Dirty Pig Solution

They invaded

New York, planned to construct a mosque at ground zero and call our objection anti-Muslim bigotry? They must have a brain smaller than that of a donkey!

A donkey with a pen wrote: "It's absolutely clear that anti-Muslim bigotry is going through the roof …” This honky-tonk canary, actually a yellow finch hate-balladeer has a very poor understanding of this tsunami of protests by the American people.

For heavens’ sake, it’s not Islamophobia but the Islamization of America Obama leads that Americans hate. The former is hate or bigotry, the latter is conversion to an Islamic faith through coercion or act of violence.

With a granted permission from the author, I would like to reprint this editorial report.

It is actually a letter to the editor of a website dated

September 22, 2010. Obama created a constitutional problem when he defended the mosque by invoking religious freedom to benefit only the Muslims. The author offers a solution to that problem as follows:

“I want to revisit this issue one last time … with a solution that I recommend – pork blood and the head of a pig!

“Obama was using the Constitution to defend the religion of his Muslim brethren to construct a mosque wherever they want. More than 70% of the American people all over

America disagreed that ground zero should be the right location for Muslims to exercise their constitutional freedom of religion. They can do it anywhere except on ground zero because constructing a mosque on this site wounds Americans, but Obama is "an insensitive lout", so let’s not argue about that.

“Neither should we argue that Obama is a dye-in-the-wool believer of Islam. He grew up as a Muslim, a devoted Islamic disciple, since his childhood in

Indonesia under the name Barry Soetero. That’s an open book.

“What we should argue about – and let me lead the way for this legalese task if I may – is how Obama dares to use the Constitution without shame, to cover up his underground religious identity as a Muslim and a sly disciple of Islam by defending the mosque against a tsunami of protests or attacks from across the nation.

“Let’s also use the Constitution to prove Obama thinks like a donkey. The donkey we are referring to is a two-legged animal that resembles a horse with a large head but with a very little brain therefore lacks intelligence.

“Like Obama, let’s also use the First Amendment against Obama himself – the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. We have this grievance directed to Obama who thinks he is a one-man government – and that is our right to protest against the construction of the mosque on ground zero.

“To redress our grievances, we sprinkle the hallowed surface of the earth in ground zero with pig’s blood, and bury the head of a slaughtered hog underneath as a form of a religious ritual or belief protected by the Constitution. We have also freedom of religion and religious belief just as the Muslims have – the holy sacrifice of swine in the altar of the freedom of religion that Obama was so proud in mentioning when he defended the construction of the mosque on ground zero as an expression of the Muslims’ religious freedom. Their religious freedom is expressed by constructing a holy mosque on ground zero that scandalized and traumatized Americans deeply wounded by the 911 carnage perpetrated by their violent Jihad attackers. Our religious freedom is expressed by a sacred ritual of a hog’s head buried on ground zero with a sprinkle of pig’s blood over it to cast away the evil spirit of terror that haunts and threatens the land.

“If we do this as a solution to this mosque problem, we fall squarely within the provisions of the Constitution’s First Amendment – freedom of religion, as well as the right to petition the government to redress our grievances. We have two, as against Obama’s one, coming out of the First Amendment.

“And we have more not just two! We have the Tenth Amendment — the Rule of Construction of the Constitution. With this constitutional protection, Obama could no longer legally disparage our position.

“Under this Tenth Amendment, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights [our rights to freedom of religion (the pig ritual) and to petition to redress grievances I have just mentioned], shall not be construed to deny or disparage others [other rights] retained by the people."

“We are that people, not like Muslims and their mosque, who neither act like people [911 savages] nor care about the vast majority of the American people; their religious terrorists invaded our land, specifically

New York were they buried their more than 6,000 innocent victims beneath ground zero. Now they want to construct a mosque on ground zero to immortalize this infamy and celebrate their victory, eternally! To millions of Americans across the country, the mosque is the Mark of the Beast!

“In fact the sad truth is, the building of the mosque is a covert continuation of Islam’s Jihad. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who contaminated the mind of Muslims in

New York and elsewhere with this mosque-germ of an idea, was treacherous – he was hiding the sword of Koran behind his back. This time the attack of terror led by this shady Imam is aimed at conquering the spirit of

New York where their success of genocidal murder and mass destruction took place, because

New York is today’s "

Alamo" that rallies the entire nation against Islam’s religious war.

“The compromise solution – the pork solution — that I am offering here is not new, and it has been proven very effective against Muslim terrorists once it is carried out properly.

“The story goes that in the year 1911, Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of a garrison in


Philippines. He was on top of his campaign in successfully suppressing Muslim terrorism. His problem was hordes of fierce Filipino Muslim warriors with Arabic ancestry called "Moros" kept on coming and attacking, and he kept on killing them to no avail. Their battle prayer was to kill and be killed. Those that were captured even begged to face the firing squad at the earliest time possible. Under their religious belief, to die for Allah would earn them a pass to heaven where they would claim their holy reward for eternal life. Thus militarily, just to kill those Muslim terrorists was a tedious and tiring waste of time.

“A bright idea twinkled in Pershing’s mind. While lining up a column of prisoners against the wall ready to be executed by his firing squad, Pershing ordered his soldiers to slaughter a pig in front of the doomed Moros about to be shot. Members of the firing squad were ordered to rub their bullets with the blood and fat of the pig. This terrified the Muslims who were about to die. Pershing was right … the prisoners saw that when they die, their spirit would be contaminated with the hog’s blood and they could not enter heaven.

“Pershing executed all the prisoners in this manner, except one he released back to the Moros camp. The report said Muslim terrorism in the

Philippines stopped "for the next 50 years". [Ref. and acknowledgement, Felimar Blanco, siagnon.com.]

“To recap: Obama could not deny our right to religious freedom just as no one would deny Muslims of their right to religious freedom according to Obama. The Muslims expressed their religious right by building a mosque which, according to Obama, it could be anywhere they want.

“In this solution to the problem Obama created in interpreting religion freedom only to benefit his Muslim breathren, I am also calling attention to the protection of our religions freedom – expression of our religious belief with a sacred ritual “performed” on ground zero. Here we use the word "perform", similar to the Muslims’ "construction" of the mosque on the same spot.

“I am sure Obama and his Muslim brethren would kick the bucket by telling us to move our religious rituals away from ground zero. The head of a hog where the mosque is, would definitely hurt the feelings of Muslims all over the world, just as the mosque on ground zero harmed and injured the feelings of all Americans everywhere.

Their roar of protest may be as loud as the clap of thunder in the sky, but we couldn’t hear them, just as they didn’t hear us when we burst our lungs crying out in a thunderous protest to move the mosque away from ground zero because it was not the right place … that’s where our feelings were irreverently ignored and our injury disrespectfully inflicted.” #

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