Donald Trump Must Believe What Obama Says?

by Barry Weinstein –

Only fools and sycophants accept and thus believe any statement made by the Liar and manipulator, B. Hussein Obama, either now or for that matter in the past.

The son of a Muslim Father, B. Hussein Obama, has in the past claimed that he is a Christian and that he was born in Hawaii.

According to the Muslim religion the child of a Muslim father is a Muslim. Set that aside for the moment.

Obama said that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. This is now a confirmed LIE!

Obama said if you like your medical plan/insurance policy you can keep your plan. This is now a confirmed LIE!

Obama said that everyone would save $2500.00 on their health insurance plan. This is now a confirmed LIE!

Obama Swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, that was a Lie and Fraud both at the time and after he violated the Oath.

Ipso Facto!

And on and on the lies are exposed. Now there is the Iran deal.
Now the media and some of the Republican Presidential Candidates demand that Presidential front runner Mr. Donald Trump accept as true the statements by B, Hussein O. that he is a Christian and also that he was born in the USA in Hawaii,

It is another lie by Obama and the fools and the sycophant media that brought the American People the Greatest Liar in the history of the USA.

Now the fools and sycophants want Trump to say that Obama is not a Liar on these two things; that is being a Muslim or not and being born in America.

By the way where is the original Obama birth certificate — not the photo shopped one, you fools.

Mr. Trump tell them all to go to Hades!

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