The Democrats On Senate Intelligence Committee Must Have Slept Through 9/11

 by George Weir –

On the day following 9/11, what would the Senate Intelligence committee’s attitude toward the CIA been like at the time?   Would they have patted them on the back and commended them on the extraordinary fine work that they have been doing, or would they have been demanding answers as to why they along with others dropped the ball resulting in the death of about 3,000 Americans?

Now after 40 million dollars spent, and years in the making, they now have an answer, and the answer seem to be this, “We have found that you, the CIA, have used excessive force when questioning the Al-Qaida suspects’.  According to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D) California that the CIA misled Congress and the White House about the techniques that were used to extract valuable information from these young men, and that we as Americans should be ashamed of the brutal way that they were treated, by answer to this is (Hog Wash).

To make this finding even more unreliable and unbelievable is this, not only did the congress and the White house know of the techniques, our ally’s was also aware of them, but now, the Senate Intelligence committee claims to have found the smoking gun which the left has been looking for in order to discredit the Bush Administration, and somehow make them look like the villain.  You know it odd how the party that are finding themselves out of work coming 2015 can all of a sudden find stuff as this.

9/11, I can remember that morning very clearly.  True I was 2,000 miles away and all I saw was on TV, but the images that came across the screen is and ever will be imbedded in my memory, (My America Under Attack), and knowing that so many will lose their lives by the hands of those that hate the dignity of mankind, and the light of Freedom which America has always been Americas creed.

On the fateful day thousand of man and women were going about their lives as usual, many I’m sure had made plans to attend some event that evening with their children, other has make business plans for later that day, some possibly had wedding plans for that evening, other were planning on celebrating their wedding anniversary.   Whatever plans that were to take place on that day were surly cut short by the most merciless cold-blooded cowardly act of terrorism, and no committee can change the facts of that day.

Another sad fact is this, America is still under attack.  Yes we have home grown terrorist in our Nation at the present, also we have had countrymen beheaded by the cruelest and most vicious method possible, (beheaded) by the killers of ISIS, but, the Committee has concluded that by enhanced interrogation techniques we are somehow denying these killers their due process, (bunk).  At some point in time that America has to experience another 9/11, will the Senate be saying to the CIA, (Why didn’t you know, why didn’t you have better intelligence)?

It’s sad that when we hire people to do dirty difficult work, work that may endanger their lives, and the lives of their family’s we sometimes seem to forget that because of them and their great work – We Are Safe!

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