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County’s (N.J.) own Hany Mawla routinely cause untold damage to families. They get paid well, as do all of the attorneys that perpetuate the cases, and the entirety of the Family Court bureaucracy.

I live under daily threat of jail because Hany Mawla ordered me to pay support that exceeds my income. The story is common. I have seen men jailed under similar orders for 25 years. My friend, John Waldorf, is likely sitting in the Hunterdon jail as you read this, because Mawla imposed support payments on him that exceed his income. John was jailed last year when he was laid off and couldn’t meet his alimony payments. And Mawla has prohibited John from even seeing his teenage son until he completes counseling. Then his wife must approve of any visitation. I have followed this case and it is significant to note that the divorce process produced parental alienation which, by the court’s own interpretation, is child abuse.

There is a clear constitutional prohibition against imprisonment for debt, but it happens every day in every State. For their self-serving needs, the courts have specifically excluded alimony, suit money and attorney’s fees in divorce actions from that constitutional protection.

Then there is the practice of suspending your drivers’ license if you fall behind on your payments which, by the way, is mandated to the States by the federal government through Title IV of the Social Security Act. That certainly ranks among the most idiotic and counterproductive legislation. If the government were truly concerned about Dad’s ability to work and provide, it would make it easier to go to work, not more difficult.

To mitigate this foolishness, some States provide the opportunity to obtain a provisional license in order to drive to and from work. That might sound good until you discover that it costs $50 to get that license and your car insurance goes up about $90 a month. Then, when the Court decides to allow the return of your regular license, the State gouges you for another $50.

Family Court judges such as Mawla are nothing more than pimps for the benefit of the State. They take advantage of distraught women who are lured by the promises of excessive child support, permanent alimony, and vengeance, and use the women to obtain federal money. You see, those court-imposed impossible support orders result in the “dead beat dad” collection process, and your federal taxes come back to the family court system for its effort, to the tune of millions of dollars per State per year. It is clear that the system has a profit motive to impose impossible orders, and is therefore biased and incapable of meting justice. Several months ago I brought up the matter in court and I was immediately jailed. Transparency? Honesty? Integrity? Justice? Not in Family Court.

Hany Mawla should never have been appointed to Family Court to begin with. He has been very active as a women’s rights advocate. While that effort may be very noble, it nonetheless casts serious doubt on his ability to administer justice. And his gender-biased record from the bench validates that doubt. But he is typical of Family Court judges.

Mawla’s bias is so great that his explanations for his actions defy reason. In our case, he correctly stated that trial was delayed fully two years because N.J. lacked the judicial resources (money to pay judges – a whole other question of justice) to keep up with the court schedule. Practically in the next breath he accused me of prolonging the case and ordered me to pay $35,000 of my ex’s attorney fees. Beyond Mawla’s obvious bias and contradiction, the fact is, established in writing, that I tried to settle the case right at the start, and attorney Mark Z. Segal told me that if I spoke to my wife about the case he would seek a restraining order because I was “attempting to sabotage the proceedings.” Of course I was! But Segal prevailed, and then Jennifer Milner, both of Fox Rothschild, LLP, of


N.J., and they went on to run up $97,000 in fees!

If you are attempting to reason that all of this must surely be for the benefit of the children, I leave you with this. Fox Rothschild has just obtained a writ of execution from Mawla regarding the $35,000. As a result of his order, any money I might acquire, by inheritance for example, must go to the attorneys first – it takes precedence over my minor daughter’s needs or college tuition. I rest my case.

This is no joke folks. Neither is it the ramblings of an angry man. We desperately need a public outcry to remove the likes of Hany Mawla from the bench, and to drastically reform the entire Family Court system. I have contacted the N.J. Supreme Court. Silence. I have contacted Governor Christy. He passed the buck. Through the newly formed NJ Alimony Reform we have gotten the attention of New Jersey 101.5 Radio and the N.J. Legislature. Please, let your voice be heard, create some momentum, and bring justice to families.

There are newspapers in

New Jersey that have refused to print my letters if they make statements about Hany Mawla, fearing libel. One offering was that it is more effective to attack the institution rather than individuals. While that might be a good strategy in some battles, not in this one. The judges run the show in Family Court, their bias is overwhelmingly obvious, and they must be exposed and removed. To that end, I welcome accounts of abuse at the hands of judges, lawyers, and other actors within the Family Court system, and will help to publicize those abusers by name.

Feel free to email me at regarding Hany Mawla or any others. And please support

J. Drew Foster

19 February 2012

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