Do You Want A Politician To Trust?

… in the June 8, Republican Primary. Taitz is clear-headed, intelligent, utterly reliable and tough. Do “We The People” need a Politician to trust? YES! Then ‘We The People’ MUST Vote for the, America First, private citizen, the courageous Candidate, Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. Orly Taitz does not back down and cannot be bought off — Taitz says what she means and means what she says. She has proven it to us and all of her other supporters and endorsers.

I am writing on behalf of the Staff here at the and many others including, John Clark, the radio talk show host of “America Betrayed”, broadcast live at:

I have just spoken with Dr.Taitz – Sat.

11:45 EST –

5 June 2010.

Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. never wanted to be a politician.

Orly has become what she originally set out to become, both a respected medical professional (a highly reputed dentist) and a successful attorney. Taitz is reluctantly accepting the responsibility of a public official out of necessity and for the good of the people and

America, just as George Washington did. Perfect! This is the only type of person to trust and elect.

As the Secretary of State in

California, Orly Taitz will demand the valid documentation of all candidates, including Obama. And all of the Primary election candidates will be compelled to establish their “Natural Born Citizen” status prior to being placed on the

California ballot. This begins in 2011, just a few short months from now.

In addition, Dr. Taitz stated that as soon as she gets elected into and occupies the office of the Secretary of State, she will begin a thorough exploration for the documentary facts and truth regarding any frauds committed in the last election for the President of the

USA. Further, Dr. Taitz asserts that the facts and the truth will be made public.

Orly Taitz is a singularly trusted representative, at all times, conducting herself on behalf of ‘We The People’. She will again swear an oath to uphold the

US and California Constitutions.

I have personally met Orly Taitz and have spent some time speaking with her, and I have also observed her in action. Taitz has placed herself in harm’s way in order to protect and defend the

United States’ Constitution. Taitz has done so and continues to do so, on behalf of those in ‘OUR’ military who properly challenge B. Hussein Obama as ‘Commander ‘n Chief ’. Why? Because their oaths, honor, lives and country are at stake. The dangerous confrontation Taitz has undertaken is with the current sitting “President” of the

USA. Regarding Obama’s evasive misconduct in the denial of proof of being a “Natural Born Citizen” of the

USA, Taitz has been relentless. A Birth Certificate – you and I must show ours all over the place for proof of eligibility even to drive a car, let alone be the president of the

USA! It must be a cover-up!

For Taitz’s altruistic efforts on ‘OUR’ behalf, she has been sanctioned by a corrupt federal judiciary and mocked in public by the now falling, corrupt and deceitful media. Yet, Taitz continues undaunted. Taitz bravely confronts, in my opinion, a now disgraced, cowardly Federal Judiciary and prevaricating ‘President’, in order to demand the honest truth.

Let’s start to take back

America and

California NOW, by electing Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. as the next Secretary of State for the great State of


Get Up, Stand Up and VOTE for Orly Taitz –

Tuesday June 8, 2010.

Bring your friends and family; buy them a milk shake or something they like (and bring your documentation as a legal citizen).

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