…. We will just have to brace ourselves for the worst to come.

While the Liberals clown on the president, there is a serious problem whoever gets elected president this Novemberother than candidate



Romney. We must face reality, and the sooner that is, the better. Of the Republican and Democrat candidates for president of the

United States,

Romney is the only alternative. If

Romney loses the chance to get elected president, we may hit


Landau’s icebergs that sunk the Titanic. On board the next Ship of State under a new president-elect, the tragic fate of the Titanic serves a warning that we either swim or go down with it.

edwin sumcad/02/07/08

This is a sequel to “

Romney – The Candidate To Elect” that millions of Americans voting in state primaries read in NWS nationwide starting

February 5, 2008 onward. It also happens to connect with the endorsement of this online publication of

Romney as the candidate to elect for president.

It is purely providential that the findings of this author with more than 45 years experience in critique writing – mostly political skits, research-backed editorials, incisive analytical essays on issues of national importance, and on the lighter side satires of upbeat politicians and shoddy politics published by this journalist who cannot be politicized – coincide with the findings of NWS that if among the candidates Romney is not elected president, this country will have a very bad beating.

For, once McCain,

Clinton or Obama gets elected president, there will be a radical change for

America. The uncertainty and anxiety of a great number of Americans as they anticipate this change on their lives and on their way of living, and even on the way they think, center on where they are being lead to …to paradise in the Garden of Eden or straight to the gate of Hell.

As I write this short editorial bulletin, the name ‘



McCain’ is flashing red on national television channels. The Republican Senator from

Arizona is winning the primaries nationwide.

But the candidate to vote for president is



Romney, this we have studied and analyzed, of course with a grain of salt if we have to be candid about it because he is not winning against


McCain in the Republican nomination race. By the time you read this,

Romney might even have already opted out of the contest.

To be simplistic about it, If McCain wins the primary, that means the Senator will be the standard bearer of the Republican Party in this coming November presidential election. It also means that


Romney will not be theRepublican candidate for president, andhe will never have a chance to become president of the

United States, at least for the next four years.

These all sound so crude and one-dimensional, but the submerged consequences are larger and more dangerous than


Landau’s mountain of hidden icebergs that sunk the Titanic.

For the Democratic Party, whoever wins the primary will run against McCain if McCain is the GOP candidate for president, again to sound naïve one more time for the sake of clarity, especially for the benefit of those who might be slow to catch up. As I write this piece, still fighting for the Democrat nomination are


Clinton and




Clinton is ahead and most likely will win the Democrat nomination as the Dem presidential candidate to face McCain this November.

Thus we have this possibility of the presidential election this November

between GOP McCain and


Clinton. Again, as I write for your attention, I hope this picture is now clear before I proceed any further.

First of all, I am not touching the quarrel between the pure conservatives in the Republican hierarchy, and their nemesis — the moderate conservatives – no matter how are they described by pundits … socialists, evangelical, liberal or right extremists, etc. Neither am I bothered by


Limbaugh’s “Big Tent” critique of McCain as a resurrection of watered down conservatism. That’s their business. If the Republicans fail in this November election, they can only blame themselves. They can expect the election of a Dem president by default or as a result of their absence because they are too busy reaching at each other’s throat. My concern is what will happen when

Romney does not get elected president.

The problem we face when a Dem candidate is elected presidentthis November is national security. Terror will celebrate this Dem victory.

Terror's reason for this celebration of the Democratic win is that the Dem president-elect will "end the war in

Iraq" bypulling our troops out of


The forces of terror in the

Middle Easthave been waiting for this voluntary defeat of the

U.S.in the

Iraq warthrough troop withdrawal so that they can take over

Iraq [Congressional intelligence investigation reports]. Once we leave

Iraq, It is impossible for the newly established democratic government of

Iraq to defend itself againstterror's programmedtakeover of the country because of the on-going civil war.

Think about it carefully.It looks so stupid for the

United Statesto leave

Iraq without the president-elect seeing this terrible consequence through the mind's eye.

But listen carefully. The intoxication of politics is stronger than that 90% proofhomemade oriental rice wine that I know warriors drink to blunt the gnawing pain of war.

For example, Filipinofreedom fighters who bury their dead that leave a deep scar among the living, called this intoxicating elixir in combat "lambanog", similar to or even much more potent than President Putin's cleansing alcoholimbibed by Stalinists in Russia as a prescribed revisionist vodkabut in several subordinate satellite countries rejected as an undrinkable dose of collectivism by ragtag rebels who rather would like to be pro-Western free socialists than Moscow’s modern communists under the new Stalinist-Leninist communalist dictatorship.

