Demonrats Of The Year – 1 of 2 – And My Message Of Giving

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

I welcome you to the Year of the Boar, a year of relaxation and reflection. Goodwill and motivation are renewed and strengthened according to the Chinese Zodiac signs for Calendar Year 2019. However, this year is also the Year of the Demonrats – and this is my introductory monologue.

It is in this calm after the storms and fires ravaging the country – like powerful hurricane Michael that hit North-South Carolinas and the forest fire or burning inferno of California in 2018 — that I deliver this message of my story of “giving”, virtually rebounding the spirit of the Yuletide Season, and for all seasons! I timed this message-delivery with the Chinese Year of the Boar.

Let me quote why: “Pigs are relatively calm when facing trouble. No matter how difficult the problems are Pigs encounter, they can handle things properly and carefully. They have a great sense of responsibility to finish what they are engaged in.”

In case you miss the analogy, I am citing this Zodiac Sign of the Boar to portray the endurance and resiliency of the American people and their collective will to survive any national disaster natural or man-made that occurred last year, and to occur this year and the years thereafter.

However, this Year of the Pig can also be positively ominous. Millions of believers across the globe are always expecting — and in some cases with hope and confidence stronger than faith — that this traditional Chinese Oracle bodes well to all mankind.

But talking about devastation’s that ravaged the country, I cannot help but think of porno star Stormy Daniels and creepy lawyer Avenati; Dr. Christine Ford’s “me-too” Rape-Hoax of the Year aimed at destroying the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh and his family to prevent him from becoming a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, a political sting clandestinely organized by the far left Democrats in Congress, not only to undermine the Constitution but to bastardize the provisions on presumption of innocence and due process that left a bad taste in the mouth.

Included in this cataclysmic-mix of catastrophe that leveled the country to the ground are “crooked” Hilary Clinton whose arrest and jail-time have been long overdue, her backup cohort Barack Obama, a covert-Muslim African-American Senator from black Chicago elected to the presidency of the United States on November 4, 2008 who as President raped our military by cutting down its budget and downsizing its power thereby giving strength to ISIS and encouraging widespread Islamic terrorism.

Feculent and grimy satellites orbiting around them are devious, Trump-hating obstructionist-politicians Chuck “Shock” Schumer and “immoral” Nancy Pelosi who forced a government shutdown and blamed it on President Trump; lying Comey, slimy Cohen, spooky Rosenstein, hideous special counsel Mueller, impeach-deranged Maxine Waters, the caravans of asylum invaders and the Fake Media – these are the fires and hurricanes of our time shattering and devastating not only our nationhood but also painfully gut-wrenching the national spirit and disquieting the heart and mind of the American people worse than fear and anxiety of the post-9/11 attack.

To at least balance if not outright neutralize the disastrous effects of those deadly hurricanes and ravaging fires that heavily damaged the country, we need a balm of calm to dull the hurt of conscience right-thinking Americans are suffering today. This opens for me this great opportunity to deliver this message of repose and tranquility. This message is my story of “giving”.

There is as much joy in giving as in receiving when we act the holy spirit of the Good Samaritan. However, the joy of giving depends on the nature of intention. The intention must be pure, not conditional; it must be noble, not devious . . . it should be godly, not godless.

For example, we should not give only to please ourselves, but also to see to it that the one who receives is pleased more than we are – especially when the object of our generosity is destitute or in dire need.

Let me illustrate what I mean, in a more profound way. When a homeless who sleeps on the pavement at the corner of the road, receives a blanket from a passing Samaritan, it is not the giving of the blanket nor the blanket itself that makes the whole process of gift-giving holy and godly.

What makes it blessed, pietistic and sanctified is the intention of the gift-bearer to protect that homeless by the side of the road from the biting cold of December. I am referring to the purpose of warming the heart of the destitute and the needy with a happy and thankful thought that someone cares.

The opposite of this sublime purpose to give with the purest of godly intention is a sad reality we commonly experience in life. Some of us would even give a certain kind of gift or present purposely to harm the receiver. The Christmas spirit is attacked, and Santa Claus dies with it. It has a collateral outrage inimical to commonsense; it is contradictory to our Christian mores and values that offend God and humanity.

