A family known for its wealth, accomplishment and political prowess, the Kennedy familyhas arguably contributed much to the nation. Nobody can take away from the Kennedy’s that one died in militaryservice to his nation, and two, a President and a Senator,were murdered in political assassinations that horrified and saddened every decent and compassionate person.

Without taking away from the family this honored position and recognition, the Kennedy family must come to face a very grim and sensitive reality…its significantwealth apparently derivesin part from the involvement of its patriarch, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, with Nazi Germany.

One source for this information is none other than the extraordinary historian, lawyer and expert on intelligence matters, John Loftus.

Loftus, a former federal prosecutor and partner at the prestigious

Boston law firm of Bingham Dana & Gould (now known as Bingham McCutchen) has made a thorough study of Joseph P. Kennedy's role as an Axis helper right before the Second World War, based in part on unprecedented access to

United States intelligence archives.

Joseph Kennedy, father of the President and grandfather of almost Senator Caroline, was appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt as ambassador to

London on the eve of the Second World War. He was quite unhappy that

America and

England did not ally themselves with

Germany, whose fascist style government was, in Kennedy's mind, the only way to run a government.

Loftus writes that the British were aware of Kennedy's investments and secret ties with Nazi Germany and had bugged his office.(1) Eventually, his British hosts tired of his undermining the cause of democracy and procured his resignation.

Ambassador Kennedy was a known bigot. Ample correspondence of his with another Nazi sympathizer, Viscountess Nancy Langhorne Astor is replete with praise of Adolf Hitler. (2)

The letters include incrediblechortling over the Nazi persecution of the

Jews. Kennedy's record in

London was essentially a record of treason against the

United States. (3)

Though today's media harlots were quick to point out how the Bush family invested with Nazis, the Kennedy involvement was much worse. It was blended with ideological sympathy and a malicious undermining of human rights and the American national interest, while the Bush involvement apparentlyresulted from haplesslyinvesting in the wrong place at the wrong time.

No investigation has been made of the Kennedy family foundation's origins, if any, in Nazi investments or the numerous trusts which support the vastKennedy clan.

Though today's press vultures demand transparency from everybody they disagree with they don't include the Kennedy’s.

Why not?

Did Kennedy invest in German's war machine? Did he invest in the death camp suppliers? Did he invest in resource development that aided the war and extermination efforts?

These are questions nobody in mainstream media will ever ask.

But it doesn't stop there. The Kennedy’s now continue to do business with the worst of the foreign tyrants.

Witness former Congressman Joseph Kennedy, grandson of the old Nazi.

His company, Citizens Energy Corporation, is an importer of oil from the national petroleum company of

Venezuela's madman Hugo Chavez, who hasallowed Hezbollah to build training camps in his country. (4)

Venezuela has allied itself with the holocaust deniers in

Iran and has even brought in Nazis from

Argentina as advisors. (5)

Just two weeks ago, armed thugs invaded Carcass’s synagogue and badly vandalized it.(6) Anti-Semitic and anti Israeli statements are common among

Venezuela's new government, and much the country's Jewish community will likely be relocating fairly soon.

But Joe Kennedy of Citizens Energy can't be bothered with such details.

This just shows us…he's a Kennedy.

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