Demonrats – Gift From Hell – Part 2

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

Demonrats are giving us this Gift from Hell, a cancer of turmoil President Trump has to heal for the rest of his presidency. The healing should start in this year of goodwill, motivation, hope and renewed strength for Trump to protect the country and the American people from this baneful gift of crippling socio-political atrophy Demonrats delivered and left in our doorstep as a surprise package of the year.

In our society millions of “poor” Americans by choice – repeat, “poor” by choice — receive their “government gifts” [i.e., welfare checks] without having to work for it. With the exception of elders and the disabled who earned their social security checks by working their butts out before they retired, we close our eyes and refuse to recognize those freeloaders as social parasites.

By the way, most of them lived on dirt and drugs. We see a lot of them in the streets of San Francisco, a sanctuary city the liberal left in power is running in California, which ignores this slowly dying burgh of decay. Sen. John Booker cannot see in his mind’s eye that this decay exists because if you look at him, he is literally cross-eyed. So is leftish Sen. Kamala Harris. To these left-leaning Democratic Senators, reality is only in their “perception”. They shameless declared in public their failing eyesight as they grappled to grasp reality through their personal perception of the world around them.

The case of Dem Sen. Mazie Hirono from Hawaii is a little bit different. But she too is struggling to grasp reality, a failing endemic to her inborn personality. Her critics calibrated her IQ lower than that of a donkey from Mexico that crossed the border illegally and migrated to the United States to become a U.S. citizen and a U.S. Senator.

If I have to give Sen. Hirono the benefit of the doubt that she might not be mentally ill, maybe it was only a bad lapsus linguae on her part when she declared in public that all men should shut up and just believe women when say they were raped. Her epitome of truth is Dr. Christine Ford who pulled out a rape-hoax of the century last year against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Here what we are looking at is our adversarial politics practiced in extremis, a kind of politics that is both malevolent and benevolent. It is a damning fake news when MSNBC talk show hosts and CNN hate-Trump “journalists” extol Americans as one of the most industrious people in the world with the exception of Trump who in their freaking mind is a lazy and indolent President addicted to the pleasure of life. In their delirious mind they call Trump predator of the flesh when it was shark Stormy Daniels and her barracuda creepy-lawyer Avenati who beat Trump first in the biting game of sea stalkers and trolls of the deep.

But the truth is that with the exception of Trump who is fanatically industrious working 24/7 mending this broken country and draining the swamp, we cannot deny that some of us – here as right-thinking Americans let’s admit it — are not only lazy but also parasitical piggyback riders.

However, take note of this: During Obama’s presidency, those who were jobless and willing to work couldn’t find work, not until lately when President Trump gave them work by creating millions of jobs. Thus in contrast, Obama was known as the “Food Stamp President” of the United States, the richest country on the planet where estimated 50 million “poor” Americans were in food stamps. This evidence confirms the undeniable truth that as President Obama was really incompetent in handling the national economy.

His shortcomings in economics put millions of Americans in food stamps just to survive.

Furthermore, it is truly alarming when anti-Trump forces claim credit for this kind of social amelioration which is actually welfare dependency. In national television they waved their hands in victory during the last midterm election. Their electoral triumph was not that they deserved to win, rather their success was the failure of the Republicans in Congress. The GOP leadership was not able to deliver. Building the border Wall was on top of those promises. Trump won in the 2016 election and the Republicans then were catapulted to power. Hilary Clinton lost to this border Wall.

Millions of Trump’s frustrated base who were expecting the construction of the border Wall, punished the RINOS in power (Republican in name only) for not doing what they promised to do. Trump supporters don’t want them to be in power in Congress anymore. What for — they were useless.

But still millions of Americans who elected Trump President wanted this border Wall built as promised even if the government is shut down.

Let us make this clear so that ordinary Americans will truly understand: Schumer and Pelosi vowed that Trump would not get the $5.0 billion funding of Congress to build this “Trump’s Wall”. Government shutdown was the result of this impedimenta Trump carries on his back that prevents him from building the Wall.

