Despite Politics And The Liberal Media: …

 by George Weir –

…  “The Fabric Of America Is Still Strong”

True, the politicians are all to anxious to feed lies after lies to the public, also they are all to anxious to sweep the scandal’s under the rug hoping time and chance will erode them from the public debate, and when the next election comes around, no one will remember.  And all the while, the media is exploiting every lie, scandal and political stupidity, knowing that the public will jump on the latest bit of news.  The news is out..(Bad News Sells).  But we Americans that spend our valuable time absorbing the latest bit of (Hog Wash) that is funneled down from Washington, and carried by the media just hoping to snare a few unsuspecting converts over to their way of thinking, I believe have caught on to their tactics.   But despite the enormous effort, that the professional politicians have spoon fed the unexpected observer, and leading them down the path that America has seen her better days, despite all these dreaded news story’s, on a daily basic, I see people going to work, taking their children to soccer, football, and dancing classes after they have taken them to school, the people are still aware of the fabric that has made America strong, (Faith, Family, and hard work).

Bad news story’s are easy to come by, just over the past three years we have witnessed the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, we have seen the Internal revenue service,( IRS) become a strong arm of the Government, not collecting taxes, but choosing which political movements or entities may be entitled as a tax exempt statics.  Yes, we are now seeing our Southern border flooded by illegal immigrants, and instead of the president going to the border, he decided that his fund raising tour was more important than securing the border against those that wish our demise.  But, we the people continue our part by going to work, raising our families, and continuing in our faith.  I wonder at times where the media is hiding when the real story is in the lives of the people.

At the moment our appetite for the latest news are focused on the war between Israel and Hamas, and the news is something that the American people should be aware off, but, what I see through the media is the carnage that is heaped upon the Palestine people, but not the daily barrage of missiles that are showering down upon the people of Israel, but, the people that I see daily, do care, but while the media is focused on the killing and the blood splattered images, the people of America continue to mold their lives, dream their dreams, invest their hard earned money in the future of America.  Yes these are the people that will have to pick up the pieces of history corrupted by the self serving politicians through their blundering and ill-advised ventures of changing American into a third world country, but the American people can cut it.

Never before in the history of America have we been in more need of a true leader.  We the people have always regarded a true leader as someone that has a true desire to serve the people if he is elected as president.  If a man or woman reaches the highest pinnacle of industry, they are expected to keep the very best interest of the company that serve as their highest commission.  These are the expectation of the American People.  The people understand in order to keep their job, they must perform, or be replaced, and the people expect nothing less from their elected leaders, but what the people expect and what they get are sometime two different things.   With the able help of the media, the leaders that we now have in office seek only to serve only those that have the deepest pockets, and will the loudest applause when hearing the lies and promises which will tickle their fancy.

It seems apparent now that President Obama didn’t recognize the power of the people, nor the power of the United Stated Constitution.  His campaign promise was to transform America.  The people now know that his intentions were to transform America into a country in which we didn’t recognize as a country for the people and by the people.  As a child he was taught that America was the great satin through his Muslim upbringing, and twisted ideology surely must have carried him right into the white House.

It is apparent by now that the president just doesn’t care, and the media seems little interested in the overwhelming problems that confront the safety of our nation by not holding the president accountable to the lies and cover-ups that have plagued the nation since he has been in office.

At the moment congress can’t be held to any higher standard than the president, although I do believe that the majority of them love America, the problem is this, they are just lazy.  Apparently they know nothing of staying on the job until it’s finished, at the moment they are going on summer vacation, while there are great issues that need to be confronted for the welfare of the country.

It’s great to know that the American People are still on the job building roads, defending this nation through the military, taking care of the sick in the hospitals and risking their hard earned money searching deep beneath the earth for the energy that the American people depend on, yes, the President and his cabinet may be off on some long fund raising tour and enjoying the applause of his followers, but the people are busy holding America together.

From where I live, I can observe the true Americans each morning.  No they don’t rub shoulders with the powers that be on a daily basis, nor do they set down with the media in the coffee shops, but contrary to the beliefs of the leaders in high places, *The People are watching, while they hold a hammer in one hand, they keep America in their heart*.

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