Donald Trump Remains Politically Incorrect – vs – Apoplectic Hillary.DNC.Muslim

by Barry Weinstein –

As an American citizen I demand that my family, my friends, my fellow citizens and I be protected from all enemies both foreign and domestic. That is the bottom line that Mr. Trump verbalizes and it which cannot be said enough and towards any and all adversaries or enemies that wish America and the American people harm. Of course I include the democrat leadership who’s only interest it has become self-evident is their own wealth, power and control and to Hades with the American citizens and Country as well, of course.

Mr. Trump, Please continue to stand your ground and remain Politically Incorrect. I agree that this is the necessary way to make “America Safe Again!”

The media, Hillary Clinton, oh yes and that Muslim fellow Kahn as well as the entire democratic convention participants, not to mention the RINO republicans who were and still are entirely aimed at corralling Mr. Donald J. Trump into being politically correct.

That is what all the Noise, histrionics, false accusations, venomous attacks, reality distortions and the malicious tirades of incompetence directed at the Republican Nominee for the Presidency of the United States, Mr. Trump, is entirely about. That’s all it is.

The prominent and remnant issue, of the (D) convention right now is due to the caterwauling of the supporters of the anti-American “Crooked Hillary” (to say the least) for the Presidency of the United States, it is entirely and merely that Mr. Trump replied to the Muslim father of a now deceased heroic soldier of the United State, in his typically politically incorrect way.

I have not heard a peep about the dead American Christian soldier, Jewish soldier, Buddhist soldier or any other religion of a dead American Hero, that is ever mentioned by the democrat party, or crooked Hillary Clinton. What gives?

The gallant, noble, honorable soldier, Captain Humayun Khan, is now a treasured American and was first and foremost an invaluable American Citizen in the true sense of all that Patriotism which has gone before him; and not a Muslim first.

However, the father Mr. Khizr Muazzam Khan is another matter entirely.

Mr. Khan, Sir, I cannot sit idly and silently by while you effort on behalf of a hate-America democrat and anarchist,  the one and only “Crooked Hillary” at the DNC convention and now in the supporters of “Death to America” media and democratic pundits.

Prove me wrong!

You Sir, are not your heroic America first Son.

I find your speech and therefore your intentions inimical to the Constitution and thus America and its citizens. Neither I and all of those Americans I know do not want an invasion of ISIS and or any other potential terrorists brought into this country for the sole purpose of killing infidels, that’s my family, my friends, neighbors and me. That is what you and the Crooked Hillary Clinton intend and that is what is in contention here.

Further, your hostility and that of the “Crooked Hillary Clinton” to Mr. Trump’s stated goal to keep America safe again smacks of Shakespeare’s famous line: “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of (Muslim /Islam) war”.

You Mr. Kahn, have not expressed any outrage at the ongoing Jihad and the murder of thousands of Christians and Muslims at the hands of the other Muslim members of the “Religion of Peace” that being ISIS and the rest of the terrorist hordes, now rampaging through Europe. Of course they have they help of the crooked and indifferent politicians there which are the Obama cloning force at work on Crooked Hillary and you her Muslim supporter and advocate.

Here is what has been uncovered about you so far.

Like Obama the anti-American transformer, you sir are the very definition of the movie character an evil Decepticon, and here is  What the Media Is Not Telling America About you:

It is that “you are the Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump:

You are a Muslim Brotherhood Agent (just as Obama is) Who Wants to Advance Sharia Law and Bring Muslims into The United States” | by Walid Shoebat

You Mr. Kahn, are a clear and present danger posed to myself, my family, my friends and all of the American Citizens across this great nation.

And as far as my politically incorrect statement is, take your wife and get out of this country and please the Decepticon crooked Hillary Clinton with you.

For more go here:

Oh and a bit more – comment:

“Trust your instincts, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx – not only did Mr. Khan refuse to denounce the shariah obligation to jihad, he lied about it & denied there even was such a thing. He allowed himself to be used as a political prop by the DNC, to attack Donald Trump –

Khan is a self-described devout Muslim (aka shariah-adherent) NYC lawyer who works on Muslim immigration matters. Capt. Khan is a hero who died to save his fellow soldiers & in service to his country….

but, as the new Dabiq 15 issue, ‘Break the Cross,’ just out yesterday, notes, Capt. Khan died an apostate…but the father never says anything about that.

There’s an agenda here & it’s not about Capt. Khan or the sacrifice he willingly made when he volunteered for the U.S. Army, went to Iraq, or fought & died on our behalf. It’s about a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda agenda to demonize Trump for suggesting maybe we ought to revamp our screening procedures before opening the immigration floodgates.”

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