That you must know, this impedimenta fell on Trump’s back when Democrats led by Schumer and Pelosi refused to include the $5.0 billion funding in the appropriation budget of the Democrat-controlled House which the hate-Trump Democrats and the left are forcing President Trump to sign into law. The top priority in the annual budget is the funding of the Wall to address the crisis in the border among others which the Schumer-Pelosi gang hijacked (purposely cut-off) resulting in government shutdown, and disingenuously blamed this shutdown on Trump!

How can obstructionist Schumer and Pelosi and their Media accomplices missed by a thousand miles when they call this Wall Trump’s Wall when it is not? In building this Wall, Trump is the Avatar of the American people – he is a demiurge of an idea as to what the Wall stands for. There is an immigration crisis in the border caused by migrant invasion. The Wall has been proven as the most effective barrier to stop such kind of invasion.

Clearly, it is the Wall of the American people that the Schumer-Pelosi gang is trying to stop from being erected on our southern border. They don’t want to know whose Wall is it and why it must be critically and immediately constructed. In this Wall, they only see Trump they hate. It is their blinding hatred of Trump that caused this myopia, a terrible sickness of the mind’s eye. In their heart, the virtue of giving what the country needs, does not exist . . . this is about this godly feeling of giving to those in need I stated in my opening statement.

When this border Wall is constructed it will be known in the history of the United States as the Wall of the American people that President Donald Trump had promised to build in his 2016 presidential campaign – the Wall that saved the country from a immigration-crisis that occurred at the U.S.-Mexican border.

As to the Democrats winning the Lower House of Congress, it has nothing to do with their claim that they won the midterm election because they championed the cause of the American people. The Democrats and the Liberal-left had no such agenda for the masses, especially the downtrodden. Their only agenda was to get Trump out of White House, nothing else. In the meantime while they are conducting their worst attacks on the President, Trump continues to grow the economy, making jobs available to those who need them badly besides repairing the broken system, another presidential commitment added to Trump’s task of draining the swamp.

In short, once back in power, those left-leaning socialist politicians are in joyful mood with their mantra of feeding the poor and the hungry with hard-earned tax dollars that pissed off financially burdened Americans all over the country. They remind me of those young happy tourists in the Zoo – feeding cutlets of ripe banana to gorillas so that they can enjoy watching them fight and kill each other. The same with those welfare-provider politicians whose intension to provide emanates from the dark side. As radical advocates of socialism they enjoy watching this divided nation bleed as Americans fight for and against their kind of “socialist generosity”.

If we narrow down this macro-scenario of gift-giving to a micro-perspective, we should not give in order to impose our will on the object of our charity, by taking advantage of the vulnerability of the weak. Democrats, the far left and the Fake Media spin on the misery of the American people and blame it on Trump. They love misery as the object of their charitable pomposity and haughtiness to that point where the weak and the economically disadvantaged are hopelessly shackled to eternal government dependency.

Think of the homeless that line up the streets of San Francisco being blamed on the hopelessness of the nation supposedly created by Trump’s imagined collusion with the Russians in winning the presidency. It is not only beyond absurd – it is insanity created by this unbelievable hatred of Trump.

We should not chuckle with cynicism and despise the situation of the needy as we give our aid and comfort, for the simple reason that our generosity is not a license to pick on someone else’s person and status in life nor give us the right to debate any person’s unfortunate situation with the intention of subjecting them to public apathy and ridicule. The only exception is if the person begs to be ridiculed due to ignorance. Coupled with ingratitude and jingoism, it could subject a person to censure and public contempt. I am referring to the young, newly elected members of Congress whose popular jingoism is to attack Trump.

We start with ignorance that subjected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to public ridicule. This new member of Congress is described in the social media as an ignorant limelight-hugger. She intrudes into national conversations of adult politicians and in interviews say what she wanted to say like crazy about something utterly senseless and stupid.

