, no other laws were broken nothing stolen. Just being in a home where a gun was kept. They try, convict and sentence this person to 20 years in prison. (The mandatory sentence is some states) Would this not be triple jeopardy? Would this not be a violation of our supreme Constitutional law which provides for each citizen to keep, and bear arms? To enable each citizen to protect self, and property in the event of an attack, weather by villain, or foreign forces? A triple punishment for something already paid for once? Is this truly the Justice of our Great Country?

I am confused. I learned the hard way to follow the laws, and rules of this Great Nation, and now this is happening to me. It is not just a story. It is not just a question I pose. I am facing prison for just being in a home where a gun was kept. Your tax dollars will go to feed, and house me. My family will need public assistance to survive while I am gone. Another tax burden on an already strained system all because of a law that is unconstitutional, and unconscionable. A blatant violation of one of our most sacred laws.When our country was being founded and a man went to prison he was released with a horse, saddle, and gun. This was during one of our most violent periods and yet they knew a man deserved the right to protect himself and his property.

They expect us to submit to the will of hired guns who abuse the law, and go on killing sprees because they are upset at some made up mental deviation.They want us to hide in malls while some screwed in the head gun toting nutcase cracks off round after round killing innocent people?

There has got to be a middle ground I can understand a person who has proved themselves to be unstable, and dangerous not being allowed to have a weapon. I cannot understand a person being stripped of the right to keep and bear arms because of simple felonies that carry little more than a year and are non violent in nature. That stinks to me of Tyranny! I beleived until now that I lived in a free and righteous Country. I have never in my life been ashamed to say I am an American. (Until Now!)

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