Don’t Trade Liberty For Dependency

…while distracted Americans condone it with their silence. Silence can be interpreted as defeat or indifference. Continuing down the road of passivity threatens all that we believe in; our sovereignty, the rule of law, our religious tradition and our independence.

The time has come once again for Americans to take a stand for their God given rights. The generation of Americans who fought for and founded this great nation knew that we the people must remain vigilant if we are to keep this republic.

How is it that a "rag tag" group of patriots managed to expel an oppressive monarchy and replace it with a system of self-government? The colonists were united in their quest for freedom by a shared "suppressed rage" against the status quo.

The courage to come together and declare their independence was sustained by their confidence in God. The just cause of their revolutionary struggle was recognized and supported by other countries. Before long, it was the American dream alone that captivated the imagination of the world.

In the yet to be written phase of American history in which we find ourselves, our rights, our independence and our religious tradition are all at risk. How will the story end? Will our republic survive or will it be replaced completely with centralized power of the state?

Our Constitution is under attack on every front. Consider the endless stream of stealth legislation that favors non-citizens over citizens. Our entire social structure has been undermined for generations now by radical leftists who populate the judiciary and author entitlement legislation.

There is a patent coldness to the socialist manifesto of the left. Like a dark cloud of oppression, it degrades and strangles a passion for life and liberty and replaces it with an elitist conceptualization of the human being as a unit that must fit into a model of state mandated equality. It is all around us and it’s time for good Americans to protect what they have taken for granted, for far too long.

Does it bother you that elitist academics have suppressed freedom of speech at high schools and colleges and are actively indoctrinating our children with modern progressive propaganda? Are you concerned that the ACLU is systematically exterminating all forms of religious expression from coast to coast? How do you feel about the sell out of America for reasons of globalization; this after years of denying its existence?

How can politicians tie the hands of our highly trained military behind their backs with rules of engagement that have sent a chill over the battlefield? It is unthinkable that special interests have such an influence on policy that our borders remain open in a time of war. Will good men continue to stand by and be silent while Congress subverts our sovereignty without so much as a protest?

The Socialists a.k.a. ‘modern progressives’ are hoping to capture the White House under the guise of the Democrat party. Clinton has made multiple campaign announcements promising to bankrupt this nation with endless entitlements and onerous taxation in order to create a dependent citizenry who will keep her in power. Will we allow this socialist to subvert our Constitution by trading in our freedom so that we can be taken care of as though we were children?

Preserve freedom not so much for yourself as for your children and grandchildren. In the words of John Jay, grandson and namesake of the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: "It is high time to wake out of sleep."

President Bush recently vetoed the expanded State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) because it went far beyond its original intent. Bush supports SCHIP for the purpose of aiding indigent children but, not as an extended socialist medicine policy that it would become if the spending bill was passed. As expected, the Democrats are out in force claiming that Bush doesn’t care about the poor children in America.

This ploy is as ridiculous and shameless as when the Democrats used children by parading them in front of the White House in order to garner media attention for the bill. Deception with the intent to deceive is part and parcel of the Democrat party’s abuse of power. And it is this unconstitutional abuse of power that American’s must speak out against.

On another front, all indications point to Bush signing the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Pact (UNCLOS) which would threaten our sovereignty and independence. Ratifying this treaty would essentially surrender our jurisdiction to the United Nations. If all this doesn’t contribute to your "suppressed rage" what will?

The consent of the governed has been ignored by the legislative and executive branches and has been overturned by the judiciary. It is imperative that Americans become involved in the political process; only then will our elected representatives stop ignoring us.

While we still have a voice, we need to use it. We can no longer abdicate the responsibility we hold in preserving our rights. Apathy, cynicism and disinterest will work together to dismantle the Constitution while we sleep. The enemies within are not counting on any resistance from us while they steal our rights in the dead of night.

Tear up your list of 101 reasons why you should continue doing absolutely nothing. How about holding your representatives accountable on every piece of legislation that threatens our sovereignty and our freedom? Make it your responsibility to be informed about what is happening on the floor of the Senate. It affects your life and the future of this republic.

Government spending is out of control across the board and we Americans have allowed that to happen. We were distracted by our reality TV shows, by the Mall and by celebrity mug shots and car chases. We have no idea what is going in Congress and Congress knows that. Apathetic, cynical, uninvolved citizens are exactly what the left is counting on. Take back your country, America while you still can. Doing nothing is a choice and the lack of action will result in more government and less freedom.

There are enough of us out there with considerable "suppressed rage". We also have a deep and abiding confidence in God that will provide the courage we need to fight back and preserve our rights. You don’t have to move mountains; you just need to do your part. Move out of your comfort zone and fight for your freedom, your rights and your independence.

Get on the phone; canvas your neighborhood and express yourself. Be informed and take action. Don’t let excuses keep you strapped into your easy chair. This task is not impossible nor is it insurmountable. Get involved on some level. At the very least, let your representatives know where you stand on key legislation. We all have something to offer.

Don’t trade liberty for dependency. We’re not children. We don’t need Hillary to take care of us. Turn off the epic saga of intoxicated young Hollywood and take on the ruling class. Bring it to them. We may be a "rag tag" group of patriots, but there is nothing more precious than freedom and the time to take back our country has arrived.

"Before God, I believe the hour has come. My judgement approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it. All that I have, and all that I am, and all that I hope in this life, I am now ready here to stake upon it. And I leave off as I began, that live or die, survive or perish, I am for the Declaration. It is my living sentiment, and by the blessing of God it shall be my dying sentiment. Independence now, and Independence forever."

-John Adams

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