For example, Schumer and Pelosi were scheduled to deliver the Democrats’ answer to Trump’s recently televised White House address on illegal immigration and Ocasio-Cortez gave her own response to Trump. On national television, she shouted at Trump calling him racist, then defended intruding lawbreakers in the border and attacked ICE.

Illegal migrants are arrested in the border and she said that her “concern is for illegal migrants’ fear of apprehension.” What does that mean — does that make sense? Fear that migrants crossing the border illegally might be apprehended?

Her first public statement when elected to Congress was that she was eager to join others in Congress to make and sign laws. She doesn’t know that Congress passes legislations and the President sign them into law. She doesn’t even know that the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary are the three branches of government. She said in national television that the three chambers of government are the President, Senate and the Lower House. Surf the net and her ignorance and stupidity are all over the place.

But among the radicals in the Democratic left, the most popular jingoism is hate-Trump. Rashida Tlaib was just sworn in as Representative from Michigan’s 13th district and right away her first salvo against Trump left a bad taste in the mouth. It was obscene. “We’re gonna impeach the motherf—–“, she said with contempt.

Tlaib thinks of herself as a female-macho with a flare of jihadism. Her race-root is from the Middle East. In Congress, she will be fighting not for the United States but for Palestine. She retweeted her fan’s tweet that her “first fight (in Congress) was for Palestine, always Palestine.”

While socialist Ocasio-Cortez maybe described by those who hate her as the darling of the left with congenital iodine deficiency syndrome, the danger she poses is of different dimension compared to that of Tlaib whose public pronouncement of political combat sounds like that of a Muslim terrorist. It was published that “Tlaib explicitly supports the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and its replacement of a unitary Palestinian state.” That is the battle cry of Hamas for the destruction of Israel. It appears to me that Tlaib is the right foot of Palestinians in Washington that got stuck inside the door of Congress.

Had Ammar Campa-Najjar won the mid-term election against Rep. Hunter for the 50th Congressional District of California, Tlaib would have a formidable partner in promoting Islamic jihad in Capitol Hill. As reported, Ammar is “the grandson of a Palestinian terrorist who was Yasser Arafat’s deputy and was involved in the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.” Even the most radical voters of the left in California were fearful to put a terrorist or a terrorist-enabler in the Hall of Congress.

In Congress, Tlaib will partner and collaborate with Ocasio-Cortez and lhan Abdullahi Omar; the latter is a newly sworn-in Somalian-American Representative, another political firebrand from the 5th district of Minnesota.

There is nothing much to write about Rep. Omar except that if she is truly “brilliant” and like Ocasio-Cortez will become notorious in mouthing anti-Trump expletives in and out of Congress, in addition to that she will become the model of today’s millennial X-generation on adultery – a married woman having sex with other men, which to Omar is not only acceptable but pleasurable in modern life.

For, Rep. Omar is really proud of marrying two husbands and having sex with them at the same time, a marital relationship called Polyandry, a kind of a polygamous relationship. She was married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi when she had sexual relationship with Ahmed Hirsi whom she also married while still married to Elmi. Both men stayed in this bizzare relationship as Omar and the three of them fulfill each other’s satisfaction sexually and materially. If generally speaking they succeed in making this kind of moral corruption the latest norm of American way of life and turn this country to a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, we should start praying by now to save the United States of America from this Somalian-American menace.

At the same time, Trump has to watch out for those whacky- wackos among Democrats and the unhinged left, especially those young and power-inebriated female “Triads” in Congress (Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Omar) who put my mother, sisters, aunties and grandma – and yours too – to such embarrassment and shame!

In Congress, what they can give to the American people is the gift of their moral epidemic from the dark side that created those bad cells in the Press and social media, not to speak of this cancer in the geo-political life of the American people that President Tramp has been by fate assigned a Herculean task to heal.

Godspeed to Donald Trump in the Calvary of his presidential journey to the future. May the gods help him save America. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access January 14, 2019.

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