In Congress, it is not just un-American but grossly immoral for Schumer and Pelosi to refuse to give the money to build the border Wall the American people not only wanted but desperately needed to protect them from hordes of illegal aliens invading the country, and to prevent the crossing of foreign criminals and stop the smuggling of opioids at will at the border so that once inside the country those illegals now about 20 millions of them commit rapes and murders, besides the illegal entry of tons of smuggled narcotics, heroin and all kinds of brain-crushing opiates that kill American citizens by the hundreds of thousands every year.

This dangerous crisis in our border created by Schumer and Pelosi and their leftish associates in Congress is so shameless, to say the least. It is not only murderous but also in the eyes of God it is so blatantly immoral that it offends those gift-giving Angels in heaven and those succor-benevolent humans on earth ready to give assistance and/or help to their humankind in need, so to speak.

Think how sinful and immoral this is: The congressional funding of the people’s border Wall that Schumer and Pelosi and cohorts are withholding, are not money coming from them. It is the people’s money they hijacked using their political power to resist and obstruct the construction of the people’s border Wall for only one reason – just because they hate Trump.

It is hell’s unforgivable sin if Schumer and Pelosi happen to be Catholics who would go to the confessional box to confess and ask forgiveness after blindsiding the innocent American people, i.e. putting the blame on Trump for the government shutdown which by treachery they engineered behind the President’s back.

By holding funding of the people’s border Wall, like ordinary hoodlums in the streets of Chicago Schumer and Pelosi and their left-leaning liberal associates are committing a holdup on innocent people (the American people) in Congress.

On moral ground, this cohorts also scandalized our well-known traditional American benevolent value, i.e., as Americans we are giving billion-dollar aids to the different peoples of the world annually, and at the same time this gang vandalized our Christian virtue of giving, especially to those in need. If at all they claim that they also give something to Trump during the recently failed negotiating pow-wow in the White House’s Oval Office to end the shutdown, their intention of giving, if any, is hideous, indubitably inspired by the damning fire of emotion from Hades (this burning hatred of Trump).

This recalls to mind my United Nations study tour that was arranged by an ASEAN country when I was serving in the United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. Our tour brought us to the Zoo as part of our study of the host country’s tourist attractions. A group of youthful local tourists were feeding cutlets of ripe bananas to a group of young gorillas in their artificial habitat. The gorillas fought for what the tourists were giving them in spite of the warning sign that prohibited feeding of the primates. One gorilla got severely bitten as they fought, and was bleeding profusely, which finally called the attention of the zookeeper.

The irresponsible tourists that caused the commotion were enjoying the result of their ungodly intention to feed the gorillas – to see how the animals fight for what they gave.

They didn’t give food because the animals needed it – this need was well-taken care of by the Zoo. It was just a kind of “giving” on the part of the inconsiderate givers that makes the givers sadistically excited, and in this example, cheerful with a rather macabre intention.

This intentional generosity given to hurt others and divide the nation is neither honoring Christ nor celebrating Christmas the Christian way. That is not the springboard of our collective wishes of goodwill as a nation as we welcome the new year.

It is only about Schumer and Pelosi, working as a team against the President of the United States beating all their rival Democrats in winning the title of “Demonrats of the Year”!

Their trophy is in the bag of trash found in the dirty streets of sanctuary cities like uptown New York and filthy feces-urine-smelling dark alleys, and hypodermic-syringe-littered sidewalks of San Francisco, home of the homeless. #

(Read continuation in Part II – Socialist nincompoops and fighting female Islamic “terrorist-sympathizer” attorneys from the Middle East were elected to U.S. Congress. These are newly sworn-in members of Congress whose first taste of power is to challenge Trump with raw rage using their oral slingshots like David against Goliath, and hope that their cheap-shots hit. What they can give to the American people is their gifts of free speech from hell – a challenge to our constitutional nationhood in the Year of the Pigs.)

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access January 14, 2019.

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