Devouring All Not One!

…. seems merely a dream somewhere within the night, with nonsense and control guised as in human pose. I shiver at the eyes that mock with the joy of destruction and victory of a win not true.

How smug that vile smile as it twists in taunting jest. Did we really think we had a chance against the creatures of the darkened village? Those creatures who seek to rule and rise above the lowly?

The creatures with unquenching thirst and need for the masses to bow before them in humble submission and gratitude?

Oh the night has grown long and the days forgotten somewhere in the lost past!

I can no longer see the truth within my neighbor's eyes, for fear has since replaced the innocence within his haunted eyes.

No word sings of honesty as it slithers to fulfill the moment's desires in a passion blinded to even a second beyond.

In pretense of all-knowing — or perhaps they, too, have fallen victim to their fantasies — the creatures rule as if to enlighten us to a truth that does not exist within this realm of being. A truth they continually spout as a gospel of some universe they deem has given them privilege beyond all that is told.

How dare any suggest these creatures be living within their own fantasy of falsehoods as they rage in cruelty and ignorance? Oh… yes… how dare any to challenge these beings who see themselves sent as our saviours and the guards to our own thoughts? There can be no challenge allowed! There can be no individuality! Not if they are to rule and survive. For to do so… the creatures must devour all that is not one, until not one remembers the past we once called a nation of hope, honor and integrity! Only then shall it be their kingdom once called our country and a nation oh so strong! Only then!… when we are no more and to the heights of self they do soar.

Copyrighted 2007 by Carrie K. Hutchens

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