There are exemplary politicians like


Roosevelt and


Lincoln from the opposite sides of the great divide that made American politics the enigma and at the same time the envy of the world. For, there are also power-intoxicated politicians that mar the image of

America’s political landscape. They are so politically drunk they do not only walk ugly down the streets of


D.C.– wobbly and crocked –but also hallucinate and think stupid. Losing

Iraq because those ambitious politicians running for president are obsessed and punch-drunk of becoming president, hits the nail in illustrating this incontrovertible reality. To

Romney, I am sure this is what he meant when he said that “

Washington is broken” which he intends to mend as president.

The problem if McCain is elected president is also national security.

All the terror-prevention measures now in place, will be modified if notdismantled.

Like the Liberals in public appearance, McCain is for — not against — the civil liberties of terrorists that have murdered innocent civilians. The Senator isagainst the harsh treatment of captured terroristswhen our intelligence operatives extract information from them to reveal their plansto kill us and destroy

America. The method used in this interrogation process is called "waterboarding".

For those who missed the military background of


McCain, here is the point of reference: Remember that McCain was a prisoner of war in

Vietnam. He had survived tortures inflicted by the enemy. This painful memory dominates his entire post-Vietnam life, and his politics.

It is hard for him, as president-elect if such is the case, to understand how “torture” of the captured enemy in this different kind of war with terror that has no moral boundary, is an imperative way of saving

America and American lives. I think as a war veteran who served his country, Sen. McCain deserved to be called a hero. But as president who came home not only from the battlefield but also from the enemy’s prison camp, the general perception based on record is that the trauma of war can blur the vision of reality. That “waterboarding” the enemy had saved millions of American lives is not real at all.

Bear in mind that this writer has nothing against


McCain’s person. I hold him in the highest pedestal of respect. However, as a public figure, he is subject to public scrutiny. Here I am just stating the facts on record, and sharing in print what most Americans think as we transition ourselves to a new era … to a new beginning if you may, when this November election is over.

The only difference between McCain and Clinton in this regard if any of them gets elected president is that, McCain’s shortcoming is a casualty of war, whereas in Clinton’s case, a casualty of Liberalism leaning too far to the ideology of extreme Socialism if not to the radical Left, and on top of it, a casualty of opportunism, a fallout of what is politically correct [political expediency]. We will have the first woman president in American history – if this will ever come to pass — who record says, changes her mind as she pleases for what is popular or politically expedient although not necessarily correct or right for America. Her many turns-around on record speaks of her leadership persona as a casualty of opportunism and political convenience.

Again back to "waterboarding". According to the Liberals and McCain it is "torture". But consider how the majority of the American people look at it. The American people, acting through their representatives in Congress, passed the Patriot Act and as amended established the military tribunal exclusively for trying captured terrorists who arenow confined in


Guantanamo [a

U.S. prison camp]. "Waterboarding" as described and debated in Congress, is not prohibited underthis law for reason of national security.

You and I are alive today because we busted terrifying terrorist plots to mass murder us and bomb our cities to rubbles. In short,terrorists could not attack us with all these preventive anti-terrorism measures in place.

And yet, it is appalling to take note of the fact that Liberal extremists under the hallucinating trance of distorting the concept of civil liberties cannot accept reality, viz: that we owe our national security and our personal safety partly to preventive spying over the clandestine activities of terrorists, and to"waterboarding".

The elected Dem president whoever that might be, orMcCain if he gets elected president, will overhaul all these, if not abolish them all.


Qaeda terrorists, now de-activated,are just waiting in the corner to celebrate with either McCain's or

Clinton's victory in the polls – because the triumph is their triumph too.

And that's where the danger lies whoever gets elected president. The American public is never aware of this frightening cause of alarm. This imminent catastrophic result stalked the nation while Americans are caught napping, so to speak.

The dilemma this nation faces is not hard to unravel. Considering the scenarios I have just presented and discussed, many millions of conservative Americans vowed not to vote McCain for president. A great number of them are even promising to be “swing votes” for an independent or a Dem candidate. The conservatives’ withdrawal of support for McCain means either

Clinton or Obama will become president – the first evil they want to avoid.

The second evil conservative Republicans want to avoid is voting for

Romney. But the nation has

Romney as theonlyalternative leftto bail us out of this no-win-win dilemma once either McCain or

Clinton becomes president.

As I write this political elegy of the right president we cannot elect, the outcome of the primary indicates that we could be electing the wrong president in the next few months.

The ultimate choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea. We will just have to brace ourselves for the worst to come. #

© Copyright

Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 7, 2008.

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