Did you hear about the tech company that……

This major tech company continues to lay employee's off under the disguise of restructuring. It appears that no one is safe not even VP's. Employee's at this tech company continue to see the severance package change. It use to be that for every year of service you got two weeks of pay. Then you had a nine week transition package. All that is going away. You'll be notified then given four weeks to transition your work, then you'll loose system access. Good-bye. In another development if you have been Wfr'd,(given your pink slip) despite what company policy says that your are to get first priority in getting any jobs with the company, that's not the case. If you have been notified it's almost impossible to get rehired. If a person who has been notified finds a job within the company the hiring manager must send the req up to the executive level for approval. Which is unlikely. Further more rumor has that major tech corporations are no longer going to track vacation time. Which means that you will be responsible for tracking your own vacation time. This will likely increase the pressure to work even while on vacation. Tech companies are also rumored to be in the market solely for college hires. If a company is going to hire new people they want the cream of the crop from college. Companies no longer care about how many years with them, they only care how much you cost them. By flooding their workforce with college hires companies are changing the dynamic of their companies because they often don't have the experiences and back ground having been through transitions or other various business situations. Their inexperience could in the end hamper how the company is able to changes in the market place. Another change at major corporations is that if an employee is a tele-commuter companies will no longer reimburse you for your internet connection and for your phone line that you use for work. How much are companies going to take away from their employee's? First they close facilities they no longer want or need. By closing office spaces and making employee's tele-commuter corporations are saving on building expenses. That's fine but to no longer reimburse employee's for their internet connections and phone lines they are basically cutting their employee's pay. Because now those expenses now have to be born by the employee who now has less for take home pay. So not only do major corporations continue to send jobs over seas they all so continue to away their employee's benefits even when it's to the benefit of the company.

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