Your mind is filled with so many things such as thoughts, emotions, trivia, knowledge, memories, histories, ideas, perceptions, attitudes, instincts, reactions, past pain and suffering, My own mind couldn’t think of anything else to state at the moment. Oh well! My mind had only those thoughts, it’s maxed out for now. Perhaps something else will come to me as I write this article. When you are busy your mind focuses on the present situation or task. People like to keep themselves busy, to distract from pain. When you live in the present moment you are not living in the past or future. When you daydream or find yourself alone at night, these are often times when waves of thoughts come to you. Chattering minds a common ailment for many. If these thoughts are past events or replays of something you should have done differently, something is not settled for you. You are in the past for whatever the reason. You can become aware of this. You can control your mind more than you might think. You must explore what you mind is trying to tell you. Your thoughts are wherever they are for some reason. Something may need healing or perhaps you need to remedy something. See what emotions appear and explore why they are prominent. Ask yourself questions about your thoughts, and write down answers if necessary, this can aid in healing. If the same circumstances are playing over and over again in your head, face the issue. Take time daily to focus on your most prominent thoughts. Once you know where your mind focuses then you can take action to change it. You can start to control your mind, instead of letting your mind control you. When you say negatives words or phrases to yourself, that negative is the effect you will get. If you say to yourself, “I can’t do that,” you know what you can’t. If you say to yourself “you are stressed,” you will feel stressed. If you say to yourself “you are calm,” you’ll feel calm. It’s very simple. So you can control you mind more than you think. Words have power and strength. A words meaning will be reflected to you both emotionally and physically. Become aware of what you say to yourself and what your thoughts are. Let go of the negatives with wonderful positives. By saying positives to yourself, you’ll feel more positive. The mind-body connection exists in all of us. When emotional events or crises arise, this is often when your mind controls you. Your reactions, emotions, past memories, or triggers will dictate and take over your state of mind. Working through your problems and pain is the best remedy. So my answer to the above question is both statements are true. You raise your own consciousness the more you become aware and the more you heal. The more you let go of past pain and suffering, your mind does not linger in the same place. You enlighten yourself by healing and not worrying what’s going to happen a week, a month, or a year down the road. When you live in the present moment you are freer. The freer your mind, the more open you are for new things. Your life will fluctuate between both mind concepts. Suffering often increases your own spirituality. In this day and age the raising of consciousness is imperative due to terrible things happening in the world. The more we all heal and enlighten ourselves, the better this world will be. Awareness is vital. So focus where your mind takes you and see what needs to be healed for you. Only you can change your world and your mind. This article is dedicated to Dave Johnson of Texas Cheryl Kennedy is a Certified Master & Medical Hypnotherapist, Grief Counselor, Crisis Interventionist, Reiki Master, Certified Asian Body Worker in Acupressure, & Activist for Social Change Inner Transformational Hypnotherapy – San Mateo, CA 650-580-5312 This article is written and presented by Insightful Soul, Inc. Cheryl Kennedy, CEO – April 2008

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