DisMembering Congress – Part 1

Gentlemen and Ladies! Don’t get angry about the thieving gangsters in Washington D. C., let’s get even.

These scoundrels have attacked our homes by attacking our finances and that of our children and their children, on and on. We must fight fire with fire folks.

Let’s teach our children how to control Congress from afar, a different State in the country that is to say.

There are merely two things that must be done. The first is noise. The second is cohesive financial action against their States economy. For the noise part, We the People notify the media and the press of the financial isolation of the selected State(s) because of their Senators or Representatives. One Mind – One Result!

Let’s start with getting even with the — it’s all about the money fool — Traitors from Maine, Senator Olympia J. Snowe (Rino) and Senator Susan M. Collins ‘(Rino)’ and last but not least from Philadelphia Pa. Senator Arlen Specter ‘(Rino)’ who have voted along with the democrat socialist agenda, far to long. How? One Mind – One Result!

[ ‘…tourism in

Maine is huge. In 2006 it generated roughly $10 billion in sales of goods and services, 140,000 jobs, and $3 billion in earnings.’] The same is likely true for the other cities and states named here for financial disruption. [[Part 2 – will look into the financial facts of each target.]]

Let’s add to this Dismembering Congress list, Nancy ‘rubbers’ Pelosi (D) and Barbara Boxer (D), from San Francisco and Barney Frank (D) from Massachusetts and Chris Dodd (D) from Connecticut.

Dodd and Frank are the cause of the housing collapse, due to their protection of the ‘sub prime’ mortgage scam that has led to the rest of the financial collapse. This is the basis of the theft of our children’s future for the benefit of their lazy, no good, moocher constituents. And as to the two Harpies from

San Francisco, enough is enough when it comes to deviants attacking the great American society.

To Start:

I vow not to intentionally buy any goods from the State of

Maine nor shall I vacation or tour the State of

Maine until these two imposters in the US Senate are voted out of office. The same goes for the Imposter in the Senate, Arlen Specter Esq., from


Philadelphia is a great source of votes for Specter due to the large freeloading population. Time to tighten the economic screws folks! President B. Hussein O. will be hard pressed to control the frightened rascals in the Congress. It then will be like herding cats.

The voters in the respective State elected these Traitors to the Constitution of the

United States that they ‘Swore’ to uphold, but clearly have not, that is Treason and fraud amongst other things. This misconduct is a declared act of economic war against the very people of

America and their progeny.

One Mind – One Result! There were 59,934,814 votes against B. Hussein O. in the 2008 election. That folks is truly a great power if it is even slightly organized. It is very likely, I believe, that with the current conduct of the –unconstitutional– ‘President’ and his minions in congress, and the three (R) traitors, that have just placed our progeny into involuntary servitude for generations to come. How? By way of the ‘Rip Off ‘ not ‘stimulus’ package of multi trillions of dollar, there are more and more Americans who would now vote against this President etc., I believe. My favorite definition of Slavery is: The taking of the fruits of ones labors for ones own use or purpose. To that end this Congress and the Illegal Alien Kenyan national, unconstitutional [until proven otherwise] President B. Hussein Obama have planned for us and all the children to come.

I suspect that these 59,934,814 votes were primarily, the self reliant, hard working, family oriented, tax paying, patriotic Americans, that ‘cling to their Bible and guns’, who are the source of the money that President B. Hussein O. and the swindlers in Congress had always intended to and have in fact robbed finally on Tuesday, 17.February.2009.

However, when sixty million Americans decide to stop spending money on something or somewhere that something or somewhere is ruined, which results in the end of their destructive malevolent power wielded in the Congress. (One Mind – One Result)

So, let us the sixty million conservative voters now act to take

America back. Let’s show the children how it is done.

Economic sanctions! That is the way that the

US government and the rest of the western government allies do it. They no longer trade with a target rogue nation until it capitulates. (One Mind – One Result)

MAKE NOISE – Tell Your Family & Friends – MAKE NOISE

Some Usuful Facts:

Tourism and the

Maine Economy

The State Planning Office found that the economic impact of tourism in

Maine is huge. In 2006 it generated roughly $10 billion in sales of goods and services, 140,000 jobs, and $3 billion in earnings.

Tourism is one of

Maine’s largest and most important industries.

Every year, millions of people visit

Maine’s beaches, lakes, and mountains. The money they spend during their travels ripples throughout

Maine’s economy, generating jobs, income, and tax revenue. In 2006, an estimated 10 million overnight trips and 30 million day trips were taken in

Maine. Travelers spent nearly $1 billion on lodging, $3 billion on food, and $1 billion on recreational activities.

To better understand the contribution of tourism to

Maine’s economy, the Office of Tourism asked the State Planning Office to conduct an “economic impact” assessment. “Economic impact” essentially refers to the amount of new money an industry adds to a state’s economy. It is not a measure of an industry’s total sales. “New money” means money that would not have entered the state’s economy but for the existence of the industry.

Click here for a Reference Guide to Tourism and the Maine Economy.

Click here to learn more about the Methodology for calculating tourism's economic impact.

Click here for the Reference Guide's Sources.

Part 2 – More useful facts.

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